How to Automatically Delete Your Youtube History?

In this article we will share the process of How to automatically delete your youtube history. We will talk about the new feature of Youtube that has been announced and recently added to our lives. Thanks to this feature, which cares about your personal privacy, you will be able to delete your Youtube history without any hassle. How Does? Try the method below.

How to automatically delete youtube history?

  2. Log in at the address above.
  3. Saving your history here is turned on by default. If there is a setting you have made before, it is reflected here again.
  4. We will make the settings here. So what settings will we use? Keep reading.

If you want to keep saving your history turned on, you have two options in this section. If you enter the Change settings section just below, you can choose from two options about saving Calls or Videos You Watch.

Automatically delete option is the newly added option and when you enter here, 3 different options are waiting for you. While two options do automatic deletion, one option leaves the deletion to you.

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