Careplex Vital Apk for android 2022

Today we are going to share an important app that enables you to everything about your health and it is Careplex Vital. This app is developed for Android users as well as IOS users.

This app is designed to give you information about your health-related. It doesn’t require any medical equipment but still provides accurate results. Because of corona pandemic, people are usually looking for an app that keeps them updated about their health.

As the philosopher, Ralph Waldo said “Health is Wealth”.

In this article, we will share details about how to download this app and also how to use it.

About Careplex Vital App

A person has nothing in this world if he doesn’t have good health. There are a lot of people who don’t attention to their health. So don’t worry we have now something that will provide us with information about our health and suggest us to the physicians.

This app is for those who don’t visit doctors on a routine. Now they don’t need to worry because they can install this app and this app will give them notifications about their health. Usually, people don’t visit doctors for a small health issues but these small become large problems for them.

Most people keep medical equipment with them in their homes for their daily checkups. But they cannot keep it with themselves every time and everywhere so they need something that they can keep 24 hours a.

Patients with hypertensive or respiratory diseases keep emergency equipment but still, it is not enough. These are not the only disease. The Careplex vital app is their solution.

The main reason for developing this app is to provide multiple diagnostic services. Like measuring heart rate, and respiration rate and checking oxygen saturation. Artificial Intelligence is providing some amazing services in many fields. This application is the best example of Artificial Intelligence.

Due to Covid 19, Pandemic people are giving attention to an application like this. Patients can check their respiratory rate or oxygen saturation with this app. The medical equipment used for services is an oximeter and it is expensive so everyone can’t afford it. So they can install this app in place of buying an Oximeter.

Main Feature of this App

Check Heart Rate

This app can monitor heartbeat rate so it is beneficial for those who have a heart problem. While checking their heart rate if they find any increase or decrease, they need to visit the doctor.

Check Respiration Rate

This app can monitor people breathing rates so it is helpful for those who have respiratory disease.

Check Oxygen Saturation

Another important feature of this app is that patients can check their oxygen saturation rate with this app.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface of this app is designed user-friendly so anyone can easily use it. Everyone can use this application irrespective of age or education.

Free to Download

The most important feature of this app is that it is free. It helps you to save money from buying expensive medical equipment.

Details of the App

Name Careplex Vital
Version 5.1.0
Size 32 Mb
Price Free
Developed By Careplix
Online diagnosis concept

How to use this Application

  • First, you have to register yourself in it like your gender, age, height, weight, and so on.
  • After completing the registration go to the scanning process
  • For scanning, you will need to scan your fingers on the scanning spot that appears on your screen. It will take up to 30 seconds and you will be added to it.
  • The normal heart rate for healthy adults is from 60 to 100 beats per minute. It may increase or decrease due to emotions, exercise, and illness. Patients can compare it with a standard, that either they need to visit a doctor or not.
  • The normal level of oxygen saturation for adults is 95% or higher.
  • The normal respiratory rate for adults is between 12 and 20 normal breaths per minute at rest and if it goes below 12 or above 25 then it is considered normal.
  • This app will provide you with a standard rate of oxygen saturation, and respiratory rate so you can compare your results with it.
You can download the App from Google Play Store or the link available here below.
Here is the step-by-step process for installing the app:
  • First, you have to open Google Play Store.
  • Then search the Careplex Vital or Click on the Google Play Store.
  • When you find the application click on the install button.
  • After the installation opens Careplex Vital.
  • Complete the needful work and after that, you are free to enjoy the app.


We appreciate that you give us your precious time for reading this article. We hope you have liked this article and the information we have provided about the application was enough. If there is anything you like to ask about free to leave a comment in the comment section. We will happily give you a reply and solve your query as soon as possible.

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