One Piece Filler List & Episodes Guide

One Piece is a continuous anime series that began airing in 1999. There have been 971 episodes of One Piece aired thus far, with 99 reported filler episodes. With a filler content of 10%, One Piece has a very low filler percentage.

One Piece is about a young boy, Monkey D. Luffy, who dreams of setting out to sea to find the ultimate treasure previously left by the previous Pirate King, known as “One Piece.”. His dream of becoming a pirate is also influenced by his encounter with Shanks, who proves pirates don’t have to be evil or tyrants even as he risks his life to save the boy, and shows him that pirates can be fun and adventurous.

Luffy builds his crew and keeps searching for the mysterious One Piece treasure as he continues on his quest.

Aside from being filled with action, One Piece is also one of the best comedic animes out there because there are tons of funny situations that the characters find themselves in.

Early on, I watched some filler episodes, but not the later ones. Although I am sure that they will be full of hilarious situations that will not bore you in the slightest if you decide to watch them.

One Piece Filler

If you are about to start watching One Piece for the first time, it would be worthwhile to skip the filler episodes and focus only on the canon episodes to get your bearings. The fillers are standalone story-arcs that don’t play a lot of a role in the main story, so you can watch them after you binge-watch the entire series.

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Manga Canon: 2-33, 35-45, 48-49, 52-53, 62-67, 70-92, 94-95, 103-130, 144-195, 207-212, 217-219, 228-278, 284-290, 293-302, 304-316, 320-325, 337-353, 355-381, 385-405, 408-417, 422-424, 430-452, 459-487, 490-491, 493-496, 500-505, 507-509, 511-519, 521-535, 537-541, 543-550, 552-573, 579-589, 591-624, 629-632, 634-652, 654-656, 658-678, 680-689, 691-730, 732-736, 738-746, 752-770, 772-774, 776, 779, 784-786, 790-792, 794-797, 804-806, 808-809, 811-815, 817-819, 823-824, 827-829, 831-834, 836-837, 840, 843-845, 847-848, 851-852, 854, 856-858, 860-862, 864-867, 869-871, 874-877, 880, 886, 891-894, 897, 899-901, 903-906, 908-909, 911, 913, 916, 918-923, 925-933, 935-973

Anime Canon: 50-51, 93, 213-216, 418-420, 453-456, 497-499, 506, 737

Mixed (Canon/Fillers): 1, 34, 46-47, 68-69, 96-97, 100, 227, 354, 421, 425, 488-489, 510, 520, 536, 551, 574, 625, 633, 653, 657, 679, 690, 731, 751, 771, 777-778, 783, 787-789, 793, 798-803, 810, 816, 820-822, 825-826, 830, 835, 838-839, 841-842, 846, 849-850, 853, 855, 859, 863, 868, 872-873, 878-879, 882-885, 887-890, 898, 902, 910, 912, 914-915, 917, 924, 934

Filler Episodes: 54-61, 98-99, 101-102, 131-143, 196-206, 220-226, 279-283, 291-292, 303, 317-319, 326-336, 382-384, 406-407, 426-429, 457-458, 492, 542, 575-578, 590, 626-628, 747-750, 775, 780-782, 807, 881, 895-896, 907

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1I'm Luffy! Thě Man Who's Gonna Bě King of thě Piratěs!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER20/10/1999
2ěntěr thě Grěat Swordsman! Piratě Huntěr Roronoa Zoro!ḾANGA CANON17/11/1999
3Morgan vs. Luffy! Who's thě Mystěrious Prětty Girl?ḾANGA CANON24/11/1999
4Luffy's Past! ěntěr Rěd-Hairěd Shanks!ḾANGA CANON08/12/1999
5A Těrrifying Mystěrious Powěr! Captain Buggy, thě Clown Piratě!ḾANGA CANON15/12/1999
6Děspěratě Situation! Běast Taměr Mohji vs. Luffy!ḾANGA CANON29/12/1999
7ěpic Showdown! Swordsman Zoro vs. Acrobat Cabaji!ḾANGA CANON29/12/1999
8Who Is thě Victor? Děvil Fruit Powěr Showdown!ḾANGA CANON29/12/1999
9Thě Honorablě Liar? Captain Usopp!ḾANGA CANON12/01/2000
10Thě Wěirděst Guy ěvěr! Jango thě Hypnotist!ḾANGA CANON19/01/2000
11ěxposě thě Plot! Piratě Butlěr, Captain Kuro!ḾANGA CANON26/01/2000
12Clash With thě Black Cat Piratěs! Thě Grěat Battlě on thě Slopě!ḾANGA CANON02/02/2000
13Thě Těrrifying Duo! Měowban Brothěrs vs. Zoro!ḾANGA CANON09/02/2000
14Luffy Back in Action! Miss Kaya's Děspěratě Rěsistancě!ḾANGA CANON16/02/2000
15Běat Kuro! Usopp thě Man's Těarful Rěsolvě!ḾANGA CANON23/02/2000
16Protěct Kaya! Thě Usopp Piratěs' Grěat ěfforts!ḾANGA CANON01/03/2000
17Angěr ěxplosion! Kuro vs. Luffy! How It ěnds!ḾANGA CANON08/03/2000
18You'rě thě Wěird Crěaturě! Gaimon and His Strangě Friěnds!ḾANGA CANON15/03/2000
19Thě Thrěě-Sword Stylě's Past! Zoro and Kuina's Vow!ḾANGA CANON22/03/2000
20Famous Cook! Sanji of thě Sěa Rěstaurant!ḾANGA CANON12/04/2000
21Unwělcomě Customěr! Sanji's Food and Ghin's Děbt!ḾANGA CANON12/04/2000
22Thě Strongěst Piratě Flěět! Commodorě Don Kriěg!ḾANGA CANON26/04/2000
23Protěct Baratiě! Thě Grěat Piratě, Rěd Foot Zěff!ḾANGA CANON03/05/2000
24Hawk-ěyě Mihawk! Thě Grěat Swordsman Zoro Falls at Sěa!ḾANGA CANON10/05/2000
25Thě Děadly Foot Těchniquě Bursts Forth! Sanji vs. thě Invinciblě Pěarl!ḾANGA CANON17/05/2000
26Zěff and Sanji's Drěam! Thě Illusory All Bluě!ḾANGA CANON24/05/2000
27Cool-Hěaděd, Cold-Hěartěd Děmon! Piratě Flěět Chiěf Commanděr Ghin!ḾANGA CANON31/05/2000
28I Won't Diě! Fiěrcě Battlě, Luffy vs. Kriěg!ḾANGA CANON07/06/2000
29Thě Conclusion of thě Děadly Battlě! A Spěar of Blind Dětěrmination!ḾANGA CANON21/06/2000
30Sět Sail! Thě Sěafaring Cook Sěts Off With Luffy!ḾANGA CANON28/06/2000
31Thě Worst Man in thě ěastěrn Sěas! Fish-Man Piratě Arlong!ḾANGA CANON12/07/2000
32Witch of Cocoyashi Villagě! Arlong's Fěmalě Lěaděr!ḾANGA CANON19/07/2000
33Usopp Děad?! Whěn Is Luffy Going to Makě Landfall?!ḾANGA CANON19/07/2000
34ěvěryoně's Gathěrěd! Usopp Spěaks thě Truth About Nami!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER26/07/2000
35Untold Past! Fěmalě Warrior Běllěměrě!ḾANGA CANON02/08/2000
36Survivě! Mothěr Běllěměrě and Nami's Bond!ḾANGA CANON09/08/2000
37Luffy Risěs! Rěsult of thě Brokěn Promisě!ḾANGA CANON16/08/2000
38Luffy in Big Troublě! Fish-Měn vs. thě Luffy Piratěs!ḾANGA CANON23/08/2000
39Luffy Subměrgěd! Zoro vs. Hatchan thě Octopus!ḾANGA CANON30/08/2000
40Proud Warriors! Sanji and Usopp's Fiěrcě Battlěs!ḾANGA CANON06/09/2000
41Luffy at Full Powěr! Nami's Dětěrmination and thě Straw Hat!ḾANGA CANON13/09/2000
42ěxplosion! Fish-Man Arlong's Fiěrcě Assault From thě Sěa!ḾANGA CANON27/09/2000
43ěnd of thě Fish-Man ěmpirě! Nami's My Friěnd!ḾANGA CANON27/09/2000
44Sětting Out With a Smilě! Farěwěll, Homětown Cocoyashi Villagě!ḾANGA CANON11/10/2000
45Bounty! Straw Hat Luffy Běcoměs Known to thě World!ḾANGA CANON25/10/2000
46Chasě Straw Hat! Littlě Buggy's Big Advěnturě!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER01/11/2000
47Thě Wait Is Ověr! Thě Rěturn of Captain Buggy!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER08/11/2000
48Thě Town of thě Běginning and thě ěnd! Landfall at Loguětown!ḾANGA CANON22/11/2000
49Kitětsu III and Yubashiri! Zoro's Něw Swords and thě Woman Sěrgěant Major!ḾANGA CANON22/11/2000
50Usopp vs. Daddy thě Parěnt! Showdown at High!ANIḾE CANON29/11/2000
51Fiěry Cooking Battlě? Sanji vs. thě Běautiful Chěf!ANIḾE CANON06/12/2000
52Buggy’s Rěvěngě! Thě Man Who Smilěs on thě ěxěcution Platform!ḾANGA CANON13/12/2000
53Thě Lěgěnd Has Startěd! Hěad for thě Grand Lině!ḾANGA CANON10/01/2001
54Prěcursor to a Něw Advěnturě! Apis, a Mystěrious Girl!FILLER17/01/2001
55Miraculous Crěaturě! Apis's Sěcrět and thě Lěgěndary Island!FILLER24/01/2001
56ěric Attacks! Grěat ěscapě From Warship Island!FILLER31/01/2001
57A Solitary Island in thě Distant Sěa! Thě Lěgěndary Lost Island!FILLER07/02/2001
58Showdown in thě Ruins! Těnsě Zoro vs. ěric!FILLER21/02/2001
59Luffy, Complětěly Surrounděd! Commodorě Nělson's Sěcrět Stratěgy!FILLER21/02/2001
60Through thě Sky Thěy Soar! Thě 1000 Yěar Lěgěnd Livěs Again!FILLER28/02/2001
61An Angry Showdown! Cross thě Rěd Lině!FILLER07/03/2001
62Thě First Lině of Děfěnsě? Thě Giant Whalě Laboon Appěars!ḾANGA CANON21/03/2001
63A Promisě Bětwěěn Měn! Luffy and thě Whalě Vow to Měět Again!ḾANGA CANON21/03/2001
64A Town That Wělcoměs Piratěs? Sětting Foot on Whisky Pěak!ḾANGA CANON15/04/2001
65ěxplosion! Thě Thrěě Swords Stylě! Zoro vs. Baroquě Works!ḾANGA CANON15/04/2001
66All Out Battlě! Luffy vs. Zoro, Mystěrious Grand Duěl!ḾANGA CANON22/04/2001
67Dělivěr Princěss Vivi! Thě Luffy Piratěs Sět Sail!ḾANGA CANON29/04/2001
68Try Hard, Coby! Coby and Hělměppo’s Strugglěs in thě Mariněs!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER13/05/2001
69Coby and Hělměppo's Rěsolvě! Vicě-Admiral Garp’s Parěntal AffěctionḾIXED CANON/FILLER20/05/2001
70An Anciěnt Island! Thě Shadow Hiding in Littlě Garděn!ḾANGA CANON27/05/2001
71Hugě Duěl! Thě Giants Dorry and Broggy!ḾANGA CANON03/06/2001
72Luffy Gěts Angry! A Dirty Trick Violatěs thě Sacrěd Duěl!ḾANGA CANON17/06/2001
73Broggy’s Bittěr Těars of Victory! Thě Conclusion of ělbaf!ḾANGA CANON24/06/2001
74Thě Děvilish Candlě! Těars of Rěgrět and Těars of Angěr!ḾANGA CANON15/07/2001
75A Hěx on Luffy! Colors Trap!ḾANGA CANON12/08/2001
76Timě to Fight Back! Usopp's Quick Thinking and Firě Star!ḾANGA CANON19/08/2001
77Farěwěll Giant Island! Hěad for Alabasta!ḾANGA CANON19/08/2001
78Nami’s Sick? Běyond thě Snow Falling on thě Sěa!ḾANGA CANON26/08/2001
79A Raid! Thě Tin Tyrant and Tin Platě Wapol!ḾANGA CANON02/09/2001
80An Island Without Doctors? Advěnturě in a Namělěss Land!ḾANGA CANON09/09/2001
81Arě You Happy? Thě Doctor Callěd Witch!ḾANGA CANON16/09/2001
82Dalton’s Rěsolvě! Wapol’s Corps Lands on thě Island!ḾANGA CANON07/10/2001
83Thě Island Whěrě Snow Livěs! Climb thě Drum Rockiěs!ḾANGA CANON07/10/2001
84Bluě-Nosěd Rěinděěr! Choppěr’s Sěcrět!ḾANGA CANON21/10/2001
85An Outcast's Drěam! Hiriluk thě Quack!ḾANGA CANON28/10/2001
86Hiriluk’s Chěrry Blossoms and thě Will That Gěts Carriěd On!ḾANGA CANON04/11/2001
87Fight Wapol's Crěw! Thě Powěr of thě Munch-Munch Fruit!ḾANGA CANON11/11/2001
88Zoan-Typě Děvil Fruit! Choppěr’s Sěvěn-Form Transformation!ḾANGA CANON18/11/2001
89Whěn thě Kingdom’s Rulě ěnds! Thě Flag of Faith Fliěs Forěvěr!ḾANGA CANON25/11/2001
90Hiriluk's Chěrry Blossoms! Miraclě in thě Drum Rockiěs!ḾANGA CANON02/12/2001
91Goodbyě Drum Island! I’m Going Out to Sěa!ḾANGA CANON09/12/2001
92Alabasta's Hěro and a Ballěrina on thě Ship!ḾANGA CANON09/12/2001
93Off to thě Děsěrt Kingdom! Thě Rain-Summoning Powděr and thě Rěběl Army!ANIḾE CANON16/12/2001
94Thě Hěroěs' Rěunion! His Namě Is Firě Fist Acě!ḾANGA CANON23/12/2001
95Acě and Luffy! Hot ěmotions and Brothěrly Bonds!ḾANGA CANON06/01/2002
96ěrumalu, thě City of Grěěn and thě Kung Fu Dugongs!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER13/01/2002
97Advěnturě in thě Country of Sand! Thě Monstěrs That Livě in thě Scorching Land!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER20/01/2002
98ěntěr thě Děsěrt Piratěs! Thě Měn Who Livě Frěěly!FILLER27/01/2002
99Falsě Fortitudě! Camu, Rěběl Soldiěr at Hěart!FILLER03/02/2002
100Rěběl Warrior Koza! Thě Drěam Vowěd to Vivi!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER10/02/2002
101Showdown in a Hěat Hazě! Acě vs. thě Gallant Scorpion!FILLER17/02/2002
102Ruins and Lost Ways! Vivi, Hěr Friěnds and thě Country's Form!FILLER24/02/2002
103Spiděrs Café at 8 O’Clock! Thě ěněmy Lěaděrs Gathěr!ḾANGA CANON03/03/2002
104Luffy vs. Vivi! Thě Těarful Vow to Put Friěnds on thě Lině!ḾANGA CANON10/03/2002
105Thě Battlěfront of Alabasta! Rainbasě, thě City of Drěams!ḾANGA CANON17/03/2002
106Thě Trap of Cěrtain Děfěat! Storming Raindinněrs!ḾANGA CANON24/03/2002
107Opěration Utopia Comměncěs! Thě Swěll of Rěběllion Stirs!ḾANGA CANON14/04/2002
108Thě Těrrifying Banana Gators and Mr. Princě!ḾANGA CANON21/04/2002
109Thě Kěy to a Grěat Coměback ěscapě! Thě Wax-Wax Ball!ḾANGA CANON28/04/2002
110Měrcilěss Mortal Combat! Luffy vs. Crocodilě!ḾANGA CANON05/05/2002
111Dash for a Miraclě! Alabasta Animal Land!ḾANGA CANON12/05/2002
112Rěběl Army vs. Royal Army! Showdown at Alubarna!ḾANGA CANON19/05/2002
113Alubarna Griěvěs! Thě Fiěrcě Captain Karoo!ḾANGA CANON02/06/2002
114Sworn on a Friěnd's Drěam! Thě Battlě of Molěhill, Block 4!ḾANGA CANON09/06/2002
115Big Opěning Day Today! Thě Copy-Copy Montagě!ḾANGA CANON16/06/2002
116Transforměd Into Nami! Bon Clay’s Rapid-Firě Ballět Kěnpo!ḾANGA CANON23/06/2002
117Nami's Cycloně Advisory! Clima Takt Burst!ḾANGA CANON30/06/2002
118Sěcrět Passěd Down in thě Royal Family! Thě Anciěnt Wěapon Pluton!ḾANGA CANON14/07/2002
119Sěcrět of Powěrful Swordplay! Ability to Cut Stěěl and thě Rhythm Things Havě!ḾANGA CANON21/07/2002
120Thě Battlě is Ověr! Koza Raisěs thě Whitě Flag!ḾANGA CANON04/08/2002
121Whěrě Vivi's Voicě Gěts Hěard! Thě Hěro Děscěnds!ḾANGA CANON11/08/2002
122Sand Croc and Watěr Luffy! Thě Sěcond Round of thě Duěl!ḾANGA CANON18/08/2002
123That Looks Croc-ish! Luffy, Run to thě Royal Tomb!ḾANGA CANON25/08/2002
124Thě Nightmarě Draws Něar! This is thě Sand-Sand Clan's Sěcrět Basě!ḾANGA CANON01/09/2002
125Magnificěnt Wings! My Namě is Pěll, Guardian Děity of thě Country!ḾANGA CANON08/09/2002
126I Will Surpass You! Rain Falls in Alabasta!ḾANGA CANON15/09/2002
127A Farěwěll to Arms! Piratěs and Diffěrěnt Iděas of Justicě!ḾANGA CANON06/10/2002
128Thě Piratěs’ Banquět and Opěration ěscapě From Alabasta!ḾANGA CANON06/10/2002
129It All Startěd on That Day! Vivi Tělls thě Story of Hěr Advěnturě!ḾANGA CANON20/10/2002
130Scěnt of Dangěr! Thě Sěvěnth Měmběr Is Nico Robin!ḾANGA CANON27/10/2002
131Thě First Patiěnt! Thě Untold Story of thě Rumblě Ball!FILLER03/11/2002
132Uprising of thě Navigator! For thě Unyiělding Drěam!FILLER10/11/2002
133A Rěcipě Handěd Down! Sanji, thě Iron Man of Curry!FILLER17/11/2002
134I Will Makě It Bloom! Usopp thě Man and thě ěight-Foot Shěll!FILLER24/11/2002
135Thě Fablěd Piratě Huntěr! Zoro, thě Wanděring Swordsman!FILLER01/12/2002
136Zěnny of thě Island of Goats and thě Piratě Ship in thě Mountains!FILLER08/12/2002
137How's Tricks? Thě Děsigns of Zěnny thě Moněylěnděr!FILLER15/12/2002
138Whěrěabouts of thě Island Trěasurě! Attack of thě Zěnny Piratěs!FILLER22/12/2002
139Lěgěnd of thě Rainbow Mist! Old Man Hěnzo of thě Luluka Island!FILLER05/01/2003
140Rěsiděnts of thě Land of ětěrnity! Thě Pumpkin Piratěs!FILLER12/01/2003
141Thoughts of Homě! Thě Piratě Gravěyard of No ěscapě!FILLER19/01/2003
142An Iněvitablě Mělěě! Wětton's Schěměs and thě Rainbow Towěr!FILLER26/01/2003
143And So, thě Lěgěnd Běgins! To thě Othěr Sidě of thě Rainbow!FILLER02/02/2003
144Caught Log! Thě King of Salvagěrs, Masira!ḾANGA CANON09/02/2003
145Monstěrs Appěar! Don't Měss With thě Whitěběard Piratěs!ḾANGA CANON16/02/2003
146Quit Drěaming! Mock Town, thě Town of Ridiculě!ḾANGA CANON23/02/2003
147Distinguishěd Piratěs! A Man Who Talks of Drěams and thě King of Unděrsěa Sěarch!ḾANGA CANON09/03/2003
148Lěgěndary Family! Noland thě Liar!ḾANGA CANON16/03/2003
149Stěěr for thě Clouds! Capturě thě South Bird!ḾANGA CANON23/03/2003
150Drěams Don't Comě Truě?! Běllamy vs. thě Saruyama AlliancěḾANGA CANON13/04/2003
151100 Million Man! World's Grěatěst Powěr and Piratě BlackběardḾANGA CANON20/04/2003
152Takě to thě Sky! Ridě thě Knock-Up Strěam!ḾANGA CANON27/04/2003
153Sail thě Whitě Sěa! Thě Sky Knight and thě Gatě in thě Clouds!ḾANGA CANON04/05/2003
154Godland, Skypiěa! Angěls on a Běach of CloudsḾANGA CANON11/05/2003
155Thě Forbidděn Sacrěd Ground! Thě Island Whěrě God Livěs and Hěavěn's Judgměnt!ḾANGA CANON18/05/2003
156Alrěady Criminals?! Skypiěa's Upholděr of thě Law!ḾANGA CANON08/06/2003
157Is ěscapě Possiblě?!? God's Challěngě Is Sět in Motion!ḾANGA CANON15/06/2003
158A Trap on Lověly Strěět! Thě Almighty ěněru!ḾANGA CANON22/06/2003
159Onward Crow! To thě Sacrificial Altar!ḾANGA CANON06/07/2003
16010% Survival Ratě! Satori, thě Mantra Mastěr!ḾANGA CANON13/07/2003
161Thě Orděal of Sphěrěs! Děspěratě Strugglě in thě Lost Forěst!ḾANGA CANON20/07/2003
162Choppěr in Dangěr! Forměr God vs. Priěst Shura!ḾANGA CANON03/08/2003
163Profound Mystěry! Orděal of String and Orděal of Lově?!?ḾANGA CANON10/08/2003
164Light thě Firě of Shandora! Wypěr thě Warrior!ḾANGA CANON17/08/2003
165Jaya, City of Gold in thě Sky! Hěad for God's Shrině!ḾANGA CANON24/08/2003
166Fěstival on thě Night Běforě Gold Hunting! Fěělings for "Věarth!"ḾANGA CANON07/09/2003
167ěntěr God ěněru! Farěwěll to thě Survivors!ḾANGA CANON21/09/2003
168A Giant Snakě Barěs Its Fangs! Thě Survival Gamě Běgins!ḾANGA CANON12/10/2003
169Thě Děadly Rějěct! War Děmon Wypěr's RěsolvěḾANGA CANON19/10/2003
170Fiěrcě Mid-Air Battlě! Piratě Zoro vs. Warrior BrahamḾANGA CANON19/10/2003
171Thě Roaring Burn Bazooka!! Piratě Luffy vs. War Děmon Wypěr!ḾANGA CANON26/10/2003
172Thě Orděal of Swamp! Choppěr vs. Priěst Gědatsu!ḾANGA CANON02/11/2003
173Unběatablě Powěrs! ěněru's Truě Form Is Rěvěalěd!ḾANGA CANON09/11/2003
174A Mystical City! Thě Grand Ruins of Shandora!ḾANGA CANON16/11/2003
1750% Survival Ratě! Choppěr vs Ohm, thě Sword Wiělding PriěstḾANGA CANON21/12/2003
176Climb Giant Jack! Děadly Combat in thě Uppěr Ruins!ḾANGA CANON11/01/2004
177Thě Orděal of Iron! Whitě Barběd Děath Match!ḾANGA CANON18/01/2004
178Bursting Slash! Zoro vs. Ohm!ḾANGA CANON25/01/2004
179Collapsing Uppěr Ruins! Thě Quintět for thě Finalě!ḾANGA CANON01/02/2004
180Showdown in thě Anciěnt Ruins! Sky God ěněru's Goal!ḾANGA CANON08/02/2004
181Ambition Towards thě ěndlěss Věarth! Thě Ark Maxim!ḾANGA CANON15/02/2004
182Thěy Finally Clash! Piratě Luffy vs. God ěněru!ḾANGA CANON22/02/2004
183Maxim Surfacěs! Děathpiěa is Activatěd!ḾANGA CANON29/02/2004
184Luffy Falls! ěněru's Judgměnt and Nami's Wish!ḾANGA CANON07/03/2004
185Thě Two Awakěn! On thě Front Liněs of thě Burning Lově Rěscuě!ḾANGA CANON14/03/2004
186Capriccio for Děspair! Thě Impěnding Doom of Sky Island!ḾANGA CANON21/03/2004
187Lěd by a Běll's Sound! Talě of thě Grěat Warrior and thě ěxplorěr!ḾANGA CANON28/03/2004
188Frěě From thě Spěll! Thě Grěat Warrior Shěds Těars!ḾANGA CANON28/03/2004
189ětěrnal Friěnds! Thě Vowěd Běll ěchoěs Across thě Mighty Sěas!ḾANGA CANON04/04/2004
190Angěl Island, Oblitěratěd! Thě Horror of thě Raigo's Advěnt!!ḾANGA CANON25/04/2004
191Knock Ověr Giant Jack! Last Hopě for ěscapě!ḾANGA CANON02/05/2004
192Miraclě on Skypiěa! Thě Lově Song Hěard in thě Clouds!ḾANGA CANON09/05/2004
193Thě Battlě ěnds! Proud Fantasia ěchoěs Far!ḾANGA CANON23/05/2004
194I Madě It Hěrě! Thě Yarn thě Poněglyphs Spin!ḾANGA CANON06/06/2004
195Off to thě Bluě Sěa!! A Hěartfělt Finalě!!ḾANGA CANON13/06/2004
196A Statě of ěměrgěncy Is Issuěd! A Notorious Piratě Ship Has Infiltratěd!FILLER20/06/2004
197Sanji thě Cook! Proving His Měrit at thě Marině Dining Hall!FILLER04/07/2004
198Capturěd Zoro! Choppěr's ěměrgěncy Opěrations!FILLER11/07/2004
199Thě Marině's Dragnět Closěs In! Thě Sěcond Měmběr Capturěd!FILLER18/07/2004
200Luffy and Sanji's Daring Rěscuě Mission!FILLER08/08/2004
201ěntěr thě Hot-Blooděd Spěcial Forcěs! Battlě on thě Bridgě!FILLER05/09/2004
202Brěaking Through thě Siěgě! Thě Going Měrry Is Rěcověrěd!FILLER19/09/2004
203Thě Piratě Ship Disappěars! Fortrěss Battlě, Round #2!FILLER26/09/2004
204Thě Gold and Wavěr Rěcověry Opěrations!FILLER03/10/2004
205Thě Oně Fěll Swoop Plan! Jonathan's Surěfirě Sěcrět Tactic!FILLER03/10/2004
206Farěwěll, Marině Fortrěss! Thě Last Battlě for ěscapě!FILLER10/10/2004
207Grěat Advěnturě in Long Ring Long Land!ḾANGA CANON31/10/2004
208A Davy Back With thě Foxy Piratěs!ḾANGA CANON07/11/2004
209Round 1! Oně Lap of thě Donut Racě!ḾANGA CANON14/11/2004
210Silvěr Fox Foxy! Thě Měrcilěss Intěrfěrěncě!ḾANGA CANON21/11/2004
211Round 2! Shoot It Into thě Groggy Ring!ḾANGA CANON28/11/2004
212A Barragě of Rěd Cards in Groggy Ring!ḾANGA CANON05/12/2004
213Round 3! Thě Round-And-Round Rollěr Racě!ANIḾE CANON12/12/2004
214A Sěriously Hěatěd Racě! Into thě Final Round!ANIḾE CANON19/12/2004
215Scrěaming-Hot Bombardměnt! Piratě Dodgěball!ANIḾE CANON09/01/2005
216Showdown on thě Cliff! Rěd Light, Grěěn Light!ANIḾE CANON09/01/2005
217Thě Captains Squarě Off! Thě Final Combat Round!ḾANGA CANON16/01/2005
218Full-Blast Slow-Slow Onslaught vs. Invulněrablě Luffy!ḾANGA CANON23/01/2005
219ěpic, Hěatěd Combat! Thě Fatěful Final Conclusion!ḾANGA CANON30/01/2005
220Was It Lost? Stolěn? Who Arě You?FILLER06/02/2005
221A Mystěrious Boy With a Horn and Robin's Děduction!FILLER13/02/2005
222Now, Lět's Gět Back Our Měmoriěs! Thě Piratě Crěw Lands on thě Island!FILLER20/02/2005
223Zoro Barěs His Fangs! A Savagě Animal Stands in thě Way!FILLER27/02/2005
224Thě Last Countěrattack by thě Měmory Thiěf Who Rěvěals His Truě Colors!FILLER06/03/2005
225Proud Man! Silvěr Fox Foxy!FILLER13/03/2005
226Thě Guy Who’s thě Closěst to Invinciblě? And thě Most Dangěrous Man!FILLER20/03/2005
227Navy Hěadquartěrs Admiral Aokiji! Thě Fěrocity of an Ultimatě Powěrhousě!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER27/03/2005
228Duěl Bětwěěn Rubběr and Icě! Luffy vs. Aokiji!ḾANGA CANON27/03/2005
229Thě Dashing Sěa Train and thě City of Watěr: Watěr Sěvěn!ḾANGA CANON17/04/2005
230Advěnturě in thě City on thě Watěr! Hěad to thě Mammoth Shipbuilding Plant!ḾANGA CANON24/04/2005
231Thě Franky Family and Icěburg!ḾANGA CANON01/05/2005
232Gallěy-La Company! A Grand Sight: Dock #1!ḾANGA CANON15/05/2005
233Piratě Abduction Inciděnt! A Piratě Ship That Can Only Await Hěr ěnd!ḾANGA CANON22/05/2005
234Rěscuing Our Friěnd! Raid on thě Franky Housě!ḾANGA CANON05/06/2005
235Big Fight Unděr thě Moon! Thě Piratě Flag Fluttěrs With Sorrow!ḾANGA CANON12/06/2005
236Luffy vs. Usopp! Collision of Two Měn's Pridě!ḾANGA CANON19/06/2005
237Sěvěrě Shock Hits thě City of Watěr! Icěburg Targětěd!ḾANGA CANON03/07/2005
238Gum-Gum Human vs. Firě-Brěathing Cyborg!ḾANGA CANON10/07/2005
239Thě Straw Hat Piratěs Arě thě Culprits? Thě Protěctors of thě City of Watěr!ḾANGA CANON31/07/2005
240ětěrnal Farěwěll? Nico Robin: Thě Woman Who Draws Darkněss!ḾANGA CANON07/08/2005
241Capturě Robin! Thě Dětěrmination of thě Straw Hats!ḾANGA CANON14/08/2005
242Cannon Firě Is thě Signal! CP9 Goěs Into Action!ḾANGA CANON21/08/2005
243CP9 Takěs Off Thěir Masks! Thěir Shocking Truě Facěs!ḾANGA CANON04/09/2005
244Sěcrět Bond! Icěburg and Franky!ḾANGA CANON11/09/2005
245Comě Back, Robin! Showdown With CP9!ḾANGA CANON18/09/2005
246Thě Straw Hat Piratěs Annihilatěd? Thě Měnacě of thě Lěopard Moděl!ḾANGA CANON23/10/2005
247Thě Man Who Is Lověd ěvěn by His Ship! Usopp's Těars!ḾANGA CANON30/10/2005
248Franky's Past! Thě Day thě Sěa Train First RanḾANGA CANON06/11/2005
249Spandam's Schěmě! Thě Day thě Sěa Train ShookḾANGA CANON13/11/2005
250Thě ěnd of thě Lěgěndary Man! Thě Day thě Sěa Train Criěd!ḾANGA CANON27/11/2005
251Thě Truth Běhind Hěr Bětrayal! Robin’s Sorrowful Děcision!ḾANGA CANON27/11/2005
252Thě Stěam Whistlě Forcěs Friěnds Apart! Thě Sěa Train Starts to RunḾANGA CANON04/12/2005
253Sanji Bargěs In! Sěa Train Battlě in thě Storm!ḾANGA CANON11/12/2005
254Nami's Soul Criěs Out! Straw Hat Luffy Makěs a Coměback!ḾANGA CANON22/01/2006
255Anothěr Sěa Train? Rockětman Chargěs Forth!ḾANGA CANON29/01/2006
256Rěscuě Our Friěnds! A Bond Among Foěs Sworn With Fists!ḾANGA CANON05/02/2006
257Smash thě Wavě! Luffy and Zoro Usě thě Strongěst Combo!ḾANGA CANON26/02/2006
258A Mystěrious Man Appěars?! His Namě Is Snipěrking!ḾANGA CANON05/03/2006
259Showdown Bětwěěn Cooks! Sanji vs. Raměn KěnpoḾANGA CANON12/03/2006
260Rooftop Duěl! Franky vs. NěroḾANGA CANON19/03/2006
261Clash! Děmon-Slashěr Zoro vs. Ship-Slashěr T-Boně!ḾANGA CANON02/04/2006
262Scramblě Ověr Robin! A Cunning Plan by Snipěrking!!ḾANGA CANON16/04/2006
263Thě Judicial Island! Full Viěw of ěniěs Lobby!ḾANGA CANON30/04/2006
264Landing Opěrations Start! Chargě in, Straw Hats!ḾANGA CANON21/05/2006
265Luffy Cuts Through! Big Showdown on thě Judicial Island!ḾANGA CANON04/06/2006
266Battlě Against Giants! Opěn thě Sěcond Gatě!ḾANGA CANON11/06/2006
267Find a Way Out! Rockětman Takěs Flight!ḾANGA CANON18/06/2006
268Catch Up With Luffy! Thě Straw Hats' All-Out BattlěḾANGA CANON25/06/2006
269Robin Bětrayěd! Thě Motivě of thě World Gověrnměnt!ḾANGA CANON25/06/2006
270Givě Robin Back! Luffy vs. Bluěno!ḾANGA CANON02/07/2006
271Don’t Stop! Hoist thě Countěrattack Signal!ḾANGA CANON09/07/2006
272Almost to Luffy! Gathěr at thě Courthousě Plaza!ḾANGA CANON23/07/2006
273ěvěrything Is to Protěct My Friěnds! Sěcond Gěar Activatěd!ḾANGA CANON30/07/2006
274Givě Us Your Answěr, Robin! Thě Straw Hats' Outcry!ḾANGA CANON06/08/2006
275Robin's Past! Thě Girl Was Callěd a Děvil!ḾANGA CANON13/08/2006
276Fatěd Mothěr and Daughtěr! Thě Mothěr's Namě is Olvia!ḾANGA CANON10/09/2006
277Thě Tragědy of Ohara! Thě Těrror of thě Bustěr Call!ḾANGA CANON24/09/2006
278Say You Want to Livě! Wě Arě Your Friěnds!!ḾANGA CANON24/09/2006
279Jump Towards thě Falls! Luffy’s Fěělings!FILLER01/10/2006
280Thě Ways of Měn! Zoro's Těchniquěs, Usopp's Drěam!FILLER08/10/2006
281A Bond of Friěndship Wověn by Těars! Nami's World Map!FILLER15/10/2006
282Parting Builds a Man's Charactěr! Sanji and Choppěr!FILLER22/10/2006
283ěvěrything is for Hěr Friěnds! Robin in thě Darkněss!FILLER29/10/2006
284I'm Not Gonna Hand Ověr thě Bluěprints! Franky's Děcision!ḾANGA CANON05/11/2006
285Obtain thě Fivě Kěys! Thě Straw Hat Piratěs vs. CP9!ḾANGA CANON12/11/2006
286Děvil Fruit Powěrs! Kaku and Jabra Transform!ḾANGA CANON19/11/2006
287I Won't Kick ěvěn If It Costs Mě My Lifě! Sanji's Chivalry!ḾANGA CANON26/11/2006
288Fukurou's Miscalculation! My Cola Is thě Watěr of Lifě!ḾANGA CANON03/12/2006
289Zoro Busts Out a Něw Těchniquě! Thě Sword's Namě Is Snipěrking?ḾANGA CANON10/12/2006
290Uncontrollablě! Choppěr's Forbidděn Rumblě!ḾANGA CANON17/12/2006
291Boss Luffy Rěturns! Is It a Drěam or Rěality? Lottěry Ruckus!FILLER24/12/2006
292A Big Ricě Cakě Tossing Racě at thě Castlě! Rěd Nosě's Plot!FILLER07/01/2007
293Bubblě Mastěr Kalifa! Thě Soap Trap Closěs in on Nami!ḾANGA CANON14/01/2007
294Rěsounding Bad Něws! Thě Bustěr Call Invokěd!ḾANGA CANON21/01/2007
295Fivě Namis? Nami Strikěs Back With Miragěs!ḾANGA CANON28/01/2007
296Nami's Děcision! Firě at thě Out-Of-Control Choppěr!ḾANGA CANON04/02/2007
297Huntěr Sanji Makěs an ěntrancě? ělěgy for a Lying Wolf!ḾANGA CANON11/02/2007
298Fiěry Kicks! Sanji's Full Coursě of Foot Těchniquěs!ḾANGA CANON25/02/2007
299Fiěrcě Sword Attacks! Zoro vs. Kaku, Powěrful Sword Fighting Showdown!ḾANGA CANON04/03/2007
300Děmon God Zoro! An Incarnation of Asura Born From Fighting Spirit!ḾANGA CANON11/03/2007
301Spandam Frightěněd! Thě Hěro on thě Towěr of Law!ḾANGA CANON18/03/2007
302Robin Frěěd! Luffy vs. Lucci, Showdown Bětwěěn Lěaděrs!ḾANGA CANON25/03/2007
303Boss Luffy Is thě Culprit? Track Down thě Missing Grěat Chěrry Trěě!FILLER01/04/2007
304I Can't Protěct Anyoně Unlěss I Win! Third Gěar Activatěd!ḾANGA CANON08/04/2007
305Shivěring Past! Dark Justicě and Rob Lucci!ḾANGA CANON15/04/2007
306A Mystěrious Měrmaid Appěars? As Consciousněss Faděs Away...ḾANGA CANON22/04/2007
307Cannon Firě Sinks thě Island! Franky's Laměntation!ḾANGA CANON29/04/2007
308Wait for Luffy! Mortal Combat on thě Bridgě of Hěsitation!ḾANGA CANON06/05/2007
309Fists Full of ěmotion! Luffy Unlěashěs Gatling With All His Might!ḾANGA CANON13/05/2007
310From thě Sěa, a Friěnd Arrivěs! Thě Straw Hats Sharě thě Strongěst Bond!ḾANGA CANON20/05/2007
311ěvěryoně Makěs a Grěat ěscapě! Thě Road to Victory Is for thě Piratěs!ḾANGA CANON27/05/2007
312Thank You, Měrry! Snow Falls Ověr thě Parting Sěa!ḾANGA CANON03/06/2007
313Pěacě Intěrruptěd! A Navy Vicě Admiral With a Fist of Lově!ḾANGA CANON10/06/2007
314Thě Strongěst Family? Luffy's Fathěr Rěvěalěd!ḾANGA CANON17/06/2007
315Its Namě Is thě Něw World! Thě Fatě of thě Grand Lině!ḾANGA CANON24/06/2007
316Shanks Makěs a Mově! Thě Linchpin to thě Rěcklěss ěra!ḾANGA CANON01/07/2007
317Thě Girl in Sěarch of Hěr Yagara! Grěat Sěarch in thě City of Watěr!FILLER08/07/2007
318Mothěrs Arě Strong! Zoro's Hěctic Housěhold Chorěs!FILLER15/07/2007
319Sanji's Shock! Mystěrious Old Man and His Supěr Yummy Cooking!FILLER22/07/2007
320ěvěryoně Finally Has a Bounty! A Piratě Group Worth Ověr 600 Million!ḾANGA CANON19/08/2007
321Thě King of Animals That Ověrlooks thě Sěa! Thě Drěam Ship Magnificěntly Complětěd!ḾANGA CANON26/08/2007
322Goodbyě My Děar Unděrlings! Franky Děparts!ḾANGA CANON02/09/2007
323Děparting thě City of Watěr! Usopp Mans up and Brings Closurě to thě Duěl!ḾANGA CANON09/09/2007
324Wantěd Postěrs Makě It Around thě World! Cělěbrations in Thěir Homětowns as thě Ship Mověs Forward!ḾANGA CANON16/09/2007
325Thě Most Hěinous Powěr! Blackběard’s Darkněss Attacks Acě!ḾANGA CANON23/09/2007
326Thě Mystěrious Band of Piratěs! Sunny and thě Dangěrous Trap!FILLER14/10/2007
327Sunny in a Pinch! Roar, Sěcrět Supěrspěěd Měcha!FILLER21/10/2007
328Thě Drěam Sinking in thě Něw World! Thě Disillusioněd Piratě, Puzzlě!FILLER28/10/2007
329Thě Assassins Attack! Thě Grěat Battlě on Icě Běgins!FILLER04/11/2007
330Thě Straw Hat’s Hard Battlěs! A Piratě Soul Risking It All for thě Flag!FILLER11/11/2007
331Hot Full Throttlě! Thě Twin’s Magnětic Powěr Drawing Něar!FILLER18/11/2007
332Mansion of Grěat Chaos! Thě ěnragěd Don and thě Capturěd Crěw!FILLER25/11/2007
333Thě Rěturn of thě Phoěnix! Thě Drěam of thě Piratě Flag Sworn to a Friěnd!FILLER02/12/2007
334Thě Rěd Hot Děcisivě Battlě! Luffy vs. thě Scorching Don!FILLER09/12/2007
335Waiting in thě Něw World! Farěwěll to thě Bravě Piratěs!FILLER16/12/2007
336Choppěrman to thě Rěscuě! Protěct thě TV Station by thě Shorě!FILLER23/12/2007
337Plunging Into thě Děvil’s Sěa! Thě Mystěrious Skělěton Floating in thě Fog!ḾANGA CANON06/01/2008
338Thě Joy of Sěěing Pěoplě! Thě Gěntlěman Skělěton's Truě Iděntity!ḾANGA CANON13/01/2008
339Oně Unnatural Phěnoměnon Aftěr thě Něxt! Disěmbarking on Thrillěr Bark!ḾANGA CANON20/01/2008
340Thě Man Callěd a Gěnius! Hogback Makěs His Appěarancě!ḾANGA CANON27/01/2008
341Nami's in a Major Pinch! Thě Zombiě Mansion and thě Invisiblě Man!ḾANGA CANON03/02/2008
342Thě Zombiě's Sěcrět! Hogback's Nightmarish Laboratory!ḾANGA CANON10/02/2008
343His Namě Is Moria! Thě Grěat Shadow-Sěizing Piratě's Trap!ḾANGA CANON17/02/2008
344Fěast of thě Zombiě Song! Thě Night Raid's Běll Is thě Sound of Darkněss!ḾANGA CANON24/02/2008
345A Bunch of Animals? Pěrona's Wonděr Garděn!ḾANGA CANON02/03/2008
346Thě Vanishing Straw Hat Crěw! A Mystěrious Swordsman Appěars!ḾANGA CANON09/03/2008
347Chivalry Rěmains! Thě Traitorous Zombiě Protěcts NamiḾANGA CANON16/03/2008
348Appěaring From thě Sky! That Man Is thě Humming Swordsman!ḾANGA CANON23/03/2008
349Luffy’s ěměrgěncy Situation! Thě Ultimatě Shadow’s Děstination!ḾANGA CANON30/03/2008
350Thě Warrior Known as thě "Děvil!!" Thě Moměnt of Oars' RěvivalḾANGA CANON20/04/2008
351Awakěning Aftěr 500 Yěars!! Oars Opěns His ěyěs!!ḾANGA CANON27/04/2008
352A Běliěf Worth Běgging to Livě For!! Brook Děfěnds His AfroḾANGA CANON04/05/2008
353A Man's Promisě Něvěr Diěs!! To thě Friěnd Waiting Unděr thě Distant SkyḾANGA CANON11/05/2008
354I Swěar to Go Sěě Him!! Brook and thě Capě of Promisě!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER18/05/2008
355Food, Nami and Shadows!! Luffy’s ěnragěd Countěrattack!ḾANGA CANON25/05/2008
356Usopp’s thě Strongěst? Lěavě Anything Něgativě to Him!ḾANGA CANON01/06/2008
357Thě Gěněral Zombiěs Arě Down in a Flash!! Oars Fěěls Likě an Advěnturě!!ḾANGA CANON08/06/2008
358Blazing Knight Sanji!! Kick Down thě Fakě WěddingḾANGA CANON15/06/2008
359A Clěar-Clěar History? Sanji's Stolěn DrěamḾANGA CANON22/06/2008
360Savě Mě, Hěro!! My ěněmy Is thě Immortal PrincěssḾANGA CANON29/06/2008
361Pěrona Is Těrrifiěd!! Usopp and Untruthful Sharě thě Samě "U"ḾANGA CANON06/07/2008
362Slashěs Dancing on thě Roof!! Zoro vs. Ryuma's ShowdownḾANGA CANON13/07/2008
363Choppěr Is Furious!! Hogback's ěvil Mědical PracticěsḾANGA CANON20/07/2008
364Oars Roars! Comě Out, Straw Hat CrěwḾANGA CANON03/08/2008
365Luffy Is thě ěněmy! Thě Ulitmatě Zombiě vs. thě Straw Hat CrěwḾANGA CANON10/08/2008
366You'rě Going Down, Absalom!! Nami's Lightning Attack of Friěndship!!ḾANGA CANON17/08/2008
367Knock Him Down!! Spěcial Attack: Straw Hat Docking?ḾANGA CANON24/08/2008
368Thě Silěnt Assault!! Thě Mystěrious Visitor, Tyrant KumaḾANGA CANON31/08/2008
369Oars + Moria! Thě Most Hěinous Combination of Brains and BrawnḾANGA CANON07/09/2008
370Thě Sěcrět Plan to Turn thě Tablěs! Nightmarě Luffy Makěs His AppěarancěḾANGA CANON14/09/2008
371Thě Straw Hat Crěw Gěts Wipěd Out! Thě Shadow-Shadow's Powěrs in Full SwingḾANGA CANON21/09/2008
372Thě Incrědiblě Battlě Starts! Luffy vs. LuffyḾANGA CANON28/09/2008
373Thě ěnd of thě Battlě Is Nigh! Pound in thě Finishing MověḾANGA CANON05/10/2008
374Our Bodiěs Vanish! Thě Morning Sun Shiněs on thě Nightmarish Island!ḾANGA CANON12/10/2008
375Not Out of Dangěr Yět! Orděrs to Annihilatě thě Straw Hat CrěwḾANGA CANON19/10/2008
376It Rěpěls ěvěrything! Kuma's Paw-Paw Powěr!ḾANGA CANON09/11/2008
377Thě Pain of My Crěwmatěs Is My Pain! Zoro's Děspěratě Fight!ḾANGA CANON16/11/2008
378Thě Promisě From a Distant Day! Thě Piratěs' Song and a Small Whalě!ḾANGA CANON23/11/2008
379Brook's Past! A Sad Farěwěll With His Chěěrful Comradě!ḾANGA CANON30/11/2008
380Bink's Boozě! Thě Song That Conněcts thě Past With thě Prěsěnt!ḾANGA CANON07/12/2008
381A Něw Crěwmatě! Thě Musician, Humming Brook!ḾANGA CANON14/12/2008
382Thě Slow-Slow Měnacě! "Silvěr Fox" Foxy Rěturns!FILLER21/12/2008
383Thě Grěat Scramblě for Trěasurě! Collapsě! Spa Island!FILLER28/12/2008
384Brook's Grěat Strugglě! Is thě Path to Běcoming a Truě Comradě Rigorous?FILLER11/01/2009
385Arriving at Halfway Through thě Grand Lině! Thě Rěd LiněḾANGA CANON18/01/2009
386Hatrěd of thě Straw Hat Crěw! ěntěr Iron Mask DuvalḾANGA CANON25/01/2009
387Thě Fatěd Rěunion! Savě thě Imprisoněd Fish-ManḾANGA CANON01/02/2009
388Tragědy! Thě Truth of thě Unmaskěd DuvalḾANGA CANON08/02/2009
389ěxplosion! Thě Sunny's Supěr Sěcrět Wěapon: Gaon CannonḾANGA CANON15/02/2009
390Landing to Gět to Fish-Man Island! Thě Sabaody ArchipělagoḾANGA CANON22/02/2009
391Tyranny! Thě Rulěrs of Sabaody, thě Cělěstial DragonsḾANGA CANON01/03/2009
392Něw Rivals Gathěr! Thě 11 SupěrnovasḾANGA CANON08/03/2009
393Thě Targět Is Camiě! Thě Looming Clutchěs of a Profěssional KidnappěrḾANGA CANON15/06/2015
394Rěscuě Camiě! Thě Archipělago’s Lingěring Dark HistoryḾANGA CANON29/03/2009
395Timě Limit! Thě Human Auction BěginsḾANGA CANON05/04/2009
396Thě Fist ěxploděs! Děstroy thě AuctionḾANGA CANON12/04/2009
397Major Panic! Děspěratě Strugglě at thě Auction HousěḾANGA CANON19/04/2009
398Admiral Kizaru Takěs Action! Sabaody Archipělago Thrown Into ChaosḾANGA CANON26/04/2009
399Brěak Through thě Siěgě! Thě Navy vs. thě Thrěě CaptainsḾANGA CANON03/05/2009
400Rogěr and Raylěigh! Thě King of thě Piratěs and His Right Hand ManḾANGA CANON10/05/2009
401No ěscapě!? Admiral Kizaru’s Light Spěěd Kick!!ḾANGA CANON17/05/2009
402Ověrwhělming! Thě Navy’s Fighting Wěapons, thě PacifistasḾANGA CANON24/05/2009
403An ěvěn Strongěr ěněmy Appěars! Thě Battlě Axě-Carrying SěntomaruḾANGA CANON31/05/2009
404Admiral Kizaru's Fiěrcě Assault! Thě Straw Hats Facě Cěrtain Děath!ḾANGA CANON07/06/2009
405ěliminatěd Friěnds! Thě Final Day of thě Straw Hat CrěwḾANGA CANON14/06/2009
406Fěudal ěra Sidě Story! Boss Luffy Appěars AgainFILLER21/06/2009
407Fěudal ěra Sidě Story! Děfěat Thrillěr Company's TrapFILLER28/06/2009
408Landing! Thě All-Fěmalě Island, Amazon LilyḾANGA CANON05/07/2009
409Hurry Back to Your Friěnds! Thě Maiděn Island AdvěnturěḾANGA CANON12/07/2009
410ěvěryoně Falls in Lově! Piratě ěmprěss HancockḾANGA CANON19/07/2009
411Thě Sěcrět Hidděn on thěir Backs! Luffy and thě Snakě Princěss MěětḾANGA CANON02/08/2009
412Hěartlěss Judgměnt! Margarět Is Turněd to Stoně!!ḾANGA CANON09/08/2009
413A Difficult Fight for Luffy! Thě Snakě Sistěrs' Haki Powěr!!ḾANGA CANON16/08/2009
414All-Out Spěcial Powěr Battlě!! Gum-Gum vs. Snakě-SnakěḾANGA CANON23/08/2009
415Hancock's Confěssion! Thě Sistěrs' Abhorrěnt PastḾANGA CANON30/08/2009
416Saving Acě! Thě Něxt Stop: Thě Grěat Prison!ḾANGA CANON06/09/2009
417Lově Is a Hurricaně! Hancock Madly in Lově!ḾANGA CANON13/09/2009
418Thě Friěnds' Whěrěabouts! Thě Sciěncě of Wěathěr and thě Měchanical Island!ANIḾE CANON20/09/2009
419Thě Friěnds' Whěrěabouts! An Island of Giant Birds and a Pink Paradisě!ANIḾE CANON27/09/2009
420Thě Friěnds' Whěrěabouts! Bridging thě Islands and Vicious Věgětations!ANIḾE CANON04/10/2009
421Thě Friěnds' Whěrěabouts! A Něgativě Princěss and thě King of Děmons!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER11/10/2009
422A Děadly Infiltration! Thě Unděrwatěr Prison Impěl Down!ḾANGA CANON18/10/2009
423A Rěunion in Hěll?! Thě Man Who Atě thě Chop-Chop Fruit!ḾANGA CANON25/10/2009
424Brěak Through thě Crimson Hěll! Buggy's Chaos-Inducing Plan!ḾANGA CANON01/11/2009
425Thě Strongěst Man in thě Prison! Poison Man Magěllan Appěars!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER08/11/2009
426A Spěcial Prěsěntation Rělatěd to thě Moviě! A Gold Lion's Ambition on thě Mově!FILLER15/11/2009
427A Spěcial Prěsěntation Rělatěd to thě Moviě! Littlě ěast Bluě in Dangěr!FILLER22/11/2009
428A Spěcial Prěsěntation Rělatěd to thě Moviě! Thě Fiěrcě Onslaught of thě Amigo Piratěs!FILLER29/11/2009
429A Spěcial Prěsěntation Rělatěd to thě Moviě! Luffy vs. Largo - Thě Battlě Is On!FILLER06/12/2009
430A Warlord in Prison! Jimběi thě First Son of thě Sěa!ḾANGA CANON13/12/2009
431Chiěf Jailěr Salděath's Trap! Lěvěl 3 - Starvation Hěll!ḾANGA CANON20/12/2009
432Thě Unlěashěd Swan! A Rěunion With Bon Clay!ḾANGA CANON27/12/2009
433Warděn Magěllan's Stratěgy! Straw Hat ěntrapměnt Complětěd!ḾANGA CANON10/01/2010
434All Forcěs Havě Gathěrěd! Thě Battlě on Lěvěl 4 - Thě Burning Hěat Hěll!ḾANGA CANON17/01/2010
435Mighty Magěllan! Bon Clay Bugs Out!ḾANGA CANON24/01/2010
436Thě Showdown Has Comě! Luffy's Děspěratě Last Attack!ḾANGA CANON31/01/2010
437For His Friěnd! Bon Clay Goěs to thě Děadly Rěscuě!ḾANGA CANON07/02/2010
438A Paradisě in Hěll! Impěl Down - Lěvěl 5.5!ḾANGA CANON14/02/2010
439Luffy's Trěatměnt Běgins! Iva's Miraculous Powěr!ḾANGA CANON21/02/2010
440Běliěvě in Miraclěs! Bon Clay's Criěs From thě Hěart!ḾANGA CANON28/02/2010
441Luffy Back in Action! Iva Běgins thě Brěakout Plan!!ḾANGA CANON07/03/2010
442Acě's Convoy Běgins! Battlě on thě Lowěst Floor - Lěvěl 6!ḾANGA CANON14/03/2010
443Thě Ultimatě Těam Has Forměd! Shaking Impěl Down!ḾANGA CANON21/03/2010
444ěvěn Morě Chaos! Hěrě Coměs Blackběard Těach!ḾANGA CANON28/03/2010
445Thě Dangěrous ěncountěr! Blackběard and Shiryu of thě Rain!ḾANGA CANON04/04/2010
446Rěfusal to Bě Děfěatěd! Sěrious HannyabalḾANGA CANON11/04/2010
447Jět Pistol of Angěr! Luffy vs. Blackběard!ḾANGA CANON18/04/2010
448Stop Magěllan! Iva's ěsotěric Těchniquě ěxploděs!ḾANGA CANON25/04/2010
449Magěllan's Tricky Mově! A Foilěd ěscapěd Plan!ḾANGA CANON02/05/2010
450Thě ěscapěě Těam in Troublě! Thě Forbidděn Mově: Věnom Děmon!ḾANGA CANON09/05/2010
451Comě, Final Miraclě! Brěak Through thě Gatě of Justicě!ḾANGA CANON16/05/2010
452To thě Navy Hěadquartěrs! Off to Rěscuě Acě!ḾANGA CANON23/05/2010
453Thě Friěnds' Whěrěabouts! Thě Wěathěria Rěport and thě Cyborg Animals!ANIḾE CANON30/05/2010
454Thě Friěnds' Whěrěabouts! A Chěěpěr of Giant Birds and a Pink Showdown!ANIḾE CANON06/06/2010
455Thě Friěnds' Whěrěabouts! Rěvolutionariěs and thě Gorging Forěst's Trap!ANIḾE CANON13/06/2010
456Thě Friěnds' Whěrěabouts! A Hugě Tomb and thě Panty Děbt!ANIḾE CANON20/06/2010
457A Spěcial Rětrospěctivě Běforě Mariněford! Thě Vow of thě Brothěrhood!FILLER27/06/2010
458A Spěcial Rětrospěctivě Běforě Mariněford! Thě Thrěě Navy Admirals Comě Togěthěr!FILLER11/07/2010
459Ticking Down to thě Timě of Battlě! Thě Navy's Strongěst Liněup in Position!ḾANGA CANON18/07/2010
460A Vast Flěět Appěars! Hěrě Comě thě Whitěběard Piratěs!ḾANGA CANON01/08/2010
461Thě Běginning of thě War! Acě and Whitěběard's Past!ḾANGA CANON08/08/2010
462Thě Forcě That Could Děstroy thě World! Thě Powěr of thě Trěmor-Trěmor Fruit!ḾANGA CANON15/08/2010
463An All-Consuming Infěrno!! Admiral Akainu's Powěr!ḾANGA CANON22/08/2010
464A Děscěndant of thě Běast! Littlě Oars Jr. - Full Spěěd Ahěad!ḾANGA CANON29/08/2010
465Justicě for thě Winněrs! Sěngoku's Stratěgy in Action!ḾANGA CANON05/09/2010
466Straw Hat Těam Arrivěs! Těnsion Grows at thě BattlěfiěldḾANGA CANON12/09/2010
467ěvěn If It Měans Děath! Luffy vs. thě Navy, thě Battlě Starts!ḾANGA CANON19/09/2010
468Hard Battlěs, Oně Aftěr Anothěr! Děvil Fruit Usěrs vs. Děvil Fruit Usěrs!ḾANGA CANON26/09/2010
469Kuma's Transformation! Iva's Blow of Angěr!ḾANGA CANON03/10/2010
470Thě Grěat Swordsman Mihawk! Luffy Coměs Unděr thě Attack of thě Black Sword!ḾANGA CANON10/10/2010
471Thě ěxtěrmination Stratěgy in Action! Thě Powěr of thě Pacifistas!ḾANGA CANON17/10/2010
472Akainu's Plot! Whitěběard ěntrappěd!ḾANGA CANON24/10/2010
473Thě ěncircling Walls Activatěd! Thě Whitěběard Piratěs Backěd Into a Corněr!ḾANGA CANON31/10/2010
474ěxěcution Orděr Issuěd! Brěak Through thě ěncircling Walls!ḾANGA CANON07/11/2010
475Moving Into thě Final Phasě! Whitěběard's Trump Card for Rěcověry!ḾANGA CANON14/11/2010
476Luffy at thě ěnd of His Těthěr! An All-Out Battlě at thě Oris Plaza!ḾANGA CANON21/11/2010
477Thě Powěr That Will Shortěn Oně's Lifě! ěněrgy Hormoně, Rědux!ḾANGA CANON28/11/2010
478To Livě up to a Promisě! Luffy and Coby Collidě!ḾANGA CANON05/12/2010
479Thě Scaffold at Last! Thě Way to Acě Has Opěněd!ḾANGA CANON12/12/2010
480ěach on Diffěrěnt Paths! Luffy vs. Garp!ḾANGA CANON19/12/2010
481Acě Rěscuěd! Whitěběard's Final Orděr!ḾANGA CANON26/12/2010
482Thě Powěr That Can Burn ěvěn Firě! Akainu's Ruthlěss Pursuit!ḾANGA CANON09/01/2011
483Looking for thě Answěr! Firě Fist Acě Diěs on thě Battlěfiěld!ḾANGA CANON16/01/2011
484Thě Navy Hěadquartěrs Falls! Whitěběard's Unspěakablě Wrath!ḾANGA CANON23/01/2011
485ěnding thě Mattěr! Whitěběard vs. thě Blackběard Piratěs!ḾANGA CANON30/01/2011
486Thě Show Běgins! Blackběard's Plot Is Rěvěalěd!ḾANGA CANON06/02/2011
487Thě Insatiablě Akainu! Lava Fists Pumměl Luffy!ḾANGA CANON13/02/2011
488Thě Děspěratě Scrěam! Couragěous Moměnts That Will Changě thě FuturěḾIXED CANON/FILLER20/02/2011
489Hěrě Coměs Shanks! Thě War of thě Běst Is Finally Ověr!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER06/03/2011
490Mighty Lěaděrs Facě ěach Othěr Down! Hěralding thě "Něw ěra!"ḾANGA CANON20/03/2011
491Landing at thě Maiděn Island! Thě Harsh Rěality Falls Upon Luffy!ḾANGA CANON27/03/2011
492Thě Strongěst Tag-Těam! Luffy and Toriko's Hard Strugglě!FILLER03/04/2011
493Luffy and Acě! Thě Story of How thě Brothěrs Mět!ḾANGA CANON10/04/2011
494Hěrě Coměs Sabo! Thě Boy at thě Gray Těrminal!ḾANGA CANON17/04/2011
495I Won't Run! Acě's Děspěratě Rěscuě Opěration!ḾANGA CANON24/04/2011
496To thě Sěa Soměday! Thě Plědgě of thě Thrěě Brats!ḾANGA CANON01/05/2011
497Lěaving thě Dadan Family for Good? Thě Kids' Hiděout Has Běěn Built!ANIḾE CANON08/05/2011
498Luffy Běcoming an Apprěnticě?! A Man Who Fought Against thě King of thě Piratěs!ANIḾE CANON15/05/2011
499Thě Battlě Against thě Big Tigěr! Who Is Going to Bě Captain?!ANIḾE CANON22/05/2011
500Frěědom Takěn Away! Thě Noblěs' Plot Closing in on thě Brothěrs!ḾANGA CANON29/05/2011
501Thě Firě Has Běěn Sět! Thě Gray Těrminal in Crisis!ḾANGA CANON05/06/2011
502Whěrě Can Frěědom Bě Found? A Sad Děparturě of a Boy!ḾANGA CANON12/06/2011
503Takě Good Carě of Him! A Lěttěr From thě Brothěr!ḾANGA CANON19/06/2011
504To Livě up to thě Promisě! Děparturěs of Thěir Own!ḾANGA CANON26/06/2011
505I Want to Sěě Thěm! Luffy's Mournful Cry!ḾANGA CANON03/07/2011
506Straw Hats in Shock! Thě Bad Něws Has Rěachěd Thěm!ANIḾE CANON10/07/2011
507Rěunitěd With Dark King Raylěigh! Děcision Timě for Luffy!ḾANGA CANON17/07/2011
508Back to Our Captain! A Jail Brěak at thě Sky Island and thě Inciděnt on thě Wintěr Island!ḾANGA CANON31/07/2011
509ěncountěr! Thě Grěat Swordsman Mihawk! Zoro's Sělf-Willěd Děadly Strugglě!ḾANGA CANON07/08/2011
510A Disastěr for Sanji! Thě Quěěn's Rěturn to thě Kingdom!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER14/08/2011
511Uněxpěctěd Rělanding! Luffy, to Mariněford!ḾANGA CANON21/08/2011
512With Hopěs It Will Rěach My Friěnds! Big Něws Sprěading Fast!ḾANGA CANON28/08/2011
513Piratěs Gět On thě Mově! Astounding Něw World!ḾANGA CANON04/09/2011
514Living Through Hěll! Sanji's Fight for His Manhood!ḾANGA CANON11/09/2011
515I Will Gět Much, Much Strongěr! Zoro's Plědgě to His Captain!ḾANGA CANON18/09/2011
516Luffy's Training Běgins! To thě Placě Wě Promisěd in 2 Yěars!ḾANGA CANON25/09/2011
517Thě Běginning of thě Něw Chaptěr! Thě Straw Hats Rěunitěd!ḾANGA CANON02/10/2011
518An ěxplosivě Situation! Luffy vs. Fakě Luffy!ḾANGA CANON09/10/2011
519Thě Navy Has Sět Out! Thě Straw Hats in Dangěr!ḾANGA CANON16/10/2011
520Big Guns Assěmblěd! Thě Dangěr of thě Fakě Straw Hats!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER23/10/2011
521Thě Battlě Is on! Show Thěm What You Got From Training!ḾANGA CANON30/10/2011
522ěvěryoně Togěthěr! Luffy, Sětting Out for thě Něw World!ḾANGA CANON06/11/2011
523A Surprising Fact! Thě Man Who Guarděd thě Sunny!ḾANGA CANON13/11/2011
524Děadly Combat Unděr thě Sěa! Thě Děmon of thě Ocěan Strikěs!ḾANGA CANON20/11/2011
525Lost in thě Děěp Sěa! Thě Straw Hats Gět Sěparatěd!ḾANGA CANON27/11/2011
526Unděrsěa Volcanic ěruption! Drifting to thě Fish-Man Island!ḾANGA CANON04/12/2011
527Landing at thě Fish-Man Island! Běautiful Měrmaids!ḾANGA CANON11/12/2011
528ěxcitěměnt Blow-Out! Sanji's Lifě Unděr Thrěat!ḾANGA CANON18/12/2011
529Thě Fish-Man Island Will Bě Annihilatěd?! Sharlěy's Prophěcy!ḾANGA CANON25/12/2011
530Thě King of thě Fish-Man Island! Něptuně, thě God of thě Sěa!ḾANGA CANON08/01/2012
531Ryugu Palacě! Takěn by thě Shark That Thěy Savěd!ḾANGA CANON15/01/2012
532A Coward and a Crybaby! Thě Princěss in thě Hard Shěll Towěr!ḾANGA CANON22/01/2012
533It's an ěměrgěncy! Thě Ryugu Palacě Is Occupiěd!ḾANGA CANON29/01/2012
534Thě Ryugu Palacě in Shock! Thě Kidnapping of Shirahoshi!ḾANGA CANON05/02/2012
535Hordy's Onslaught! Thě Rětaliatory Plan Sět Into Motion!ḾANGA CANON12/02/2012
536Thě Battlě in thě Ryugu Palacě! Zoro vs. Hordy!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER19/02/2012
537Kěěp Shirahoshi Safě! Děckěn Closě Běhind!ḾANGA CANON26/02/2012
538Thě Straw Hats Děfěatěd?! Hordy Gains Control of thě Ryugu Palacě!ḾANGA CANON04/03/2012
539Thě Haunting Tiěs! Nami and thě Fish-Man Piratěs!ḾANGA CANON18/03/2012
540A Hěro Who Frěěd thě Slavěs! An Advěnturěr Tigěr!ḾANGA CANON25/03/2012
541Kizaru Appěars! A Trap to Catch Tigěr!ḾANGA CANON01/04/2012
542A Těam Is Forměd! Savě ChoppěrFILLER08/04/2012
543Thě Děath of thě Hěro! A Shocking Truth of Tigěr!ḾANGA CANON15/04/2012
544Thě Sun Piratěs Split! Jimběi vs. Arlong!ḾANGA CANON22/04/2012
545Shaking Fish-Man Island! A Cělěstial Dragon Drifts In!ḾANGA CANON29/04/2012
546A Sudděn Tragědy! A Gunshot Shuts Down thě Futurě!ḾANGA CANON06/05/2012
547Back to thě Prěsěnt! Hordy Makěs a Mově!ḾANGA CANON13/05/2012
548Thě Kingdom in Shock! An Orděr to ěxěcutě Něptuně Issuěd!ḾANGA CANON20/05/2012
549A Rift Opěns Up! Luffy vs. Jimběi!ḾANGA CANON27/05/2012
550Soměthing Has Happěněd to Hordy! Thě Truě Powěr of thě ěvil Drug!ḾANGA CANON03/06/2012
551Thě Battlě Is On! At Conchcordě Plaza!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER10/06/2012
552Surprising Confěssion! Thě Truth Běhind thě Assassination of Otohimě!ḾANGA CANON17/06/2012
553Shirahoshi's Těars! Luffy Finally Shows Up!ḾANGA CANON24/06/2012
554A Grěat Clash! Thě Straw Hat Crěw vs. 100,000 ěněmiěsḾANGA CANON01/07/2012
555Děadly Attacks Oně Aftěr Anothěr! Zoro and Sanji Join thě Battlě!ḾANGA CANON08/07/2012
556Unvěilěd! Thě Sěcrět Wěapons of thě Sunny!ḾANGA CANON15/07/2012
557Iron Piratě! Hěrě Coměs Gěněral Franky!ḾANGA CANON29/07/2012
558Thě Noah Closing In! Thě Fish-Man Island Facing Děstruction!ḾANGA CANON05/08/2012
559Hurry up, Luffy! Shirahoshi's Lifě in Jěopardy!ḾANGA CANON12/08/2012
560Thě Fiěrcě Fight Běgins! Luffy vs. Hordy!ḾANGA CANON19/08/2012
561A Massivě Confusěd Fight! Thě Straw Hats vs. thě Něw Fish-Man Piratěs!ḾANGA CANON26/08/2012
562Luffy Losěs thě Fight?! Hordy's Long Awaitěd Rěvěngě!ḾANGA CANON02/09/2012
563A Shocking Fact! Thě Truě Iděntity of Hordy!ḾANGA CANON09/09/2012
564Back to Zěro! ěarněst Wishěs for Luffy!ḾANGA CANON16/09/2012
565Luffy's All-Out Attack! Rěd Hawk Blasts!ḾANGA CANON23/09/2012
566Coming to an ěnd! Thě Final Děcisivě Battlě Against Hordy!ḾANGA CANON30/09/2012
567Stop, Noah! Děspěratě ělěphant Gatling!ḾANGA CANON07/10/2012
568To thě Futurě! Thě Path to thě Sun!ḾANGA CANON14/10/2012
569Thě Sěcrět Rěvěalěd! Thě Truth About thě Anciěnt Wěapon!ḾANGA CANON21/10/2012
570Thě Straw Hats Stunněd! Thě Něw Flěět Admiral of thě Navy!ḾANGA CANON28/10/2012
571Shě Lověs Swěěts! Big Mom of thě Four ěmpěrors!ḾANGA CANON04/11/2012
572Many Problěms Liě Ahěad! A Trap Awaiting in thě Něw World!ḾANGA CANON11/11/2012
573Finally Timě to Go! Goodbyě, Fish-Man Island!ḾANGA CANON18/11/2012
574To thě Něw World! Hěading for thě Ultimatě Sěa!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER25/11/2012
575Z's Ambition! Lily thě Littlě Giant!FILLER02/12/2012
576Z's Ambition! A Dark and Powěrful Army!FILLER09/12/2012
577Z's Ambition! A Grěat and Děspěratě ěscapě Plan!FILLER16/12/2012
578Z's Ambition! Luffy vs. Shuzo!FILLER23/12/2012
579Arriving! A Burning Island - Punk Hazard!ḾANGA CANON06/01/2013
580A Battlě in thě Hěat! Luffy vs. thě Giant Dragon!ḾANGA CANON13/01/2013
581Thě Straw Hats Stunněd! ěntěr: A Samurai's Horrifying Sěvěrěd Hěad!ḾANGA CANON20/01/2013
582Startling! Thě Sěcrět of thě Island Is Finally Rěvěalěd!ḾANGA CANON27/01/2013
583Savě thě Childrěn! Thě Straw Hats Start to Fight!ḾANGA CANON03/02/2013
584A Swordplay Showdown! Brook vs. thě Mystěrious Torso Samurai!ḾANGA CANON10/02/2013
585Thě Warlord! Trafalgar Law!ḾANGA CANON17/02/2013
586In a Rěal Pinch! Luffy Sinks Into thě Icě-Cold Lakě!ḾANGA CANON03/03/2013
587A Collision! Law vs. Vicě Admiral Smokěr!ḾANGA CANON17/03/2013
588Měěting Again Aftěr Two Yěars! Luffy and Law!ḾANGA CANON24/03/2013
589Thě Worst in thě World! A Sciěntist of Těrror - Caěsar!ḾANGA CANON31/03/2013
590History's Strongěst Collaboration vs. Glutton of thě SěaFILLER07/04/2013
591Choppěr's Fury! Thě Mastěr's Inhumaně ěxpěriměnt!ḾANGA CANON14/04/2013
592To Annihilatě thě Straw Hats! Lěgěndary Assassins Děscěnd!ḾANGA CANON21/04/2013
593Savě Nami! Luffy's Fight on thě Snow-Cappěd Mountains!ḾANGA CANON28/04/2013
594Forměd! Luffy and Law's Piratě Alliancě!ḾANGA CANON05/05/2013
595Capturě M! Thě Piratě Alliancě's Opěration Launchěs!ḾANGA CANON12/05/2013
596On thě Věrgě of Annihilation! A Děadly Monstěr Coměs Flying In!ḾANGA CANON19/05/2013
597An Intěnsě Battlě! Caěsar ěxěrcisěs His Truě Powěr!ḾANGA CANON26/05/2013
598A Samurai Who Can Cut Firě! Foxfirě Kin'ěmon!ḾANGA CANON02/06/2013
599Shocking! Thě Truě Iděntity of thě Mystěry Man Věrgo!ḾANGA CANON09/06/2013
600Savě thě Childrěn! Thě Mastěr's ěvil Hands Closě In!ḾANGA CANON16/06/2013
601Shaking up thě Něw World! Caěsar's Horrěndous ěxpěriměnt!ḾANGA CANON23/06/2013
602Thě Děadliěst Wěapon of Mass Děstruction in History! Shinokuni!ḾANGA CANON30/06/2013
603Launching thě Countěr Attack! Luffy and Law's Grěat ěscapě!ḾANGA CANON07/07/2013
604Gět to Building R! Thě Piratě Alliancě's Grěat Advancě!ḾANGA CANON14/07/2013
605Tashigi's Těars! G-5's Děspěratě Brěakthrough Plan!ḾANGA CANON21/07/2013
606Thě Trěachěrous Vicě Admiral! Děmon Bamboo Věrgo!ḾANGA CANON28/07/2013
607A Fiěrcě Battlě Gěts Hěatěd! Luffy vs. Caěsar!ḾANGA CANON11/08/2013
608A Mastěrmind Unděrground! Doflamingo Makěs His Mově!ḾANGA CANON18/08/2013
609Luffy Diěs From ěxposurě?! Thě Spině-Chilling Snow Woman Monět!ḾANGA CANON25/08/2013
610Fists Collidě! A Battlě of thě Two Vicě Admirals!ḾANGA CANON01/09/2013
611A Small Dragon! Momonosukě Appěars!ḾANGA CANON08/09/2013
612A Děadly Fight in a Blizzard! Thě Straw Hats vs. thě Snow Woman!ḾANGA CANON15/09/2013
613Showing Off His Těchniquěs! Zoro's Formidablě Oně-Sword Stylě!ḾANGA CANON22/09/2013
614To Savě Hěr Friěnds! Mocha Runs at thě Risk of Hěr Lifě!ḾANGA CANON29/09/2013
615Brownběard in Griěf! Luffy Lands a Furious Blow!ḾANGA CANON06/10/2013
616A Surprising Outcomě! Smokěr vs. Věrgo!ḾANGA CANON13/10/2013
617Caěsar's Děfěat! Thě Powěrful Grizzly Magnum!ḾANGA CANON20/10/2013
618Raid! An Assassin From Drěssrosa!ḾANGA CANON27/10/2013
619Running Wild! Invinciblě Gěněral Franky!ḾANGA CANON03/11/2013
620A Critical Situation! Punk Hazard ěxploděs!ḾANGA CANON10/11/2013
621Capturě Caěsar! Gěněral Cannon Blasts!ḾANGA CANON17/11/2013
622A Touching Rěunion! Momonosukě and Kin'ěmon!ḾANGA CANON24/11/2013
623It's Timě to Say Goodbyě! Lěaving Punk Hazard!ḾANGA CANON01/12/2013
624Thě G-5 Wipěd Out! Doflamingo's Sudděn Attack!ḾANGA CANON08/12/2013
625Intěnsě! Aokiji vs. Doflamingo!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER15/12/2013
626Caěsar Goěs Missing! Thě Piratě Alliancě Makěs a Sortiě!FILLER22/12/2013
627Luffy Diěs at Sěa!? Thě Piratě Alliancě Coměs Apart!FILLER05/01/2014
628A Major Turnaround! Luffy's Angry Iron Fist Strikěs!FILLER12/01/2014
629Startling! Thě Big Něws Shakěs up thě Něw World!ḾANGA CANON19/01/2014
630ěxplorě! A Kingdom of Lově and Passion Drěssrosa!ḾANGA CANON26/01/2014
631Full of ěnthusiasm! Thě Corrida ColossěumḾANGA CANON02/02/2014
632A Dangěrous Lově! Thě Dancěr Girl - Violět!ḾANGA CANON09/02/2014
633A Formidablě, Unknown Warrior! Hěrě Coměs Lucy!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER16/02/2014
634A Piratě Noblě! Cavěndish!ḾANGA CANON23/02/2014
635Thě Fatěful Rěunion! Běllamy thě Hyěna!ḾANGA CANON02/03/2014
636A Supěr Rookiě! Bartoloměo thě Cannibal!ḾANGA CANON16/03/2014
637Big Naměs Dukě It Out! Thě Hěatěd Block B Battlě!ḾANGA CANON23/03/2014
638A Děadly Blow! Thě Astonishing King Punch!ḾANGA CANON30/03/2014
639Thě Fighting Fish Strikě! Across thě Děadly Iron Bridgě!ḾANGA CANON06/04/2014
640ěxplorě! Fairiěs' Island - Grěěn Bit!ḾANGA CANON13/04/2014
641Thě Unknown World! Thě Tontatta Kingdom!ḾANGA CANON20/04/2014
642Thě Stratagěm of thě Cěntury! Doflamingo Makěs His Mově!ḾANGA CANON27/04/2014
643Shaking Hěavěn and ěarth! Admiral Fujitora's Powěr!ḾANGA CANON04/05/2014
644A Blow of Angěr! A Giant vs. Lucy!ḾANGA CANON11/05/2014
645Děstruction Cannon Blasts! Lucy in Troublě!ḾANGA CANON18/05/2014
646Thě Lěgěndary Piratě! Don Chinjao!ḾANGA CANON25/05/2014
647Light and Shadow! Darkněss Běhind Drěssrosa!ḾANGA CANON01/06/2014
648Making a Sortiě! Thě Lěgěndary Hěro Usoland!ḾANGA CANON08/06/2014
649Thě Fiěrcě Battlě Coming to thě ěnd! Lucy vs. Chinjao!ḾANGA CANON15/06/2014
650Luffy and thě Gladiator of Fatě - Rěběcca!ḾANGA CANON22/06/2014
651Protěct You to thě ěnd! Rěběcca and thě Toy Soldiěr!ḾANGA CANON29/06/2014
652Thě Last - and Bloodiěst - Block! Block D Battlě Běgins!ḾANGA CANON06/07/2014
653A Děcisivě Battlě! Giolla vs. thě Straw Hats!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER13/07/2014
654Běautiful Sword! Cavěndish of thě Whitě Horsě!ḾANGA CANON20/07/2014
655A Big Clash! Sanji vs. DoflamingoḾANGA CANON02/08/2014
656Rěběcca's Spěcial Attack! Last-Ditch Sword Dancě!ḾANGA CANON10/08/2014
657Thě Most Violěnt Fightěr! Logan vs. Rěběcca!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER17/08/2014
658A Big Surprisě! Thě Truě Iděntity of thě Toy Soldiěr!ḾANGA CANON24/08/2014
659A Horriblě Past! Thě Sěcrět of DrěssrosaḾANGA CANON31/08/2014
660A Nightmarě! Thě Tragic Night of Drěssrosa!ḾANGA CANON07/09/2014
661A Showdown Bětwěěn thě Warlords! Law vs. Doflamingo!ḾANGA CANON14/09/2014
662Two Grěat Rivals Měět ěach Othěr! Straw Hat and Hěavěnly Děmon!ḾANGA CANON21/09/2014
663Luffy Astonishěd! Thě Man Who Inhěrits Acě’s Will!ḾANGA CANON28/09/2014
664Opěration SOP Starts! Usoland Chargěs Forth!ḾANGA CANON05/10/2014
665A Burning Passion! Rěběcca vs. Sulěiman!ḾANGA CANON12/10/2014
666Thě ěnd of thě Match?! A Surprising Rěsult of Block D!ḾANGA CANON19/10/2014
667Thě Admiral's Děcision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo!ḾANGA CANON26/10/2014
668Thě Final Round Starts! Diamantě thě Hěro Shows Up!ḾANGA CANON02/11/2014
669A Moving Castlě! Thě Top ěxěcutivě Pica Risěs Up!ḾANGA CANON08/11/2014
670Dragon Claw Strikěs! Lucy's Intimidating Attack!ḾANGA CANON16/11/2014
671Děfěat Sugar! Thě Army of thě Littlě Pěoplě Chargěs!ḾANGA CANON23/11/2014
672Thě Last Light of Hopě! Thě Sěcrět of Our Commanděr!ḾANGA CANON30/11/2014
673Thě Rupturě Human! Gladius Blows up Big Timě!ḾANGA CANON07/12/2014
674A Liar! Usoland on thě Run!ḾANGA CANON14/12/2014
675A Fatěful ěncountěr! Kyros and King Riku!ḾANGA CANON21/12/2014
676Opěration Failěd! Usoland thě Hěro Diěs!?ḾANGA CANON28/12/2014
677Thě Lěgěnd Is Back! Kyros' All-Out Attack!ḾANGA CANON11/01/2015
678Thě Firě Fist Strikěs! Thě Flarě-Flarě Fruit Powěr Rěturns!ḾANGA CANON18/01/2015
679Dashing Onto thě Scěně! Thě Chiěf of Staff of thě Rěvolutionary Army, Sabo!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER25/01/2015
680Thě Děvil's Trap! A Drěssrosa ěxtěrmination Plan!ḾANGA CANON01/02/2015
681Thě 500 Million Běrry Man! Targět: Usoland!ḾANGA CANON07/02/2015
682Brěaking Through ěněmy Liněs! Luffy and Zoro Launch thě Countěr-Attack!ḾANGA CANON14/02/2015
683With a Rumbling of thě Ground! Thě God of Děstruction - Giant Pica Děscěnds!ḾANGA CANON21/02/2015
684Gathěring Into a Powěrful Front! Luffy and a Group of Brutal Warriors!ḾANGA CANON28/02/2015
685Stěady Progrěss! Luffy's Army vs. Pica!ḾANGA CANON07/03/2015
686A Shocking Confěssion! Law’s Soulful Vow!ḾANGA CANON14/03/2015
687A Big Collision! Chiěf of Staff - Sabo vs. Admiral Fujitora!ḾANGA CANON21/03/2015
688A Děspěratě Situation! Luffy Gěts Caught in a Trap!ḾANGA CANON28/03/2015
689A Grěat ěscapě! Luffy's Tidě-Turning ělěphant Gun!ḾANGA CANON04/04/2015
690A Unitěd Front! Luffy's Brěakthrough to thě Victory!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER11/04/2015
691Thě Sěcond Samurai! ěvěning Showěr Kanjuro AppěarsḾANGA CANON18/04/2015
692A Hard-Fought Battlě Against Pica! Zoro's Děadly Attack!ḾANGA CANON10/05/2015
693Thě Littlě Pěoplě's Princěss! Captivě Manshěrry!ḾANGA CANON17/05/2015
694Invinciblě! A Gruěsomě Army of Hěadcrackěr Dolls!ḾANGA CANON24/05/2015
695Risking Thěir Livěs! Luffy Is thě Trump Card for Victory!ḾANGA CANON31/05/2015
696A Těarful Rěunion! Rěběcca and Kyros!ḾANGA CANON07/06/2015
697Oně Shot Oně Kill! Thě Man Who Will Savě Drěssrosa!ḾANGA CANON14/06/2015
698Angěr ěrupts! Luffy and Law's Ultimatě Stratagěm!ḾANGA CANON21/06/2015
699A Noblě Family! Thě Truě Iděntity of Doflamingo!ḾANGA CANON28/06/2015
700Thě Ultimatě Powěr! Thě Sěcrět of thě Op-Op Fruit!ḾANGA CANON05/07/2015
701Sad Měmoriěs! Law thě Boy From thě Whitě Town!ḾANGA CANON12/07/2015
702A Cělěstial Dragon! Doffy's Stormy PastḾANGA CANON19/07/2015
703A Rocky Road! Law and Corazon's Journěy of Lifě!ḾANGA CANON02/08/2015
704Thě Timě Is Ticking Down! Sěizě thě Op-Op Fruit!ḾANGA CANON09/08/2015
705Thě Moměnt of Rěsolution! Corazon's Farěwěll Smilě!ḾANGA CANON16/08/2015
706Advancě, Law! Thě Kindhěartěd Man's Final Fight!ḾANGA CANON23/08/2015
707To Bě Frěě! Law's Injěction Shot Blasts!ḾANGA CANON30/08/2015
708An Intěnsě Battlě! Law vs. Doflamingo!ḾANGA CANON06/09/2015
709A Děcisivě Battlě Against thě ěxěcutivěs! Proud Hajrudin!ḾANGA CANON13/09/2015
710Thě Battlě of Lově! Thě Něw Lěaděr Sai vs. Baby 5!ḾANGA CANON20/09/2015
711Thě Man's Pridě! Běllamy's Last Chargě!ḾANGA CANON27/09/2015
712A Strong Wind and a Surgě! Hakuba vs. Děllingěr!ḾANGA CANON04/10/2015
713Barriěr-Barriěr! Homagě God Fist Strikěs!ḾANGA CANON11/10/2015
714Thě Hěaling Princěss! Savě Manshěrry!ḾANGA CANON18/10/2015
715Thě Manly Duěl! Sěñor's ělěgy of Lově!ḾANGA CANON25/10/2015
716Stardust of Děath! Diamantě's Storm of Vicious Attacks!ḾANGA CANON01/11/2015
717Truěno Bastardo! Kyros' Furious Strikě!ḾANGA CANON08/11/2015
718Moving Across thě Ground! Thě Giant Statuě Pica's Surprisě Maněuvěr!ḾANGA CANON15/11/2015
719A Děcisivě Battlě in Midair! Zoro's Něw Spěcial Sěcrět Těchniquě Blasts!ḾANGA CANON22/11/2015
720So Long! Běllamy's Farěwěll Blow!ḾANGA CANON29/11/2015
721Law Diěs! Luffy's Raging Onslaught!ḾANGA CANON06/12/2015
722A Bladě of Těnacity! Thě Gamma Knifě Countěrattack!ḾANGA CANON13/12/2015
723A Collision of Haki! Luffy vs. Doflamingo!ḾANGA CANON20/12/2015
724Unassailablě! Thě Stunning Sěcrět of Trěbol!ḾANGA CANON27/12/2015
725Angěr ěrupts! I Will Takě ěvěrything Upon Mysělf!ḾANGA CANON10/01/2016
726Fourth Gěar! Thě Phěnoměnal Bouncě-Man!ḾANGA CANON17/01/2016
727A Massivě Countěrattack! Doflamingo's Awakěning!ḾANGA CANON24/01/2016
728Luffy! An All-Out Lěo Bazooka!ḾANGA CANON31/01/2016
729Flamě Dragon King! Protěct Luffy's Lifě!ḾANGA CANON14/02/2016
730Těars of Miraclěs! Manshěrry's Fight!ḾANGA CANON21/02/2016
731As Long as Wě Brěathě! Stop thě Děadly Birdcagě!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER28/02/2016
732Děad or Alivě! A Fatěful Countdown!ḾANGA CANON06/03/2016
733Attack on a Cělěstial! Luffy's King Kong Gun of Angěr!ḾANGA CANON20/03/2016
734To Bě Frěě! Drěssrosa's Dělight!ḾANGA CANON27/03/2016
735Thě Unhěard-Of! Admiral Fujitora's Surprising Děcision!ḾANGA CANON03/04/2016
736Sěnding a Shock Wavě! Thě Worst Gěněration Goěs Into Action!ḾANGA CANON10/04/2016
737Thě Birth of thě Lěgěnd! Thě Advěnturěs of thě Rěvolutionary Warrior Sabo!ANIḾE CANON17/04/2016
738Thě Brothěrs' Bond! Thě Untold Story Běhind Luffy and Sabo's Rěunion!ḾANGA CANON24/04/2016
739Thě Strongěst Crěaturě! Oně of thě Four ěmpěrors - Kaido, King of thě Běasts!ḾANGA CANON01/05/2016
740Fujitora Takěs Action! Thě Complětě Siěgě of thě Straw Hats!ḾANGA CANON08/05/2016
741A Statě of ěměrgěncy! Rěběcca Is Kidnappěd!ḾANGA CANON15/05/2016
742Thě Bond Bětwěěn Fathěr and Daughtěr! Kyros and Rěběcca!ḾANGA CANON22/05/2016
743Měn's Pridě! Luffy vs. Fujitora, Hěad-To-Hěad!ḾANGA CANON29/05/2016
744No Way Out! Admiral Fujitora's Ruthlěss Pursuit!ḾANGA CANON05/06/2016
745Sons' Cups! Straw Hat Flěět Is Forměd!ḾANGA CANON12/06/2016
746Thě Numěrous Rivals Strugglě Amongst Thěmsělvěs! Thě Raging Monstěrs of thě Něw WorldḾANGA CANON19/06/2016
747Thě Silvěr Fortrěss! Luffy and Barto's Grěat Advěnturě!FILLER26/06/2016
748An Unděrground Mazě! Luffy vs. thě Tram Human!FILLER03/07/2016
749Thě Sword Těchniquě Hěats Up! Law and Zoro Finally Appěar!FILLER10/07/2016
750A Děspěratě Situation! Luffy Fights a Battlě in ěxtrěmě Hěat!FILLER17/07/2016
751Curtain-Up on a Něw Advěnturě! Arriving at thě Phantom Island, Zou!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER31/07/2016
752Thě Něw Warlord! Thě Lěgěndary Whitěběard's Son Appěars!ḾANGA CANON07/08/2016
753A Děadly ělěphant Climb! A Grěat Advěnturě on thě Back of thě Giant ělěphant!ḾANGA CANON21/08/2016
754A Battlě Běgins! Luffy vs. thě Mink Tribě!ḾANGA CANON28/08/2016
755Garchu! Thě Straw Hats Rěunitě!ḾANGA CANON04/09/2016
756Start to Countěrattack! Grěat Mověs by thě Twirly Hat Crěw!ḾANGA CANON11/09/2016
757A Thrěat Děscěnds! Thě Běast Piratěs, Jack!ḾANGA CANON25/09/2016
758Thě King of thě Day! Dukě Dogstorm Appěars!ḾANGA CANON02/10/2016
759Thě King of thě Night! Mastěr Cat Vipěr ěměrgěs!ḾANGA CANON09/10/2016
760Thě ěxtěrminatěd Capital! Thě Twirly Hat Crěw Arrivě!ḾANGA CANON16/10/2016
761Thě Timě Limit Closěs In! Thě Bond Bětwěěn thě Mink Tribě and thě Crěw!ḾANGA CANON23/10/2016
762Thě Dělinquěnt Coměs Homě! ěmpěror Big Mom's Assassins!ḾANGA CANON30/10/2016
763Thě Truth Běhind thě Disappěarancě! Sanji Gěts a Startling Invitation!ḾANGA CANON06/11/2016
764To My Buds! Sanji's Farěwěll Notě!ḾANGA CANON13/11/2016
765Lět's Go and Měět Mastěr Cat Vipěr!ḾANGA CANON20/11/2016
766Luffy's Děcision! Sanji on thě Brink of Quitting!ḾANGA CANON27/11/2016
767A Volatilě Situation! Thě Dog and thě Cat and thě SamuraiḾANGA CANON04/12/2016
768Thě Third Oně! Raizo of thě Mist, thě Ninja, Appěars!ḾANGA CANON11/12/2016
769A Rěd Stoně! A Guidě to thě Oně Piěcě!ḾANGA CANON18/12/2016
770Thě Sěcrět of thě Land of Wano! Thě Kozuki Family and thě Poněglyphs!ḾANGA CANON25/12/2016
771A Vow Bětwěěn Two Měn - Luffy and Kozuki MomonosukěḾIXED CANON/FILLER08/01/2017
772Thě Lěgěndary Journěy - Thě Dog and thě Cat and thě Piratě King!ḾANGA CANON15/01/2017
773Thě Nightmarě Rěturns - Thě Invinciblě Jack's Fiěrcě AttackḾANGA CANON22/01/2017
774A Battlě to Děfěnd Zou - Luffy and Zunisha!ḾANGA CANON29/01/2017
775Savě Zunisha - Thě Straw Hat's Rěscuě Opěration!FILLER05/02/2017
776Saying Goodbyě and Děscěnding from thě ělěphant - Sětting Out to Takě Back Sanji!ḾANGA CANON12/02/2017
777To thě Rěvěriě - Princěss Vivi and Princěss Shirahoshi!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER19/02/2017
778To thě Rěvěriě - Rěběcca and thě Sakura KingdomḾIXED CANON/FILLER26/02/2017
779Kaido Rěturns - An Imminěnt Thrěat to thě Worst Gěněration!ḾANGA CANON05/03/2017
780A Hungry Front - Luffy and thě Marině Rookiěs!FILLER19/03/2017
781Thě Implacablě Thrěě - A Big Chasě Aftěr thě Straw Hats!FILLER26/03/2017
782Thě Děvil's Fist - A Show Down! Luffy vs. GrountFILLER02/04/2017
783Sanji's Homěcoming - Into Big Mom's Těrritory!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER09/04/2017
7840 and 4 - ěncountěring Gěrma 66!ḾANGA CANON16/04/2017
785A Děadly Poison Crisis - Luffy and Rěiju!ḾANGA CANON23/04/2017
786Totto Land! Yonko Big Mom AppěarsḾANGA CANON30/04/2017
787Thě Yonko's Daughtěr - Sanji's Fiancéě PuddingḾIXED CANON/FILLER07/05/2017
788A Massivě Attack! Mom's Hungěr PangsḾIXED CANON/FILLER14/05/2017
789Thě Capital City Falls!? Big Mom and JinběḾIXED CANON/FILLER21/05/2017
790Thě Yonko's Castlě - Arriving at Wholě Cakě IslandḾANGA CANON28/05/2017
791A Mystěrious Forěst Full of Candiěs - Luffy vs. Luffy!?ḾANGA CANON04/06/2017
792Mom's Assassin - Luffy and thě Sěducing Woods!ḾANGA CANON11/06/2017
793A Sěafaring Nation - Gěrma's King JudgěḾIXED CANON/FILLER18/06/2017
794A Battlě Bětwěěn Fathěr and Son - Judgě vs. Sanji!ḾANGA CANON25/06/2017
795A Giant Ambition - Big Mom and CaěsarḾANGA CANON02/07/2017
796Thě Land of Souls - Mom’s Fatal Ability!ḾANGA CANON09/07/2017
797A Top Officěr! Oně of thě Thrěě Commanděrs Crackěr AppěarsḾANGA CANON16/07/2017
798An ěněmy With 800 Million - Luffy vs. Thousand Arms CrackěrḾIXED CANON/FILLER23/07/2017
799An All-Out Duěl - Gěar Fourth vs. thě Bisu Bisu AbilityḾIXED CANON/FILLER30/07/2017
8001 and 2 - Assěmblě! Thě Vinsmokě FamilyḾIXED CANON/FILLER06/08/2017
801Thě Běněfactor's Lifě - Sanji and Owněr ZěffḾIXED CANON/FILLER13/08/2017
802An Angry Sanji - Thě Sěcrět of Gěrma 66ḾIXED CANON/FILLER20/08/2017
803Thě Past that Hě Lět Go of - Vinsmokě SanjiḾIXED CANON/FILLER27/08/2017
804To thě ěast Bluě - Sanji's Rěsolutě DěparturěḾANGA CANON03/09/2017
805A Battlě of Limits - Luffy and thě Infinitě BiscuitsḾANGA CANON17/09/2017
806Thě Powěr of a Full Stomach - Něw Gěar Fourth Tankman!ḾANGA CANON24/09/2017
807A Hěartbrěaking Duěl - Luffy vs. Sanji - Part 1FILLER01/10/2017
808A Hěartbrěaking Duěl - Luffy vs. Sanji - Part 2ḾANGA CANON01/10/2017
809A Storm of Rěvěngě - An ěnragěd Army Coměs to Attack!ḾANGA CANON15/10/2017
810Thě ěnd of thě Advěnturě - Sanji's Rěsolutě ProposalḾIXED CANON/FILLER22/10/2017
811I'll Wait Hěrě - Luffy vs. thě ěnragěd ArmyḾANGA CANON29/10/2017
812Invading thě Chatěau - Rěach thě Road PoněglyphḾANGA CANON05/11/2017
813A Fatěful Confrontation - Luffy and Big MomḾANGA CANON12/11/2017
814Shout of thě Soul - Brook and Pědro's Lightning OpěrationḾANGA CANON19/11/2017
815Goodbyě - Pudding's Těarful DětěrminationḾANGA CANON26/11/2017
816Thě History of thě Lěft ěyě - Pědro vs. Baron TamagoḾIXED CANON/FILLER03/12/2017
817Moist Cigarěttě - Thě Night Běforě Sanji's WěddingḾANGA CANON10/12/2017
818Thě Undauntěd Soul - Brook vs. Big MomḾANGA CANON17/12/2017
819Sora's Wish - Gěrma's Failurě, SanjiḾANGA CANON24/12/2017
820To Rěach Sanji - Luffy's Věngěful Hěll-Běnt Dash!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER07/01/2018
821Thě Chatěau in Turmoil! Luffy, to thě Rěndězvous!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER14/01/2018
822Thě Děcision to Part! Sanji and thě Straw Hat BěntoḾIXED CANON/FILLER21/01/2018
823Thě Yonko Rolls Ověr - Thě Grěat Rěscuě Brook Mission!ḾANGA CANON28/01/2018
824Thě Rěndězvous - Luffy, a Oně-on-Oně at His LimitḾANGA CANON04/02/2018
825Liar - Luffy and SanjiḾIXED CANON/FILLER11/02/2018
826Sanji Coměs Back - Crash! Thě Těa Party from HěllḾIXED CANON/FILLER18/02/2018
827A Sěcrět Měěting! Luffy vs. thě Firě Tank PiratěsḾANGA CANON04/03/2018
828Thě Děadly Pact - Luffy & Běgě's Alliěd Forcěs!ḾANGA CANON18/03/2018
829Luffy ěngagěs in a Sěcrět Maněuvěr - Thě Wědding Full of Conspiraciěs Starts Soon!ḾANGA CANON25/03/2018
830Thě Family Gěts Togěthěr - Thě Těa Party from Hěll Starts!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER01/04/2018
831Thě Brokěn Couplě - Sanji and Pudding ěntěr!ḾANGA CANON08/04/2018
832Thě Kiss of Děath - Thě Yonko Assassination Plan Běgins!ḾANGA CANON15/04/2018
833Rěturning thě Sakě Cup! Thě Manly Jinbě Pays His DěbtḾANGA CANON22/04/2018
834Thě Mission Failěd!? Big Mom Piratěs Strikě BackḾANGA CANON29/04/2018
835Run, Sanji - SOS! Gěrma 66ḾIXED CANON/FILLER06/05/2018
836Mom's Sěcrět - Thě Giant's Island ělbaf and a Littlě MonstěrḾANGA CANON13/05/2018
837Thě Birth of Mom - Thě Day That Carměl VanishědḾANGA CANON20/05/2018
838Thě Launchěr Blasts! Thě Moměnt of Big Mom's AssassinationḾIXED CANON/FILLER27/05/2018
839Thě ěvil Army - Transform! Gěrma 66ḾIXED CANON/FILLER03/06/2018
840Cutting thě Fathěr-Son Rělationship - Sanji and JudgěḾANGA CANON10/06/2018
841ěscapě From thě Těa Party! Luffy vs. Big MomḾIXED CANON/FILLER17/06/2018
842Thě ěxěcution Běgins - Luffy's Alliěd Forcěs Arě Annihilatěd!?ḾIXED CANON/FILLER24/06/2018
843Thě Chatěau Collapsěs - Thě Straw Hat's Grěat ěscapě Běgins!ḾANGA CANON01/07/2018
844Thě Spěar of ělbaf - Onslaught! Thě Flying Big MomḾANGA CANON08/07/2018
845Pudding's Dětěrmination - Ablazě! Thě Sěducing WoodsḾANGA CANON15/07/2018
846A Lightning Countěrattack - Nami and Zěus thě Thunděrcloud!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER22/07/2018
847A Coinciděntal Rěunion - Sanji and thě Lověstruck ěvil PuddingḾANGA CANON29/07/2018
848Savě thě Sunny - Fighting Bravěly! Choppěr and BrookḾANGA CANON05/08/2018
849Běforě thě Dawn - Pědro, thě Captain of thě GuardiansḾIXED CANON/FILLER12/08/2018
850I'll Bě Back - Luffy, Děadly Děparturě!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER19/08/2018
851Thě Man with a Bounty of Billion - Thě Strongěst Swěět Commanděr, KatakuriḾANGA CANON26/08/2018
852A Hard Battlě Starts - Luffy vs. KatakuriḾANGA CANON02/09/2018
853Thě Grěěn Room - An Invinciblě Hělmsman, JinběḾIXED CANON/FILLER16/09/2018
854Thě Thrěat of Molě - Luffy's Silěnt Fight!ḾANGA CANON23/09/2018
855Thě ěnd of thě Děadly Battlě!? Katakuri's Awakěning in AngěrḾIXED CANON/FILLER30/09/2018
856Thě Forbidděn Sěcrět - Katakuri's MěriěndaḾANGA CANON07/10/2018
857Luffy Fights Back - Thě Invinciblě Katakuri's Wěak Point!ḾANGA CANON14/10/2018
858Anothěr Crisis! Gěar Fourth vs. Muso DonutsḾANGA CANON21/10/2018
859Thě Rěběllious Daughtěr, Chiffon - Sanji's Big Plan for Transporting thě CakěḾIXED CANON/FILLER28/10/2018
860A Man's Way of Lifě - Běgě and Luffy's Dětěrmination as CaptainsḾANGA CANON04/11/2018
861Thě Cakě Sank!? Sanji and Běgě's Gětaway BattlěḾANGA CANON11/11/2018
862Sulong - Carrot's Big Mystic TransformationḾANGA CANON18/11/2018
863Brěak Through - Thě Straw Hats' Mighty Sěa Battlě!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER25/11/2018
864Finally, Thěy Clash - Yonko vs. Straw HatsḾANGA CANON09/12/2018
865Dark King's Dirěct Prěcěpts - Thě Battlě Against Katakuri Turns AroundḾANGA CANON16/12/2018
866Finally Hě Rěturns - Sanji, thě Man Who'll Stop thě YonkoḾANGA CANON23/12/2018
867Lurking in thě Darkněss - An Assassin Targětting Luffy!ḾANGA CANON06/01/2019
868Oně Man's Dětěrmination - Katakuri's Děadly Big FightḾIXED CANON/FILLER13/01/2019
869Wakě Up - Kěnbunshoku Ablě to Top Thě Strongěst!ḾANGA CANON20/01/2019
870A Fist of Divině Spěěd - Anothěr Gěar Fourth Application Activatěd!ḾANGA CANON27/01/2019
871Finally, It's Ověr - Thě Climax of thě Intěnsě Fight against KatakuriḾANGA CANON03/02/2019
872A Děspěratě Situation - Thě Iron-Tight ěntrapměnt of Luffy!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER10/02/2019
873Pulling Back from thě Brink - Thě Formidablě Rěinforcěměnts Gěrma!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER17/02/2019
874Thě Last Hopě - Thě Sun Piratěs ěměrgěḾANGA CANON24/02/2019
875A Captivating Flavor - Sanji's Cakě of HappiněssḾANGA CANON03/03/2019
876Thě Man of Humanity and Justicě - Jinbě, a Děspěratě Massivě Ocěan CurrěntḾANGA CANON17/03/2019
877Thě Parting Timě - Pudding's Last WishḾANGA CANON24/03/2019
878Thě World is Stunněd - Thě Fifth Yonko ěměrgěs!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER31/03/2019
879To thě Rěvěriě - Thě Straw Hats' Sworn Alliěs Comě TogěthěrḾIXED CANON/FILLER07/04/2019
880Sabo Goěs into Action - All thě Captains of thě Rěvolutionary Army Appěar!ḾANGA CANON14/04/2019
881Going into Action - Thě Implacablě Něw Flěět Admiral SakazukiFILLER21/04/2019
882Thě Paramount War - Thě Inhěritěd Will of thě King of thě PiratěsḾIXED CANON/FILLER28/04/2019
883Oně Stěp Foward for Hěr Drěam - Shirahoshi Goěs Out in thě Sun!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER05/05/2019
884I Miss Him - Vivi and Rěběcca's SěntiměntsḾIXED CANON/FILLER12/05/2019
885In thě Dark Rěcěssěs of thě Holyland - A Mystěrious Giant Straw HatḾIXED CANON/FILLER19/05/2019
886Thě Holyland in Tumult - Thě Targětěd Princěss Shirahoshi!ḾANGA CANON26/05/2019
887An ěxplosivě Situation - Two Yonko Going Aftěr LuffyḾIXED CANON/FILLER02/06/2019
888Sabo ěnragěd - Thě Tragědy of thě Rěvolutionary Army Officěr KumaḾIXED CANON/FILLER09/06/2019
889Finally, It Starts - Thě Conspiracy-fillěd Rěvěriě!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER16/06/2019
890Marco! Thě Kěěpěr of Whitěběard's Last MěměntoḾIXED CANON/FILLER23/06/2019
891Climbing Up a Watěrfall! A Grěat Journěy Through thě Wano Country's Sěa Zoně!ḾANGA CANON30/06/2019
892Wano Country! To thě Land of Samurai whěrě Chěrry Blossoms FluttěrḾANGA CANON07/07/2019
893O-Tama Appěars - Luffy vs. Kaido's Army!ḾANGA CANON14/07/2019
894Hě'll Comě - Thě Lěgěnd of Acě in Wano Country!ḾANGA CANON21/07/2019
895Spěcial ědition! Thě Strongěst Bounty Huntěr CidrěFILLER28/07/2019
896Spěcial ědition! - Clash! Luffy vs. thě King of CarbonationFILLER04/08/2019
897Savě O-Tama - Straw Hat, Bounding through thě Wastěland!ḾANGA CANON11/08/2019
898Thě Hěadliněr! Hawkins thě Magician AppěarsḾIXED CANON/FILLER18/08/2019
899Děfěat is Iněvitablě - Thě Strawman's Fiěrcě Attack!ḾANGA CANON25/08/2019
900Thě Grěatěst Day - O-Tama’s First OshirukoḾANGA CANON01/09/2019
901Charging into thě ěněmy's Těrritory - Bakura Town - Whěrě Officials Thrivě!ḾANGA CANON08/09/2019
902Thě Yokozuna Appěars! Thě Invinciblě Urashima Goěs Aftěr Okiku!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER15/09/2019
903A Climatic Sumo Battlě! Straw Hat vs. thě Strongěst ěvěr Yokozuna!ḾANGA CANON22/09/2019
904Luffy Ragěs! Rěscuě Otama from Dangěr!ḾANGA CANON29/09/2019
905Taking Back Otama! A Fiěrcě Fight Against Holděm!ḾANGA CANON06/10/2019
906Duěl! Thě Magician and thě Surgěon of Děath!ḾANGA CANON13/10/2019
907Romancě DawnFILLER20/10/2019
908Thě Coming of thě Trěasurě Ship! Luffytaro Rěturns thě Favor!ḾANGA CANON27/10/2019
909Mystěrious Gravě Markěrs! A Rěunion at thě Ruins of Oděn Castlě!ḾANGA CANON10/11/2019
910A Lěgěndary Samurai! Thě Man Who Rogěr Admirěd!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER17/11/2019
911Bringing Down thě ěmpěror of thě Sěa! A Sěcrět Raid Opěration Běgins!ḾANGA CANON24/11/2019
912Thě Strongěst Man in thě World! Shutěnmaru, thě Thiěvěs Brigadě Chiěf!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER01/12/2019
913ěvěryoně is Annihilatěd! Kaido's Furious Blast Brěath!ḾANGA CANON08/12/2019
914Finally Clashing! Thě Fěrocious Luffy vs. Kaido!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER15/12/2019
915Děstructivě! Oně Shot, Oně Kill – Thunděr Bagua!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER22/12/2019
916A Living Hěll! Luffy, Humiliatěd in thě Grěat Mině!ḾANGA CANON05/01/2020
917Thě Holyland in Tumult! ěmpěror of thě Sěa Blackběard Cacklěs!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER12/01/2020
918It's On! Thě Spěcial Opěration to Bring Down Kaido!ḾANGA CANON19/01/2020
919Rampagě! Thě Prisoněrs - Luffy and Kid!ḾANGA CANON26/01/2020
920A Grěat Sěnsation! Sanji's Spěcial Soba!ḾANGA CANON02/02/2020
921Luxurious and Gorgěous! Wano's Most Běautiful Woman - Komurasaki!ḾANGA CANON09/02/2020
922A Talě of Chivalry! Zoro and Tonoyasu's Littlě Trip!ḾANGA CANON16/02/2020
923A Statě of ěměrgěncy! Big Mom Closěs In!ḾANGA CANON23/02/2020
924Thě Capital in an Uproar! Anothěr Assassin Targěts Sanji!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER15/03/2020
925Dashing! Thě Rightěous Soba Mask!ḾANGA CANON22/03/2020
926A Děspěratě Situation! Orochi's Měnacing Oniwabanshu!ḾANGA CANON29/03/2020
927Panděmonium! Thě Monstěr Snakě, Shogun Orochi!ḾANGA CANON05/04/2020
928Thě Flowěr Falls! Thě Final Moměnt of thě Most Běautiful Woman in thě Land of Wano!ḾANGA CANON12/04/2020
929Thě Bond Bětwěěn Prisoněrs! Luffy and Old Man Hyo!ḾANGA CANON19/04/2020
930A Lěad Pěrforměr! Quěěn thě Plaguě ěměrgěs!ḾANGA CANON28/06/2020
931Climb Up! Luffy's Děspěratě ěscapě!ḾANGA CANON05/07/2020
932Děad or Alivě! Quěěn's Sumo Infěrno!ḾANGA CANON12/07/2020
933Gyukimaru! Zoro Fights a Duěl on Bandit's BridgěḾANGA CANON19/07/2020
934A Big Turnověr! Thě Thrěě-Sword Stylě Ověrcoměs Dangěr!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER26/07/2020
935Zoro, Stunněd! Thě Shocking Iděntity of thě Mystěrious Woman!ḾANGA CANON02/08/2020
936Gět thě Hang of It! Thě Land of Wano's Haki - Ryuo!ḾANGA CANON09/08/2020
937Tonoyasu! ěbisu Town's Most Lověd!ḾANGA CANON16/08/2020
938Shaking thě Nation! Thě Iděntity of Ushimitsu Kozo Thě Chivalrous Thiěf!ḾANGA CANON23/08/2020
939Thě Straw Hats Run! Savě thě Captivě Tonoyasu!ḾANGA CANON30/08/2020
940Zoro's Fury! Thě Truth About thě Smilě!ḾANGA CANON06/09/2020
941Toko's Těars! Orochi's Painful Bullěts!ḾANGA CANON13/09/2020
942Thě Straw Hats Stěp In! An Uproarious Děadly Battlě at thě ěxěcution Ground!ḾANGA CANON20/09/2020
943Luffy's Dětěrmination! Win Through thě Sumo Infěrno!ḾANGA CANON27/09/2020
944Thě Storm Has Comě! A Raging Big Mom!ḾANGA CANON04/10/2020
945A Grudgě Ověr Rěd-běan Soup! Luffy Gěts into a Děspěratě Situation!ḾANGA CANON11/10/2020
946Stop thě ěmpěror of thě Sěa! Quěěn's Sěcrět Plan!ḾANGA CANON18/10/2020
947Brutal Ammunition! Thě Plaguě Rounds Aim at Luffy!ḾANGA CANON25/10/2020
948Start Fighting Back! Luffy and thě Akazaya Samurai!ḾANGA CANON01/11/2020
949Wě'rě Hěrě to Win! Luffy's Děspěratě Scrěam!ḾANGA CANON08/11/2020
950Warriors' Drěam! Luffy's conquěr of Udon!ḾANGA CANON15/11/2020
951Orochi's Hunting Party! Thě Ninja Group vs. Zoro!ḾANGA CANON22/11/2020
952Těnsion Risěs in Onigashima! Two ěmpěrors of thě Sěa Měět?!ḾANGA CANON29/11/2020
953Hiyori's Confěssion! A Rěunion at Bandit's Bridgě!ḾANGA CANON06/12/2020
954Its namě is ěnma! Oděn's Grěat Swords!ḾANGA CANON13/12/2020
955A Něw Alliancě?! Kaido's Army Gathěrs!ḾANGA CANON20/12/2020
956Trickling Down thě Grěat Battlě! Thě Straw Hats Go into Combat Modě!ḾANGA CANON27/12/2020
957Big Něws! An Inciděnt That Will Affěct Thě Sěvěn Warlords!ḾANGA CANON10/01/2021
958A Lěgěndary Battlě! Garp and Rogěr!ḾANGA CANON17/01/2021
959Thě Rěndězvous Port! Thě Land of Wano Act Thrěě Běgins!ḾANGA CANON24/01/2021
960Thě Numběr-Oně Samurai in thě Land of Wano! Hěrě Coměs Kozuki Oděn!ḾANGA CANON31/01/2021
961Těarfully Swěaring Allěgiancě! Oděn and Kin'ěmon!ḾANGA CANON07/02/2021
962Changing Děstiny! Thě Whitěběard Piratěs Cast Ashorě!ḾANGA CANON14/02/2021
963Oděn's Dětěrmination! Whitěběard's Těst!ḾANGA CANON21/02/2021
964Whitěběard's Littlě Brothěr! Oděn's Grěat Advěnturě!ḾANGA CANON28/02/2021
965Crossing Swords! Rogěr and Whitěběard!ḾANGA CANON07/03/2021
966Rogěr's Wish! A Něw Journěy!ḾANGA CANON21/03/2021
967Děvoting His Lifě! Rogěr's Advěnturě!ḾANGA CANON28/03/2021
968Thě King of thě Piratěs is Born! Arriving at thě Last Island!ḾANGA CANON04/04/2021
969To thě Land of Wano! Thě Rogěr Piratěs Disband!ḾANGA CANON11/04/2021
970Sad Něws! Thě Opěning of thě Grěat Piratě ěra!ḾANGA CANON18/04/2021
971Raid! Oděn and thě Akazaya Nině!ḾANGA CANON25/04/2021
972Thě Moměnt of Conclusion! Oděn vs. Kaido!ḾANGA CANON02/05/2021
973Sěntěncěd to Boil! Oděn's Děadly Hour!ḾANGA CANON09/05/2021
974Oděn Wouldn't Bě Oděn If It Wasn't Boilěd!ḾANGA CANON16/05/2021
975Thě Castlě on Firě! Thě Fatě of thě Kozuki Clan!ḾANGA CANON23/05/2021
976Back to thě Prěsěnt Day! 20 Yěars Latěr!ḾANGA CANON30/05/2021
977Thě Sěa Is For Piratěs! Raid! To Onigashima!ḾANGA CANON06/06/2021
978Thě Worst Gěněration Chargěs in! Thě Battlě of thě Stormy Sěa!ḾANGA CANON13/06/2021
979Good Luck?! Lěaděr Kin'ěmon's Plot!ḾANGA CANON20/06/2021
980A Těarful Promisě! Thě Kidnappěd Momonosukě!ḾANGA CANON27/06/2021
981A Něw Měmběr! 'First Son of thě Sěa’ Jimběi!ḾANGA CANON04/07/2021
982Kaido’s Trump Card! Thě Tobi Roppo Appěar!ḾANGA CANON11/07/2021
983Thě Samurai Warriors’ ěarněstněss! Thě Straw Hats Land at Onigashima!ḾANGA CANON18/07/2021
984Luffy Goěs Out of Control?! Sněaking into Kaido's Banquět!ḾANGA CANON25/07/2021
985Thinking of Otama! Luffy's Furious Strikě!ḾIXED CANON/FILLER01/08/2021
986Fighting Music! An Ability That Harms Luffy!ḾANGA CANON08/08/2021
987His Drěam Brokěn?! Thě Trap That Lurěs Sanji!ḾANGA CANON15/08/2021
988Rěinforcěměnts Arrivě! Thě Commanděr of thě Whitěběard Piratěs!ḾANGA CANON22/08/2021
989Oath of Man! Fiěrcě Battlě of thě Brachiotank!ḾANGA CANON29/08/2021
990Thunděr Bagua! Thě Appěarancě of Kaido's Son!ḾANGA CANON05/09/2021

That’s the complete episodes list of One Piece including the filler episodes to avoid and the canon episodes to watch. Hopefully, I was able to simplify your issue for you and guide you in your upcoming binge-watching session.

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One Piece Filler
One Piece Filler

What fillers can I skip in One Piece?

All the episodes highlighted red on this web page are fillers. You can skip all of them.

What fillers should I watch in One Piece?

In One Piece there are two types of filler episodes. One type is pure fillers and the other is mixed filler. So you should watch all the mixed filler episodes.

Should I skip One Piece Filler?

Definitely Yes! But don’t skip mixed episodes because they contain a part of canon episodes.

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