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Filler List

What Is Filler?


The anime is very much influenced by Manga, which is a Japanese comic that is popular among all ages.

Anime fillers

Fillers are those stories in an Anime which don’t belong to the Manga. They are produced because Anime production generally exceeds Manga production.

Anime filler list

Fillers do not contribute to the story and are usually of lower visual or narrative quality.

Anime Filler List

The term Anime is derived from an English word Animation. In japan anime refer to any kind of animatation or cartoons (whether its produced in japan or not) but people in the rest of the world use the word anime for all the animations or Cartoons that are made in Japan particulallry.

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Manga Vs Anime!

The word Manga refers to Japanese comic books which usually serve as the motivation for an anime series. In short Manga are Japanese Comics while Anime is the animation made in Japan. Anime is usually the animated version of Manga, but not necerraly all the time.

Types Of Anime Episodes

All anime (not neccessarly) consist of four types of episodes which are explained below.

Manga Canon Episodes: These are the episodes that are 100% adopted from Manga.
Anime Canon Episodes: These episodes are not adopted from Manga but added to the anime series by the producer itself to make the anime more interesting.
Mixed Episodes: These are the episodes that has both Canon and Filler snippets. So you should not skip them.
Filler: These are the episodes that are not adopted from the manga and does not follow the original story. So you can skip these episodes entirely.