How to Connect Game Controller to iPhone and iPad Devices?

With iOS 13, a great feature came to devices using this operating system. Just before the introduction of iOS 13, the Apple Arcade game subscription system was introduced. With this system, many games included in the subscription became playable on tvOS, iOS, iPad etc. However, the system also allows you to play these games with Playstation and Xbox game controllers. In this article, we will talk about how to connect PS and XBOX controllers to iPad and iPhone devices.

Connecting the Xbox controller

Click the wireless connection button on the Xbox’s bluetooth supported game controller. After that, the controller will start searching for bluetooth devices in the vicinity. When you turn on the bluetooth feature of your phone, you can see the xbox controller here and pair it.

Connecting a PS controller

For this, press the Playstation button and the Share button at the same time on the remote control and wait for a few seconds. The bluetooth search will start when the led light starts flashing. Pair again on your phone.

You can play Arcade games and other games that support it on your phone with the console game controller. If you wish, you can mirror your phone to the TV and completely turn your phone into a game console.

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