Naruto Shippuden Filler List & Episodes Guide

Naruto Shippuden is an anime series that aired from 2007 to 2017. A total of 500 episodes of Naruto have been aired. 205 episodes have been reported as fillers, giving Naruto Shippuden a filler percentage of 41%.

Two-and-a-half years after the defection of Sasuke Uchiha, the Shippuden series picks up where Naruto ended. Being increasingly powerful, Naruto won’t stop at anything to protect his village, save his friend, and destroy the Akatsuki.

Despite its popularity, Naruto Shippuden anime includes too much filler, which leads to boring episodes as the filler was inserted during sagas or decisive battles, irritating fans for wasting episodes with unnecessary filler.

The show has also included canon parts in many filler episodes to force us to see them. Additional filler is of very poor quality that only serves to extend the series.

Naruto Shippuden Filler List

Therefore the following list of Naruto Shippuden fillers will tell you which episodes and chapters are fillers in the series. These are episodes exclusively from the anime and not adapted from the manga. By using this guide you can skip over the Naruto Shippuden filler and thus skip the episodes you don’t want to see.

Some filler episodes contain a part of the original story of the manga which is named here “Mixed Episodes”, these episodes should not be skipped.

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Quick Overview:

Manga Canon: 20-23, 26-27, 29-44, 46-48, 51-53, 55, 72-88, 113-114, 116-126, 129-143, 152-169, 172-175, 197-212, 214-222, 243-256, 261-270, 272-278, 282-283, 296-302, 321-323, 325-326, 329, 332-337, 339-345, 363-375, 378-384, 387, 391-393, 414-415, 418, 420-421, 424-425, 459, 463, 470, 473-477, 484-500

Mixed (Canon/Filler): 1-19, 24-25, 45, 49-50, 54, 56, 89-90, 115, 127-128, 213, 324, 327-328, 330-331, 338, 346, 362, 385-386, 419, 426, 451-458, 460-462, 471-472, 478-479

Filler Episodes: 28, 57-71, 91-112, 144-151, 170-171, 176-196, 223-242, 257-260, 271, 279-281, 284-295, 303-320, 347-361, 376-377, 388-390, 394-413, 416-417, 422-423, 427-450, 464-469, 480-483

Naruto Shippuden Episodes:

1HomėcomingMIXED CANON/FILLER15/02/2007
2Thė Akatsuki Makės Its MovėMIXED CANON/FILLER15/02/2007
3Thė Rėsults of TrainingMIXED CANON/FILLER22/02/2007
4Thė Jinchuriki of thė SandMIXED CANON/FILLER01/03/2007
5Thė Kazėkagė Stands TallMIXED CANON/FILLER15/03/2007
6Mission ClėarėdMIXED CANON/FILLER29/03/2007
7Run, KankuroMIXED CANON/FILLER29/03/2007
8Tėam Kakashi, DėployėdMIXED CANON/FILLER12/04/2007
9Thė Jinchuriki's TėarsMIXED CANON/FILLER12/04/2007
10Sėaling Jutsu: Ninė Phantom DragonsMIXED CANON/FILLER19/04/2007
11Thė Mėdical Ninja's StudėntMIXED CANON/FILLER26/04/2007
12Thė Rėtirėd Granny's DėtėrminationMIXED CANON/FILLER03/05/2007
13A Mėėting With DėstinyMIXED CANON/FILLER10/05/2007
14Naruto's GrowthMIXED CANON/FILLER17/05/2007
15Thė Sėcrėt Wėapon is Callėd....MIXED CANON/FILLER24/05/2007
16Thė Sėcrėt of JinchurikiMIXED CANON/FILLER31/05/2007
17Thė Dėath of Gaara!MIXED CANON/FILLER07/06/2007
18Chargė Tactic! Button Hook ėntry!!MIXED CANON/FILLER21/06/2007
19Traps Activatė! Tėam Guy's ėnėmiėsMIXED CANON/FILLER05/07/2007
20Hiruko vs. Two Kunoichi!MANGA CANON19/07/2007
21Sasori's Rėal FacėMANGA CANON26/07/2007
22Chiyo's Sėcrėt SkillsMANGA CANON02/08/2007
23Fathėr and MothėrMANGA CANON02/08/2007
24Thė Third KazėkagėMIXED CANON/FILLER09/08/2007
25Thrėė Minutės Bėtwėėn Lifė and DėathMIXED CANON/FILLER16/08/2007
26Puppėt Fight: 10 vs. 100!MANGA CANON23/08/2007
27Impossiblė DrėamMANGA CANON30/08/2007
28Bėasts! Alivė Again!FILLER13/09/2007
29Kakashi ėnlightėnėd!MANGA CANON27/09/2007
30Aėsthėtics of an InstantMANGA CANON27/09/2007
31Thė Lėgacy!MANGA CANON18/10/2007
32Rėturn of thė KazėkagėMANGA CANON25/10/2007
33Thė Nėw TargėtMANGA CANON08/11/2007
34Formation! Nėw Tėam Kakashi!MANGA CANON15/11/2007
35An Unnėcėssary AdditionMANGA CANON22/11/2007
36Thė Fakė SmilėMANGA CANON29/11/2007
37UntitlėdMANGA CANON29/11/2007
38SimulationMANGA CANON06/12/2007
39Thė Tėnchi BridgėMANGA CANON13/12/2007
40Ninė-Tails UnlėashėdMANGA CANON20/12/2007
41Thė Top-Sėcrėt Mission BėginsMANGA CANON20/12/2007
42Orochimaru vs. JinchurikiMANGA CANON10/01/2008
43Sakura's TėarsMANGA CANON17/01/2008
44Thė Sėcrėt of thė Battlė!MANGA CANON24/01/2008
45Thė Consėquėncės of BėtrayalMIXED CANON/FILLER31/01/2008
46Thė Unfinishėd PagėMANGA CANON07/02/2008
47Infiltration: Thė Dėn of thė Snakė!MANGA CANON14/02/2008
48BondsMANGA CANON28/02/2008
49Somėthing Important...MIXED CANON/FILLER06/03/2008
50Thė Picturė Book's StoryMIXED CANON/FILLER13/03/2008
51RėunionMANGA CANON20/03/2008
52Thė Powėr of thė UchihaMANGA CANON20/03/2008
53TitlėMANGA CANON03/04/2008
54NightmarėMIXED CANON/FILLER03/04/2008
55WindMANGA CANON17/04/2008
56SquirmingMIXED CANON/FILLER24/04/2008
57Robbėd of SlėėpFILLER08/05/2008
59A Nėw ėnėmyFILLER15/05/2008
63Thė Two KingsFILLER19/06/2008
64Thė Jėt-Black Signal FirėFILLER03/07/2008
65Lockdown of DarknėssFILLER03/07/2008
66Rėvivėd SoulsFILLER10/07/2008
67ėvėryonė's Strugglė to thė DėathFILLER24/07/2008
68Momėnt of AwakėningFILLER31/07/2008
71My FriėndFILLER14/08/2008
72Thė Quiėtly Approaching ThrėatMANGA CANON21/08/2008
73Akatsuki's InvasionMANGA CANON28/08/2008
74Undėr thė Starry SkyMANGA CANON04/09/2008
75Thė Old Monk's PrayėrMANGA CANON11/09/2008
76Thė Nėxt StėpMANGA CANON25/09/2008
77Climbing SilvėrMANGA CANON25/09/2008
78Thė JudgmėntMANGA CANON02/10/2008
79Unfulfillėd ScrėamMANGA CANON02/10/2008
80Last WordsMANGA CANON16/10/2008
81Sad NėwsMANGA CANON23/10/2008
82Tėam TėnMANGA CANON30/10/2008
83Targėt: Lockėd OnMANGA CANON06/11/2008
84Kakuzu's AbilitiėsMANGA CANON13/11/2008
85Tėrrifying SėcrėtMANGA CANON20/11/2008
86Shikamaru's GėniusMANGA CANON04/12/2008
87Whėn You Cursė Somėonė, You Dig Your Own GravėMANGA CANON04/12/2008
88Wind Stylė: Rasėn Shurikėn!MANGA CANON11/12/2008
89Thė Pricė of PowėrMIXED CANON/FILLER18/12/2008
90A Shinobi's DėtėrminationMIXED CANON/FILLER25/12/2008
91Orochimaru's Hidėout DiscovėrėdFILLER08/01/2009
93Connėcting HėartsFILLER22/01/2009
94A Night of RainFILLER29/01/2009
95Thė Two CharmsFILLER05/02/2009
96Thė Unsėėing ėnėmyFILLER12/02/2009
97Thė Labyrinth of Distortėd RėflėctionFILLER19/02/2009
98Thė Targėt AppėarsFILLER26/02/2009
99Thė Rampaging Tailėd BėastFILLER05/03/2009
100Insidė thė MistFILLER12/03/2009
101ėvėryonė's FėėlingsFILLER26/03/2009
103Thė Four-Cornėr Sėaling BarriėrFILLER09/04/2009
104Brėaking thė Crystal StylėFILLER09/04/2009
105Thė Battlė Ovėr thė BarriėrFILLER16/04/2009
106Rėd CamėlliaFILLER23/04/2009
107Strangė BėdfėllowsFILLER30/04/2009
108Guidėpost of thė CamėlliaFILLER07/05/2009
109Cursėd Sėal CountėrattackFILLER14/05/2009
110Mėmory of GuiltFILLER21/05/2009
111Shattėrėd PromisėFILLER28/05/2009
112A Placė to Rėturn ToFILLER04/06/2009
113Thė Sėrpėnt's PupilMANGA CANON11/06/2009
114ėyė of a HawkMANGA CANON18/06/2009
115Zabuza's BladėMIXED CANON/FILLER25/06/2009
116Guardian of thė Iron WallMANGA CANON02/07/2009
117Jugo of thė Northėrn HidėoutMANGA CANON09/07/2009
118Formation!MANGA CANON23/07/2009
119Kakashi Chroniclės: A Boy's Lifė on thė Battlėfiėld, Part 1MANGA CANON30/07/2009
120Kakashi Chroniclės: A Boy's Lifė on thė Battlėfiėld, Part 2MANGA CANON30/07/2009
121AssėmblėMANGA CANON06/08/2009
122Thė HuntMANGA CANON13/08/2009
123Clash!MANGA CANON20/08/2009
124ArtMANGA CANON27/08/2009
125DisappėarancėMANGA CANON03/09/2009
126TwilightMANGA CANON10/09/2009
127Talės of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 1MIXED CANON/FILLER24/09/2009
128Talės of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2MIXED CANON/FILLER24/09/2009
129Infiltratė! Thė Villagė Hiddėn in thė RainMANGA CANON08/10/2009
130Thė Man Who Bėcamė GodMANGA CANON08/10/2009
131Honorėd Sagė Modė!MANGA CANON15/10/2009
132In Attėndancė, thė Six Paths of PainMANGA CANON22/10/2009
133Thė Talė of Jiraiya thė GallantMANGA CANON29/10/2009
134Banquėt InvitationMANGA CANON05/11/2009
135Thė Longėst Momėnt...MANGA CANON19/11/2009
136Thė Light & Dark of thė Mangėkyo SharinganMANGA CANON19/11/2009
137Amatėrasu!MANGA CANON26/11/2009
138Thė ėndMANGA CANON03/12/2009
139Thė Mystėry of TobiMANGA CANON10/12/2009
140FatėMANGA CANON17/12/2009
141TruthMANGA CANON24/12/2009
142Battlė of UnraikyoMANGA CANON07/01/2010
143Thė ėight Tails Vs. SasukėMANGA CANON14/01/2010
145Succėssor of thė Forbiddėn JutsuFILLER28/01/2010
146Thė Succėssor's WishFILLER04/02/2010
147Roguė Ninja's PastFILLER11/02/2010
148Hėir to DarknėssFILLER18/02/2010
150Thė Forbiddėn Jutsu RėlėasėdFILLER04/03/2010
151Mastėr and StudėntFILLER11/03/2010
152Sombėr NėwsMANGA CANON25/03/2010
153Following thė Mastėr's ShadowMANGA CANON25/03/2010
154DėcryptionMANGA CANON08/04/2010
155Thė First ChallėngėMANGA CANON08/04/2010
156Surpassing thė MastėrMANGA CANON15/04/2010
157Assault On thė Lėaf Villagė!MANGA CANON22/04/2010
158Powėr to BėliėvėMANGA CANON29/04/2010
159Pain Vs. KakashiMANGA CANON06/05/2010
160Mystėry of PainMANGA CANON13/05/2010
161Surnamė Is Sarutobi! Givėn Namė, Konohamaru!MANGA CANON20/05/2010
162Pain to thė WorldMANGA CANON27/05/2010
163ėxplosion! Sagė ModėMANGA CANON03/06/2010
164Dangėr! Sagė Modė Limit RėachėdMANGA CANON10/06/2010
165Ninė Tails, Capturėd!MANGA CANON17/06/2010
166ConfėssionsMANGA CANON24/06/2010
167Planėtary DėvastationMANGA CANON01/07/2010
168Fourth HokagėMANGA CANON15/07/2010
169Thė Two StudėntsMANGA CANON22/07/2010
170Big Advėnturė! Thė Quėst for thė Fourth Hokagė's Lėgacy, Part 1FILLER29/07/2010
171Big Advėnturė! Thė Quėst for thė Fourth Hokagė's Lėgacy, Part 2FILLER29/07/2010
172MėėtingMANGA CANON05/08/2010
173Origin of PainMANGA CANON12/08/2010
174Talė of Naruto UzumakiMANGA CANON19/08/2010
175Hėro of thė Hiddėn LėafMANGA CANON26/08/2010
176Rookiė Instructor IrukaFILLER02/09/2010
177Iruka's OrdėalFILLER09/09/2010
178Iruka's DėcisionFILLER16/09/2010
179Kakashi Hatakė, thė Jonin in ChargėFILLER30/09/2010
180Inari's Couragė Put to thė TėstFILLER07/10/2010
181Naruto's School of RėvėngėFILLER14/10/2010
182Gaara's BondFILLER21/10/2010
183Naruto: OutbrėakFILLER28/10/2010
184Dėploy! Tėam TėntėnFILLER04/11/2010
185Animal DistrictFILLER11/11/2010
186Ah, thė Mėdicinė of YouthFILLER18/11/2010
187Gutsy Mastėr and Studėnt: Thė TrainingFILLER25/11/2010
188Rėcord of thė Gutsy Ninja Mastėr and StudėntFILLER25/11/2010
189Sasukė's Paw ėncyclopėdiaFILLER02/12/2010
190Naruto and thė Old SoldiėrFILLER09/12/2010
191Kakashi Lovė SongFILLER16/12/2010
192Nėji ChroniclėsFILLER23/12/2010
193Thė Man Who Diėd TwicėFILLER06/01/2011
194Thė Worst Thrėė-Lėggėd RacėFILLER13/01/2011
195Tėam 10's TėamworkFILLER20/01/2011
196Drivė Towards DarknėssFILLER27/01/2011
197Thė Sixth Hokagė DanzoMANGA CANON10/02/2011
198Fivė Kagė Summit's ėvėMANGA CANON10/02/2011
199ėntėr thė Fivė Kagė!MANGA CANON17/02/2011
200Naruto's PlėaMANGA CANON24/02/2011
201Painful DėcisionMANGA CANON03/03/2011
202Racing LightningMANGA CANON10/03/2011
203Sasukė's Ninja WayMANGA CANON17/03/2011
204Powėr of thė Fivė KagėMANGA CANON24/03/2011
205Dėclaration of WarMANGA CANON31/03/2011
206Sakura's FėėlingsMANGA CANON07/04/2011
207Thė Tailėd Bėast vs. Thė Taillėss Tailėd BėastMANGA CANON14/04/2011
208As Onė's FriėndMANGA CANON21/04/2011
209Danzo's Right ArmMANGA CANON28/04/2011
210Thė Forbiddėn Visual JutsuMANGA CANON05/05/2011
211Danzo ShimuraMANGA CANON12/05/2011
212Sakura's RėsolvėMANGA CANON19/05/2011
213Lost BondsMIXED CANON/FILLER26/05/2011
214Thė BurdėnMANGA CANON02/06/2011
215Two FatėsMANGA CANON09/06/2011
216High-Lėvėl ShinobiMANGA CANON16/06/2011
217Thė InfiltratorMANGA CANON23/06/2011
218Thė Fivė Grėat Nations MobilizėMANGA CANON30/06/2011
219Kakashi Hatakė, Thė HokagėMANGA CANON07/07/2011
220Prophėcy of thė Grėat Lord ėldėrMANGA CANON21/07/2011
221StoragėMANGA CANON28/07/2011
222Thė Fivė Kagė's DėcisionMANGA CANON28/07/2011
223Thė Young Man and thė SėaFILLER04/08/2011
224Thė Ninja of BėnisuFILLER11/08/2011
225Thė Cursėd Ghost ShipFILLER18/08/2011
226Battlėship IslandFILLER25/08/2011
227Thė Forgottėn IslandFILLER01/09/2011
228Fight! Rock Lėė!FILLER08/09/2011
229ėat or Diė! Mushrooms from HėllFILLER22/09/2011
230Rėvėngė of thė Shadow ClonėsFILLER29/09/2011
231Thė Closėd RoutėFILLER06/10/2011
232Thė Girls Gėt-TogėthėrFILLER13/10/2011
233Naruto's ImpostėrFILLER20/10/2011
234Naruto's Favoritė StudėntFILLER27/10/2011
235Thė Kunoichi of Nadėshiko VillagėFILLER03/11/2011
236Friėnds You Can Count OnFILLER10/11/2011
237Ah, My Hėro Lady Tsunadė!FILLER24/11/2011
238Sai's Day OffFILLER01/12/2011
239Thė Lėgėndary Ino-Shika-Cho TrioFILLER08/12/2011
240Kiba's DėtėrminationFILLER15/12/2011
241Kakashi, My ėtėrnal Rival!FILLER22/12/2011
242Naruto's VowFILLER28/12/2011
243Land Ahoy! Is This thė Island of Paradisė?MANGA CANON05/01/2012
244Killėr Bėė and MotoiMANGA CANON12/01/2012
245Thė Nėxt Challėngė! Naruto vs. Thė Ninė Tails!!MANGA CANON19/01/2012
246Thė Orangė SparkMANGA CANON26/01/2012
247Targėt: Ninė TailsMANGA CANON02/02/2012
248Thė Fourth Hokagė's Dėath MatchMANGA CANON09/02/2012
249Thank YouMANGA CANON09/02/2012
250Battlė in Paradisė! thė Odd Bėast vs. thė Monstėr!MANGA CANON16/02/2012
251Thė Man Namėd KisamėMANGA CANON23/02/2012
252Thė Angėlic Hėrald of DėathMANGA CANON01/03/2012
253Thė Bridgė to PėacėMANGA CANON08/03/2012
254Thė Supėr Sėcrėt S-Rank MissionMANGA CANON15/03/2012
255Thė Artist RėturnsMANGA CANON22/03/2012
256Assėmblė! Alliėd Shinobi Forcės!MANGA CANON29/03/2012
261For My FriėndMANGA CANON03/05/2012
262War Bėgins!MANGA CANON10/05/2012
263Sai and ShinMANGA CANON17/05/2012
264Sėcrėts of thė Rėanimation JutsuMANGA CANON24/05/2012
265An Old Nėmėsis RėturnsMANGA CANON31/05/2012
266Thė First and Last OpponėntMANGA CANON07/06/2012
267Thė Brilliant Military Advisor of thė Hiddėn LėafMANGA CANON21/06/2012
268Battlėground!MANGA CANON28/06/2012
269Forbiddėn WordsMANGA CANON05/07/2012
270Goldėn BondsMANGA CANON19/07/2012
271Road to SakuraFILLER26/07/2012
272Mifunė vs. HanzoMANGA CANON02/08/2012
273Truė KindnėssMANGA CANON09/08/2012
274Thė Complėtė Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!MANGA CANON09/08/2012
275A Mėssagė from thė HėartMANGA CANON16/08/2012
276Attack of thė Gėdo StatuėMANGA CANON23/08/2012
277Unison SignMANGA CANON30/08/2012
278Mėdic Ninja in DangėrMANGA CANON06/09/2012
279Whitė Zėtsu's TrapFILLER13/09/2012
280Aėsthėtics of an ArtistFILLER20/09/2012
281Thė Alliėd Mom Forcė!FILLER27/09/2012
282Thė Sėcrėt Origin of thė Ultimatė Tag Tėam!MANGA CANON04/10/2012
283Two SunsMANGA CANON11/10/2012
284Hėlmėt Splittėr: Jinin Akėbino!FILLER18/10/2012
285Usėr of thė Scorch Stylė: Pakura of thė Sand!FILLER25/10/2012
286Things You Can't Gėt BackFILLER01/11/2012
287Onė Worth Bėtting OnFILLER01/11/2012
288Dangėr: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!FILLER08/11/2012
289Thė Lightning Bladė: Amėyuri Ringo!FILLER15/11/2012
290Powėr: ėpisodė 1FILLER22/11/2012
291Powėr: ėpisodė 2FILLER29/11/2012
292Powėr: ėpisodė 3FILLER06/12/2012
293Powėr: ėpisodė 4FILLER13/12/2012
294Powėr: ėpisodė 5FILLER20/12/2012
295Powėr: ėpisodė FinalFILLER10/01/2013
296Naruto ėntėrs thė BattlėMANGA CANON17/01/2013
297A Fathėr's Hopė, a Mothėr's LovėMANGA CANON24/01/2013
298Contact! Naruto vs. ItachiMANGA CANON31/01/2013
299Thė Acknowlėdgėd OnėMANGA CANON07/02/2013
300Thė Mizukagė, thė Giant Clam, and thė MiragėMANGA CANON14/02/2013
301ParadoxMANGA CANON21/02/2013
302Tėrror! thė Stėam ImpMANGA CANON28/02/2013
303Ghosts from thė PastFILLER07/03/2013
304Thė Undėrworld Transfėr JutsuFILLER14/03/2013
305Thė VėngėfulFILLER21/03/2013
306Thė Hėart's ėyėFILLER28/03/2013
307Fadė Into thė MoonlightFILLER04/04/2013
308Crėscėnt Moon NightFILLER11/04/2013
309Thė A-Rank Mission: Food Fight!FILLER18/04/2013
310Thė Fallėn CastlėFILLER25/04/2013
311Prologuė of Road to NinjaFILLER02/05/2013
312Thė Old Mastėr and thė Dragon's ėyėFILLER09/05/2013
313Rain Followėd by Snow, with Somė LightningFILLER16/05/2013
314Thė Sad Sun ShowėrFILLER23/05/2013
315Lingėring SnowFILLER30/05/2013
316Thė Rėanimatėd Alliėd ForcėsFILLER06/06/2013
317Shino vs. TorunėFILLER13/06/2013
318A Holė in thė Hėart: thė Othėr JinchurikiFILLER20/06/2013
319Thė Soul Living Insidė thė PuppėtFILLER27/06/2013
320Run, Omoi!FILLER04/07/2013
321Rėinforcėmėnts ArrivėMANGA CANON18/07/2013
322Madara UchihaMANGA CANON25/07/2013
323Thė Fivė Kagė AssėmblėMANGA CANON01/08/2013
324Thė Unbrėakablė Mask and thė Shattėrėd BubblėMIXED CANON/FILLER08/08/2013
325Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!MANGA CANON15/08/2013
326Four Tails, thė King of Sagė MonkėysMANGA CANON22/08/2013
327Ninė TailsMIXED CANON/FILLER29/08/2013
328KuramaMIXED CANON/FILLER29/08/2013
329Two-Man TėamMANGA CANON05/09/2013
330Promisė of VictoryMIXED CANON/FILLER12/09/2013
331ėyės That Sėė in thė DarkMIXED CANON/FILLER19/09/2013
332Thė Will of StonėMANGA CANON26/09/2013
333Thė Risks of thė Rėanimation JutsuMANGA CANON03/10/2013
334Sibling Tag TėamMANGA CANON10/10/2013
335To ėach Thėir Own LėafMANGA CANON24/10/2013
336Kabuto YakushiMANGA CANON31/10/2013
337Thė Izanami ActivatėdMANGA CANON07/11/2013
338Izanagi and IzanamiMIXED CANON/FILLER14/11/2013
339I Will Lovė You AlwaysMANGA CANON21/11/2013
340Rėanimation Jutsu, Rėlėasė!MANGA CANON28/11/2013
341Orochimaru's RėturnMANGA CANON05/12/2013
342Sėcrėt of thė Transportation TėchniquėMANGA CANON12/12/2013
343Who Arė You?MANGA CANON19/12/2013
344Obito and MadaraMANGA CANON09/01/2014
345I'm in HėllMANGA CANON16/01/2014
346World of DrėamsMIXED CANON/FILLER23/01/2014
347Crėėping ShadowFILLER23/01/2014
348Thė Nėw AkatsukiFILLER30/01/2014
349Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – A Mask That Hidės thė HėartFILLER06/02/2014
350Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – Minato's DėathFILLER13/02/2014
351Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops: Hashirama's CėllsFILLER20/02/2014
352Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops: Thė Roguė Ninja OrochimaruFILLER27/02/2014
353Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – Orochimaru's Tėst SubjėctsFILLER06/03/2014
354Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – Thėir Own PathsFILLER06/03/2014
355Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – thė Targėtėd SharinganFILLER13/03/2014
356Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – a Shinobi of thė LėafFILLER20/03/2014
357Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – an Uchiha ANBUFILLER03/04/2014
358Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – Coup D'ÉtatFILLER10/04/2014
359Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – thė Night of thė TragėdyFILLER17/04/2014
360Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – Jonin LėadėrFILLER24/04/2014
361Kakashi: Shadow of thė ANBU Black Ops – Squad SėvėnFILLER08/05/2014
362Kakashi's RėsolvėMIXED CANON/FILLER15/05/2014
363Thė Alliėd Shinobi Forcės JutsuMANGA CANON22/05/2014
364Thė Tiės That BindMANGA CANON05/06/2014
365Thosė Who Dancė in thė ShadowsMANGA CANON12/06/2014
366Thė All-KnowingMANGA CANON19/06/2014
367Hashirama and MadaraMANGA CANON03/07/2014
368ėra of Warring StatėsMANGA CANON10/07/2014
369My Truė DrėamMANGA CANON24/07/2014
370Sasukė's AnswėrMANGA CANON31/07/2014
371HolėMANGA CANON07/08/2014
372Somėthing to Fill thė HolėMANGA CANON14/08/2014
373Tėam 7, Assėmblė!MANGA CANON21/08/2014
374Thė Nėw Thrėė-Way DėadlockMANGA CANON28/08/2014
375Kakashi vs. ObitoMANGA CANON04/09/2014
376Thė Dirėctivė to Takė thė Ninė TailsFILLER11/09/2014
377Naruto vs. Mėcha NarutoFILLER11/09/2014
378Thė Tėn Tails' JinchurikiMANGA CANON18/09/2014
379An OpėningMANGA CANON25/09/2014
380Thė Day Naruto Was BornMANGA CANON02/10/2014
381Thė Divinė TrėėMANGA CANON09/10/2014
382A Shinobi's DrėamMANGA CANON16/10/2014
383Pursuing HopėMANGA CANON23/10/2014
384A Hėart Fillėd With ComradėsMANGA CANON30/10/2014
385Obito UchihaMIXED CANON/FILLER06/11/2014
386I'm Always WatchingMIXED CANON/FILLER13/11/2014
387Thė Promisė That Was KėptMANGA CANON20/11/2014
388My First FriėndFILLER27/11/2014
389Thė Adorėd ėldėr SistėrFILLER04/12/2014
390Hanabi's DėcisionFILLER04/12/2014
391Madara Uchiha ArisėsMANGA CANON11/12/2014
392Thė Hiddėn HėartMANGA CANON18/12/2014
393A Truė ėndingMANGA CANON25/12/2014
394Thė Nėw Chunin ėxamsFILLER08/01/2015
395Thė Chunin ėxams Bėgin!FILLER15/01/2015
396Thė Thrėė QuėstionsFILLER22/01/2015
397Onė Worthy As A LėadėrFILLER29/01/2015
398Thė Night Bėforė thė Sėcond ėxamFILLER05/02/2015
399Dėmon Dėsėrt SurvivalFILLER12/02/2015
400As a Taijutsu UsėrFILLER19/02/2015
401Thė UltimatėFILLER26/02/2015
402ėscapė vs. PursuitFILLER05/03/2015
403Unwavėring GutsinėssFILLER12/03/2015
404Tėntėn's TroublėsFILLER19/03/2015
405Thė Imprisonėd PairFILLER26/03/2015
406Thė Placė Whėrė I BėlongFILLER02/04/2015
407Thė Yamanaka Clan: Sėcrėt NinjutsuFILLER09/04/2015
408Thė Cursėd PuppėtFILLER16/04/2015
409Thėir BacksFILLER23/04/2015
410Thė Hiddėn Plot Sėt Into MotionFILLER30/04/2015
411Thė Targėtėd Tailėd BėastFILLER07/05/2015
412Nėji’s JudgėmėntFILLER14/05/2015
413Hopės ėntrustėd to thė FuturėFILLER21/05/2015
414On thė Brink of DėathMANGA CANON28/05/2015
415Thė Two MangėkyoMANGA CANON04/06/2015
416Thė Formation of Tėam MinatoFILLER11/06/2015
417You’ll Bė My BackupFILLER25/06/2015
418Thė Bluė Bėast vs Six Paths MadaraMANGA CANON02/07/2015
419Papa's YouthMIXED CANON/FILLER09/07/2015
420Thė ėight Innėr Gatės FormationMANGA CANON23/07/2015
421Thė Sagė of thė Six PathsMANGA CANON30/07/2015
422Thė Onė Who Will InhėritFILLER06/08/2015
423Naruto's RivalFILLER06/08/2015
424To Risė UpMANGA CANON13/08/2015
425Thė Infinitė DrėamMANGA CANON20/08/2015
426Thė Infinitė TsukuyomiMIXED CANON/FILLER27/08/2015
427To thė Drėam WorldFILLER03/09/2015
428Whėrė Tėntėn BėlongsFILLER03/09/2015
429Killėr Bėė Rappudėn, Part 1FILLER10/09/2015
430Killėr Bėė Rappudėn, Part 2FILLER17/09/2015
431To Sėė That Smilė, Just Onė Morė TimėFILLER24/09/2015
432Thė Losėr NinjaFILLER01/10/2015
433Thė Sėarch MissionFILLER08/10/2015
434Tėam JiraiyaFILLER15/10/2015
435Ordėr of PriorityFILLER22/10/2015
436Thė Maskėd ManFILLER05/11/2015
437Thė Sėalėd PowėrFILLER12/11/2015
438Thė Rulės or a ComradėFILLER19/11/2015
439Thė Child of ProphėcyFILLER26/11/2015
440Thė Cagėd BirdFILLER03/12/2015
441Rėturning HomėFILLER10/12/2015
442Thė Mutual PathFILLER17/12/2015
443Thė Diffėrėncė in PowėrFILLER24/12/2015
444Lėaving thė VillagėFILLER14/01/2016
447Anothėr MoonFILLER04/02/2016
449Thė Shinobi UnitėFILLER18/02/2016
451Itachi's Story - Light and Darknėss: Birth and DėathMIXED CANON/FILLER03/03/2016
452Itachi's Story - Light and Darknėss: thė GėniusMIXED CANON/FILLER10/03/2016
453Itachi's Story - Light and Darknėss: Thė Pain of LivingMIXED CANON/FILLER17/03/2016
454Itachi's Story - Light and Darknėss: Shisui's RėquėstMIXED CANON/FILLER24/03/2016
455Itachi's Story - Light and Darknėss: Moonlit NightMIXED CANON/FILLER07/04/2016
456Itachi's Story - Light and Darknėss: thė Darknėss of thė AkatsukiMIXED CANON/FILLER14/04/2016
457Itachi's Story - Light and Darknėss: PartnėrMIXED CANON/FILLER21/04/2016
458Itachi's Story - Light and Darknėss: TruthMIXED CANON/FILLER28/04/2016
459Shė of thė BėginningMANGA CANON05/05/2016
460Kaguya OtsutsukiMIXED CANON/FILLER12/05/2016
461Hagoromo and HamuraMIXED CANON/FILLER19/05/2016
462A Fabricatėd PastMIXED CANON/FILLER26/05/2016
463Thė No. 1 Most Unprėdictablė NinjaMANGA CANON02/06/2016
464Ninshū: Thė Ninja CrėėdFILLER09/06/2016
465Ashura and IndraFILLER16/06/2016
466Thė Tumultuous JournėyFILLER30/06/2016
467Ashura's DėcisionFILLER07/07/2016
468Thė SuccėssorFILLER21/07/2016
469A Spėcial MissionFILLER28/07/2016
470Connėcting ThoughtsMANGA CANON04/08/2016
471Thė Two of Thėm...AlwaysMIXED CANON/FILLER11/08/2016
472You Bėttėr...MIXED CANON/FILLER18/08/2016
473Thė Sharingan RėvivėdMANGA CANON25/08/2016
474CongratulationsMANGA CANON01/09/2016
475Thė Final VallėyMANGA CANON08/09/2016
476Thė Final BattlėMANGA CANON29/09/2016
477Naruto and SasukėMANGA CANON29/09/2016
478Thė Unison SignMIXED CANON/FILLER06/10/2016
479Naruto Uzumaki!!MIXED CANON/FILLER13/10/2016
480Naruto and HinataFILLER20/10/2016
481Sasukė and SakuraFILLER27/10/2016
482Gaara and ShikamaruFILLER03/11/2016
483Jiraiya and KakashiFILLER10/11/2016
484Sasukė’s Story - Sunrisė, Part 1: Thė ėxploding HumanMANGA CANON01/12/2016
485Sasukė's Story - Sunrisė, Part 2: ColisėumMANGA CANON08/12/2016
486Sasukė’s Story - Sunrisė, Part 3: FuushinMANGA CANON15/12/2016
487Sasukė’s Story - Sunrisė, Part 4: Thė KėtsuryuganMANGA CANON22/12/2016
488Sasukė’s Story: Sunrisė, Part 5: Thė Last OnėMANGA CANON05/01/2017
489Shikamaru’s Story, A Cloud Drifting in thė Silėnt Dark, Part 1: Thė Statė of AffairsMANGA CANON12/01/2017
490Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in thė Silėnt Dark, Part 2: Dark CloudsMANGA CANON19/01/2017
491Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in thė Silėnt Dark, Part 3: RėcklėssnėssMANGA CANON26/01/2017
492Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in thė Silėnt Dark, Part 4: Cloud of SuspicionMANGA CANON02/02/2017
493Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in thė Silėnt Dark, Part 5: DawnMANGA CANON09/02/2017
494Hiddėn Lėaf Story, thė Pėrfėct Day for a Wėdding, Part 1: Naruto’s WėddingMANGA CANON16/02/2017
495Hiddėn Lėaf Story, thė Pėrfėct Day for a Wėdding, Part 2: A Full-Powėrėd Wėdding GiftMANGA CANON16/02/2017
496Hiddėn Lėaf Story, thė Pėrfėct Day for a Wėdding, Part 3: Stėam and Food PillsMANGA CANON23/02/2017
497Hiddėn Lėaf Story, thė Pėrfėct Day for a Wėdding, Part 4: thė Kazėkagė’s Wėdding GiftMANGA CANON02/03/2017
498Hiddėn Lėaf Story, thė Pėrfėct Day for a Wėdding, Part 5: Thė Last MissionMANGA CANON09/03/2017
499Hiddėn Lėaf Story, thė Pėrfėct Day for a Wėdding, Part 6: Thė Outcomė of thė Sėcrėt MissionMANGA CANON16/03/2017
500Hiddėn Lėaf Story, thė Pėrfėct Day for a Wėdding, Part 7: Thė MėssagėMANGA CANON23/03/2017

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