Anime Climax | An Ultimate Anime Filler List & Episodes Guide

The term Anime is derived from the English word Animation. In Japan, anime refers to any kind of animations or cartoons (whether it’s produced in Japan or not) but people in the rest of the world use the word anime for all the animations or Cartoons that are made in Japan particularly.

What Is Filler?

Anime Filler List

A filler episode in anime is an episode that does not appear in the manga it was based on.

Anime fillers

They often appear when there is a lack of material to adapt or to create suspension.

Anime filler list

While some are made on purpose to progress the story in a different direction than the manga.

Boruto filler list

Manga Vs Anime!

Anime is a style that falls under Japanese art styles, which usually consists of large eyes, small noses and mouths for characters, as well as very stylized hair. Manga is a comic book or graphic novel format that usually portrays multiple panels on each page with dialogue bubbles within those panels. Characters are typically very rounded out compared to anime characters who are often more simplistic in design.

Types Of Anime Episodes

All anime (not necessarily) consists of four types of episodes which are explained below.

Manga Canon Episodes: These are the episodes that are 100% adopted from Manga.
Anime Canon Episodes: These episodes are not adopted from Manga but added to the anime series by the producer itself to make the anime more interesting.
Mixed Episodes: These are the episodes that have both Canon and Filler snippets. So you should not skip them.
Filler: These are the episodes that are not adopted from the manga and do not follow the original story. So you can skip these episodes entirely.