How to Convert Video to GIF in a Simple Way

Convert Video to GIF

We frequently use gifs to express ourselves in social media and especially in messaging applications. You can share the most interesting part of a movie or the part of the movie that best expresses your mood by turning it into a gif. We want to show you a simple way to do this.

How to convert video to gif?

In this section, we will talk about a useful site that you can use on the internet and give information about how it is done.

Go to

Here you can edit a photo, play on a gif, upload a video on your computer or work on a video over the internet. For example, select a video from the Internet and copy its link to the site.

After this step, you will automatically switch to the gif editing part. Escape from here first. seconds, then you can specify the start time. The reason from the start time is to determine the part of the video you want to use, and the purpose of determining how many seconds it will be is to get the exact part you want.

As in many sites, gifs can be determined for a maximum of 15 seconds, and even that is a very long time.

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