Chu Chu TV Apk Free Download For Androids 2022

If your kids are spending so much time using mobile phones then why not give them something that makes their time useful? Chu Chu TV app is the most popular app, especially for school kids or preschool kids.

Your children will learn a lot from this application. This app offers kids learning videos of math’s, English, and many other educational and social videos.  The rating of this app is 4.1

This app offers good content which makes children loving, caring, and also helping others. The Goodness you learn as a child stays with you as your partner.

About Chu Chu TV APK

This is an education app for Android users and it is free. This app provides popular children’s rhymes and many more educational songs. This app has many kid-friendly cartoons which enable kids to learn. In this app cartoons and educational videos are made in an ingenious way to motivate and encourage the kids to learn different things. These types of videos can increase the strength of the kids to learn new things.

This app has hundreds of poems for different ages kids like Toddlers (0-3 years) and Preschoolers (3-5 years). This application also enables the users to download the videos so they can be shared with other kids and watch them if they don’t have an internet connection.

It has kid’s friendly interface and provides a safe and secure watching experience for kids. This app is for kids up to the age of 10 years so it was developed in a way that doesn’t affect kids’ eyesight.

Although, it is a good educational app but parents cannot take risk of giving mobile phones to their kids. Because there so much inappropriate data available on the internet. So the parents don’t need to be worried about providing mobile phones to their kids because they can manage their contents in this app. It has given an authority to the parents to control/manage and can also filter what they want their kids to watch.

It offers many poems and videos, especially for babies and preschoolers. Kids can watch many favorite characters like ChuChu, ChaCha, Chiku & Chika and also many more.

Details of the Chu Chu TV Apk

Name Chu Chu TV APK
Version 2.8
Size 37 MB
Price Free
Developed By Chu Chu TV Studios LLP
Updated On 06 Sep 2022

Main features of the App

Learnings of Kids

This app is specially designed for preschool kids. It improves the learning efficiency of school kids. This app teaches the basics of many subjects before going to school.

Appropriate contents

This application has a wide range of content for school kids. It has many age-appropriate contents for kids.

Video Support

This application has many videos that enable kids to learn to how to write and pronounce alphabets or numbers. This app offers different poems other educational materials. When kids watch it, they can easily learn if you compare it you telling.

Kids Privacy

This app is safe and secure and it also keeps the privacy of kids. They don’t share your data and keep it safe.

Parental Control

This app enables parents to look at what their kids are watching. They can manage and filter their watching content. The parents can also make preferred videos so the parent knows what their kids are watching.

Offline Videos

The users can download videos from this app which enables them to watch them later. They can also watch it when they don’t have an internet connection.

You can download the app from Google Play Store or the link available here below.

For downloading please follow the step-by-step process:

  • First, you have to open Google Play Store.
  • Then search the Chu Chu TV or Click on the Google Play Store.
  • When you find the application click on the install button.
  • After the installation opens Chu Chu TV.
  • Complete the needful work and after that, let your kids enjoy it.


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