How to Reply Message on Facebook Messenger?

Message on Facebook Messenger

Did you know that a feature you may have used in other social media messaging applications before is also available in Facebook’s chat application Messenger? In this article, we will show you how to reply to a specific message in Messenger, Facebook’s messaging app. This way, you can message more effectively. First, let’s talk about where you can use this feature and then how you can use it.

Facebook Messenger reply to a specific message

Especially in group chats, chats with more than one person, or to answer the questions of your friend who sends a very quick message and asks questions, and for similar purposes, you can respond effectively with the following method.

Open the Facebook Messenger app.
Enter the chat.
Press and hold the message you want to reply to in the chat.
The emoji list will appear. Click the back arrow at the far right of this list and type your answer.
This arrow means “answer”. In this way, you can reply to any message you want. We will continue our series of articles with other Messenger tips.

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