How to Reset DNS?

How to Reset DNS?

Sometimes we have problems accessing the internet. This could be because of the dns. Your DNS addresses may be active, hacked, or in trouble. He may have had a problem with the density. In these cases you may want to reset it. This action does not change it, it just restores it. Therefore, if you are using DNS for a specific purpose, you may need to set it again. If you wish, let’s start and see how to reset DNS.

Process of reset DNS:

First we open the start. At startup we need to find cmd. Type cmd in the search field and press enter when the built-in application comes up. This action will open the code interface. We have some code to write here.

ipconfig /flushdns 

Type this and press enter. This operation simply resets your dns address. Before we finish the article, we need to add that there are other simple things you can do from this code screen.

Especially when you cannot access some sites or when you have problems accessing the internet, press enter using the codes below.

ipconfig /release  this code will get the free ip address while ipconfig /renew  will get a new ip address. This way you can fix a few connection errors.

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