Review IOS 14 2022

IOS 14 was announced during WWDC in 2020, where they publicized new enhancements and many new features in the iPhone operating system. Apple IOS 14 have added some new features which made the phone more effective. Some new features are added like  widgets for the home screen, the App library, Default apps, Home Kit and app Library. This update modernize the home screen since its beginning and also add some new privacy features to the system.

IOS 14 is very important update because it bring many essential changes  to the iPhone operating system. This is very remarkable update that they add to their library. It provides all of their apps on one stop. This was coupled with widgets, which for the first time gave app developers a way to present rich data. Now Apple is to show weather cards or music shortcuts directly on the home screen. They update also add picture-in-picture to the iPhone, adding a feature that was a backbone to the iPad experience to the mobile handset.

This great update to IOS 14 changed some aspects of how iPhone users find and view information. IOS 14 add features like Home Screen Widgets, App Library, and a new translation feature and also improved the speed. They also made changes in design and added up to a sizable release.

 IOS Features

App Library

Apple always stay always from making changes in Home Screen from the time when they created the original iPhone. There is always an option for grid of app icons that can hold every app you downloaded. The apple company is continuously updating and making changes but IOS 14 had some exclusive change to Home Screen.

Most Home Screen of Apple is the same old but still they updated many options. This feature help it consumer to hide an app without deleting it. This app will be located inside the App Library. The App Library manage apps with the addition of search bar at the top showing all installed apps in an alphabetically.

It adds a new feature of App Library view for managing apps for the consumer’s facilitation. App Library helps consumers to automatically organize apps. Users don’t have to keep all of the icons on their actual home screen view. There is also a new list view as well as features for sorting applications based on usage and more.



One of the big update that’s Apple did is that they widgets to home screen. Before in this update was available only on “Today View” but now it can be drag to home screen.  It can take up a 2×2 or 4×4 space on Home Screen.

Widgets can perform launchers for their matching apps. In this new update the Apple added widgets to the home screen of the iPhone and iPad. It is updated for the first time by Apple. In this new update of IOS 14 Widgets are made more data-rich than ever and also come in a variety of sizes. Apps move out automatically to make possibility for the widgets. The consumer of Apple can easily access these widgets through the “Widget Gallery” with many different sizing options.


IOS 14 update improve the performance of Siri. With the update siri is now available in the button as a small icon. Siri is now very informal and also memorize earlier task it performed. Siri intelligence are getting better as Apple add offline webpage translations to Safari. The Google translate require internet connection to perform the required task which is costly and also risky in form of privacy.

While this update also provides more privacy to its consumer as it use on-device machine learning to perform the required action. The IOS 2020 update Contain a new application called Translate. This app translates conversations in real-time, showing transformation text onscreen.

Security and Privacy

Apple gives very preference to security and privacy of people and that is one of reason of their high market share. In this new software consumers will experience a quick notification when they accessed camera or microphone.

With the help of this new update Apple is now able to run apps in the background of processes without being noticed by users. After this new update a camera will work in the background while using Instagram.


Apple developed Dark Sky app for weather information in March 2020. It is the best app and it finish the services of Android and API’s deprecation. This app is available on App Store for mobile phones and iPads.

The weather app still prominently displays “The Weather Channel” in the bottom corner of the app. Apple is locating a lot of data from Dark Sky which forecast information about weather. The widget will even notify you if there is any chance of rain in coming hour.

Payments By QR Code

Payments through QR Code

As the trend of online purchasing increases, the Apple is mainly working on QR code payments. They currently working to make their consumers make payments with Apple Pay. it is innovative step as they are trying to be self-sufficient.

This new advancements wasn’t officially shared by the company but it is believed we may experience it in near future.

Default Apps

It is updated with new feature that the customers of Apple are expecting them for their starting days. This new feature will allow their customer to set non apple default app for their browsing and emails. It means that when users open email address it will open Gmail instead of apple mail.

Apple is already working on new default-app categories. We may see it in IOS 15 Update. They are currently working on to make default music app by using iPhone assistant/Siri.

Car Key

Car key is very intelligent, innovative and useful feature that apple introduced it in IOS 14. It is one of the best work of Apple that they do things beyond imagination. To keep his customer loyal and happy to yourself, a company must update and bring innovation in their products.

This new feature is able of controlling cars like starting as well as unlocking car doors. This new API is known as CAR KEY and it is designed to change the cars key fobs in future. This technology operates a safe elements for CAR Key Verification and it implies the biometrics devices.

In the beginning it use NFC to unlock cars but in this update it will uses the iPhones U1 chip to unlock cars.

The technology utilizes the Secure Element for Car Key authentication. And it is dependent on device biometrics. In the first release it uses NFC to unlock the car at close proximity, but future updates will take advantage of iPhones’ U1 chip to unlock the car without removing your phone from your pocket.


Home Kit

Night Shift is IOS and Macos feature that can modify the screen’s white balance to a warmer shade in the evening. The same type of features is add Home Kit lights in the new update.

The ambient feature of light is designed to adjust the brightness of mobile phone and iPads automatically. In morning it sets warm tones and as the day sets the tones also change to cooler. This new update the security feature also improved face-classification function. With the help of this feature people can be identified.

Leaked Passwords

IOS 14 is one of unique and liked update by the customers of Apple. Most of the times people use same password in multiple websites to easily remember it. iCloud has introduced an alerting feature about leaked passwords. Which help of this features Apple customers to change passwords as they save their without being losing everything.

In the new update apple introduced a security recommendation menu that will show you passwords that can be at risk. It won’t get a weak password and it will also help his customers to save data from losing.

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