Latest Advancement in Healthcare Industry in 2022

In this article, we are going to share with you the latest advancement in Healthcare Industry in form of Wearable Technology, Artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Latest Advancement in Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence

AI has transformed the healthcare industry and it got so popular in 2022. It has not only the healthcare but transform and improve the performance of every type of industry in the world. AI has become very effective in detecting diseases, diagnosing them effectively, and providing accurate results.

Artificial Intelligence is used to spot early-stage of heart disease and allow healthcare providers to detect life-threatening diseases in their early stages and treat them. There are many apps for mobile users that track health issues.  AI helps doctors to treat more patients with less pressure to get a favorable outcome.

Artificial Intelligence have played an important role in the latest advancement in healthcare industry. Not only in healthcare but AI have provided a best opportunity for every industry to grow.

Wearable Health Monitoring Devices

The most common wearable health devices are fitness trackers, smart watches, smart shoes, smart jackets, etc. Wearable health monitoring devices have made our life easier, safe and also they have a high level of accuracy. There are many devices that primarily work on a wide range of sensors that allows them to track multiple health issues like heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, oxygen level, etc.

Health monitoring devices have gained popularity in recent years and especially after corona breakout. These devices are easy to use so anyone can use them irrespective of his age and most importantly they are very cheap. You can easily wear it to track and monitor your fitness level. They don’t require a large space and are not heavy to keep it. These devices are very helpful for those who are facing any health issues.

Robotics in Medicine

Robotics has become so popular after the development of Artificial Intelligence and they have made our life very easier in many many different industries but in health, they have gained popularity. The Robotics in medicine is a popular technology used to automate and modernize many healthcare processes.

Robotics in healthcare is mainly used in operating rooms but it is also used in many other areas like rehabilitation, etc. The Robotics in operating rooms has been seen as safer and more productive.

Two main types of robotics are used in operating rooms:
  1. Surgical Robotics
  2. Image Guided Robotics

Surgical Robotics is used in mainly invasive surgeries. and also used in procedures in which smaller incisions are made and less tissue is removed.

Image-guided robotics is used to automate multiple imaging processes and computer-assisted surgery. It can help to increase the accuracy and increase the efficiency of Doctors in the operating room and minimize the cost of patients.

Electronic Health & Medical Records

A lot of healthcare providers are now using computers and database systems to manage and keep records of patients. They have gained popularity because they improved healthcare quality, reduce medical errors, and increased the efficiency of healthcare providers. The database is very expensive so many healthcare providers don’t have it.

It uses a single centralized database to store patients information. This systems can easily manage and keep the patients medical information. It helps the doctors get easily the patient’s information with a single click anytime they want. Keeping the data in hardcopies for a long time is difficult so the software database helps to keep the data safe and secure.

Telemedicine & Remote Patient Care

Telemedicine is an amazing technology that enables healthcare provides or Doctors to communicate with patients the Video, Phone, or digital communication methods.

It has gained popularity in Covid 19 pandemic and has become more advanced. it is very beneficial for those patients who are far away or in another country and can not visits to doctors easily.

The Rise of Mobile Health

Mobile sensing technologies and health information has gained importance because of cheap, easy to use, and accuracy in reports. These days everyone has a mobile phone and keeps it 24 Hours themselves so they can easily check their health issues or fitness level anytime.

There are many apps the helps the patients in the routine checkups and decrease their visits to doctors. It will also save patients money that you spent on visiting doctors.


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