Latest Amazing Features of WhatsApp 2022

In this article we are going to share with you the latest amazing features of WhatsApp 2022.

This is the century of social media or we may say that it is because all big companies such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and twitter are continuously adding new features to get control of the market or stay in the market.

Social media is the best place to contact anyone and anywhere. You can also see the importance of it as the Tesla owner Elon Musk buys twitter and officially takeover the company.

The Facebook chief executive also announced the feature in Facebook the video calling will support 32 peoples.

Latest Amazing Features of WattsApp

Direct link of Video Calls

Now WhatsApp is also continuously adding new features to fulfill the requirements of its users.  The most latest new feature that WhatsApp has introduced it sharing a direct link to video calls.

This update is called call links and it appears at the top of the calls tab at the top of list. It enables you to only share a link with the friends and invite them to call without calling everyone. WhatsApp has currently allowed 8 peoples to talk together in a video call.

As many video calling company have many limitations on the calling such as limited time calls, etc. But WhatsApp have not given any indications about placing any limitation of calls. No limitation may provide a better experience to its billion users.

Screenshots Blocking

WhatsApp has also add a new feature about a month ago which is “Blocking Screen Shots of Messages”. This is really required feature from WhatsApp because of people privacy. When you select ‘view once’ feature it will enable you to send message and to whom you send it he will be able to see it only once so he cannot take screenshots of your texts.

Enable Who Can See When You Are Online

We like to stay connected with our friends, family so we like to them to know when we are online. But there are times when we like to keep our presence private. We don’t like anyone get know that we are online. Now WhatsApp has solved our problem by adding a feature where we can select who can see us when we are online and who don’t.

Leave Groups Silently

Now we have another amazing feature of leaving groups silently. With this new update users can leave groups without notifying everyone in group. Only the admin will get a notification of your exiting the group.

Latest Amazing Features of WhatsApp 2022

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