Gintama Filler List & Complete Episodes Guide

Gintama filler list

Are you looking for a Gintama Filler episode List? Well here, are going to share with you our ultimate Gintama filler episodes guide so don’t miss this article read it upto end to know complete about Gintama Filler Episode List.

If someone asks you about the funniest anime you’ve ever seen, you’ll most likely only remember one name and that’s Gintama.

A Japanese anime series known as Gintama ran from 2006 to 2021. Over 369 episodes of Gintama have been aired. In total, 22 filler episodes were reported, making Gintama’s filler percentage very low at 6%.

In the late Edo period, when aliens invade Japan, the Shogun enters an unequal agreement in which they stipulate that swords must not be possessed. The story revolves around Gintoki Sakata, an eccentric samurai for hire.

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Gintama Filler

Manga Canon: 3-49, 51-56, 58-74, 76-81, 83-105, 107-110, 112-113, 115-119, 121-123, 126-134, 136, 138-149, 151-154, 156-163, 165, 167-170, 172, 175, 177-184, 186-208, 210-251, 253-366, 368-369

Mixed (Canon/Filler): 82, 111, 120, 367

Filler Episodes: 1-2, 50, 57, 75, 106, 114, 124-125, 135, 137, 150, 155, 164, 166, 171, 173-174, 176, 185, 209, 252

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Gintama Episodes List

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