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Inojin Yamanaka (山中いのじんYamanaka Inojin) is a genin and a member of Konohagakure‘s Yamanaka clan. Together with his teammates Chōchō Akimichi and Shikadai Nara, he forms the seventeenth generation of the Ino–Shika–Chō trio.


Anujin is the only son of Anu and Sai Yamanka. As his parents continued to be close with their younger friends over the years, Anujin eventually became better acquainted with children of different parents. From his youth, Anujin often slept with Uncle and Shikadai, even in the same pajamas. Their parents will continue the Asoma Sarotobi tradition of sending their children to Yakiniko Q to celebrate their achievements. [2] On the first day of Hawke’s seventh reign, he performed the ceremony with his parents and Shakdai.


Inogen seems to be more obedient and more thoughtful than the new generation of Ino-Shika-Chō trio, as he insists on going to training to teach Ino-Shika-Chō methods, unlike his ‘au. At the same time, he can be very unloving and considerate of the people, the circumstances and feelings of those involved, even to the point of justification. He apparently received three most inspiring roles from his mother, Anu, and his late grandfather Anuchi. By his very nature, Anugen is a very intelligent and highly observant person. [1]

Despite constantly practicing the ninjutsu skills of his parents, especially his father, Anujin is still looking for new and better tools to practice. . At the same time, he has very simple goals in life, with the intention of using many of his skills for financial success. [3]


Anujin is very similar to both of his parents: his blue eyes and light shoulder hair keep him on a small tail, both characteristics of his qibla. He also receives white from his father, his flowers are the same as Sai and he is dressed like his father: a black collar suit with no colors and a red and white. the linen with purple underneath. Inside her bag, she has two things, hands that can be seen on each side. As is customary of her breed, her two ears are red with gray earrings.

As a student, her outfit consists of a purple and white dress, traditional shinobi shoes and brown ones to capture the same tattoo as Sai.


Anogen is considered to be a very good Shinobi and is well versed in various skills. [1]


Anugen uses a great animal model: The Modern Age.

Like his mother, Anujin is an expert in medical ninjutsu. While there is also a type of mechanism, angiogenesis struggles to detect humans, to a limited extent. He can reward this with his paintings, using it as a tool to focus his senses because it also does so with his chakra. However, he is adept at detecting changes in the Chakra signature. [5] As a member of the Anu-Shika-chu of his generation, who specializes in Ninjutsu teamwork, he is able to coordinate techniques with his team.


Often taught by his parents before enrolling in school, Anugen had a high level of Shorinkinjutsu skills, which could easily be eye -catching. Anujin also specializes in kenjutsu, which has a tanto attached to intimate combat. Because of his signature skills, Anujin was also taught the techniques of his father’s art, so that his paintings could be successfully uploaded for various purposes, although in his picture, his style is very different from that of his father, and it is even more impressive. He uses color in his paintings. He can use rock badges on his paintings to create a barrier as he gets closer to his goal. [7]


In anime, he can use fūinjutsu effectively, has the ability to correct a person’s actions, and encourages fuinjutsu users. [8] Eventually, Inogen proved to be quite capable of modeling the style of seals: the Tiger Vision Storering Ballet, allowing him to use his paintings to seal goals in his books. [9]

Yamanaka Clan Techniques

Angiogenesis uses the brain-body representative method.

As a member of the Yamanaka tribe, Anujin began to learn different ways of thinking of his tribe, such as the brain and body systems. When she became Jenin, she began to learn more advanced techniques, including making brain-to-brain ways to communicate minds and people over great distances.

New Era

Academy Entrance Arc

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Anujin buys Iwabee’s Jō to stop Iwabee’s war with Borto.

In the anime, two weeks after his academy career, Anujin shared his thoughts on how Borto is taking advantage of his father’s status as a hockey player. While Boruto cleared it up and offered to be friends, Anujin noted that he did not trust Boruto by nature. Later, he joined the rest of the class to watch the fight between Borto and Aubrey Eugene, who later intervened as Aubrey decided to break his word. Eventually, points related to Borto and Anujin resonated with Ayobi, ending the war. The next day, Anujin defended Borto, saying he was really trying to make a name for himself from his father and did what he could for his friends.

After Burto tried unsuccessfully to damage property in Shurikenjutsu, Anujin and his accomplices were punished by repairing the damage to Hawke’s Rock. One day after Shikadai Lee was insulted for his problems with anxiety, Anujin, Boruto and Shikadai Lee were found to be acting abnormally aggressively. A fight ensued between them, during which Anujin was able to cleverly remove his opponent from his bodyguard with the help of his paintings, which he used as a shadow of a shikadai.

Anujin and Shikadai save Boroto and Chacho from falling.

During the lesson on the invocation techniques, Anujin and the other boys started arguing with the girls, which defeated Kunmaro. Later in the lunch break, Boruto started a fight with Sarda over who would get Yakisoba’s last bun. Shino appeared, insisting they solve things with the boys and girls racing challenge for the flag. The challenge quickly heated up, with most of the boys eliminated from the competition until only Borto, Shakidai and Anujin remained on their team. Disappointed, Boruto found an inviting book and miraculously summoned a snake-like creature. The creature ran away, attacked the students and Uncle Akimichi started from the roof, which helped Anujin rescue Borto. After the creature was defeated by the arrival of the conch shells, the competition ended with the girls receiving the flag. Despite their success, the girls made peace with the boys.

After their censorship ended early due to their next five-cage meeting, Anujin tried to persuade her teammates Chacho and Shikadai to go training with them. However, they both randomly choose to eat instead of training and claim that it was too difficult for them. Eventually, he just went to the training ground, but was afraid to face his depressed mother and hid behind a tree, instead of thinking better of how to get to the situation. Later, the class received a new transfer student from Otagokor named Mitsuki. Wanting the students to warm up to Mitsuki, Shino organized a welcome party for the new student. When Shino’s efforts for the party failed with his insects, the class began to panic. , Even more damaging to the academy.

Anujin and Metal Lee visited the fire department.

Afterwards, the class was assigned by the Shinobi to be divided into three groups and each had to work differently for a few days to better understand the non-Shinobi life. Anujin joined Lee at the fire department in Gong. While finishing their work, Anujin was embarrassed because Lee’s social anxiety caused him to accidentally spray fire on the place. Afterwards, Anujin was examined by some of his friends after learning that they had been hospitalized since the last attack. After completing their assignments with the fire department, Anujin and Lee contacted Shikadai, whom they hired to prevent the attack. Anujin and his friends met at the post office to discuss their plan. After splitting up to patrol the village, the perpetrator of the attack spread his shadow spectra on the postmaster Komame. The Inogen group, however, quickly emerged, expecting the move because all their latest efforts were apparently spying. While half the team remained to rescue the owned com- munity, half of the Inogen pursued the masked offender. While the postmaster was rescued, the insulter and the culprit eventually escaped. When another attack took place, the area was closed. Anujin, with Dinky and Shikadai, with the missing Samir, where Boruto was. The next morning, they found Borto, along with Samir and Mitsuki, on the field. They soon joined Sai and his unit, which brought Samir for questioning. As Dinky asked what had happened, Borto happily cleared it, saying everything was fine.

A few weeks later, Shino decided to switch to three-man teams for his next challenge to choose the best pair for graduation. Anujin joined Uncle and Shikadai. When Aubrey noted that they actually form the Anu-Shika-Cho trio like their respective parents, the team acknowledged that their technique ues were naturally compatible. Later, Inojin told his friends that his father has gathered files on Academies in other villages, making Shikadai wonder if Sumire was going to leave the Academy. During the team challenge to capture the flag, Inojin distracted Mitsuki long enough to let Shikadai pin Mitsuki down, but escaped with a launched needle. Mitsuki created a distraction long enough for Boruto win the challenge. Shino was then called aside concerning Sumire. As the class began discussing rumours that Sumire was being transferred to a different school, they were relieved to see her return to their class.

Sarada Uchiha Arc

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Upon hearing that he and the rest of the class will be going through graduation exams in a week, Inojin was surprised how little some of his classmates cared about it. Later, Inojin continued his training under his father in artistic ninjutsu, noting that his father’s style of drawing is so old-fashioned.

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