Mizuki (ミズキMizuki) is a chūnin of Konohagakure and a former instructor at the Academy.


As shown in the anime, Mizuki was initially a childhood friend of  Iruka Umino and advocated for him until he became a victim of pure jealousy when Iroka was treated better than anyone else. Despite her newly discovered hatred towards Aroka, Mizuki pretends to be her friend to get her attention and take care of Aroka miserably.

On the cell phone, shortly after Mizuki becomes Hannibal, he is assigned, along with two others, on a mission to retrieve secret documents (imitating 任務 奪 任務 Kim, Kimitsu Bunsho Dakan Ninmu). During the retreat, one of his friends suffered an injury to his leg, and Mizuki strangled the man to death, believing that the injury would hinder the success of the mission, and then falsely claiming that his friend had been injured. O’Haramaro witnessed the crime and, after praising Mizuki for the brave act, gave him a damned example.

Because of Mizuki’s controversial actions and reports during the mission, he was fired from the academy’s teaching position despite showing performance in tests. Despite the lack of evidence that led to Mizuki’s rejection of the investigation and final assignment, he became enraged when he heard the commission’s excuse for not promoting it, and left it to insult Konohagakore, in particular. When Iroka, who did a great job. With Mizuki’s help alone, make a kit. The encounter with Oruchimaro, as well as the feeling of ignoring what he considered a legitimate move, forced Mizuki to decide that he would do whatever he could for the sake of power and fame, even Oruchimaro. Will be a secret follower

On the cell phone, Mazuki is Tsubki’s fiance, who sees her as a lover. However, after his involvement with Ormaro, their relationship failed. He reveals his hypocritical and prejudiced views on how Naruto Azumaki is a bad guy, and reveals his plan to steal cell scales to pass on to Ormaro, the latest information he keeps from the village. Hopefully Mazuki will realize. .


At first, Mazuki seemed very polite and kind, and his ex -fiance Tsubki described him as a good man. In fact, he doesn’t care about anything or people who aren’t in power. She is proud that she is not tied to things like motivation or teamwork, and is willing to sacrifice whatever she wants to achieve her ambitions. His desire for power seems to stem from what appears to be a complex of inferiority, as he hypocritically cannot bear to be seen from above, even though he likes to look down on others. Although Subaki claims that Mazuki was a sweet person before meeting Oro Himaro, he even became his face, as he had shown his weak and cruel ways since childhood, such as his friendship with Aroka. As an example of combining, and then killing a comrade who suffered minor injuries, he justified his actions by claiming that he had removed all possible obstacles to the success of the mission. “Mizuki’s characteristics are very ambitious and dishonest. [1]

Mizuki’s resurrection and confession force her to hate Aroka, draw more attention to her, and pretend to be Aroka’s friend to make a living, as well as interrupt Aroka with caution. Therefore, during their second confrontation, Mazuki always taunts Ayon, refuses to give up and repent, no matter how many times Iroka tries to persuade him. Out of disrespect and friendship, Mazuki hates Will’s fire, as evidenced by his contempt when Iroka tries to convince Mazuki to look back and call him annoying nonsense. There may have been an attempt to make Naruto more hostile, Mizuki’s least favorite food flat, which became Naruto’s favorite. Mizuki also hates Naruto, so much so that he only sees him as the evil fox of the Democrats. His silver murder makes him ignore Subaki’s love, he has no feelings for her anymore, because he uses his eternal love for her and uses it to his advantage, then He attacks her when he asks her to stop physically, but then throws it away. Upon learning that Naruto admittedly risking his life to defend the village, Mazuki became more angry than before, refusing to accept the boy’s courage, and instead igniting the villagers.

When Mazuki heard from Third Hockey and the Commission of Inquiry that there was a reason not to publicize his behavior, he realized that it was wrong to complete the mission, regardless of cost, and infuriated the village.

rstand his powers and efforts. He reached his tipping point of betraying the village when Orochimaru praised his actions and gave him a cursed seal; Mizuki came to the delusion that Orochimaru truly acknowledged his potential, and held the renegade to high regard. Mizuki believed if he went to Orochimaru, he would be granted even more power, and attempted to steal the Scroll of Seals as a means to please him.

Mizuki has proven himself to be sadistic; even as a child, he found satisfactions by watching Iruka wallow in misery of losing his parents, stating that having someone to look down on feels great. Upon his second confrontation with Iruka and Naruto, Mizuki declared that he intends to kill them slowly and painfully, as payback for having him arrested. During this, he constantly mocked Iruka’s ideals of comradeship and memories, while derogatorily regarding Naruto as a “monster fox” and “nine-tails brat”.


Mizuki has white shoulder-length hair with a slight hint of blue to it and green eyes. He wore the standard attire of the Konoha-nin before his defection, which included flak jacket and forehead protector that he wore like a bandanna.

Upon being sentenced to the Konoha Strict Correctional Facility in the anime, he wore the prisoner’s uniform of a grey tunic with matching pants, with his prisoner number on the back, and going barefoot. During this time, he became much more muscular and well-defined in build to the point Naruto didn’t recognise him at first. When Mizuki escaped from prison, he changed into an opened black vest, tight black pants, and a dark brown belt which had a silver rectangular belt buckle.

When Mizuki drank the potion concocted from his cursed seal, he gained tiger-like stripes, which also gave him a more feral look. After the potion’s effect wore off and his cells began a self-destruction, Mizuki shrivelled up into a frail and decrepit old man, his skin darkened brown and his skin heavily wrinkled. However, Tsunade managed to stabilise his deterioration, and even restored his appearance to his original form, before his time in prison.


Despite being a lizard, it is still very clever. In the manga, Mazuki’s great skill was nothing more than skillfully driving a giant shurikan, both as a rival and as a weapon thrower. However, he said he could use sales scrolling to gain unlimited power, showing confidence in his ability.

Later, in the anime, he appeared as a very cunning and talented ninja who mastered the art of learning new techniques, teaching himself a number of techniques and using them creatively to surround the audience. his challenges. He never left China because of doubts about the conduct of his mission. Even the third hoax admits to being an excellent Shinobi. His plan to escape from prison was also shown to be cunning. When Mizuki was imprisoned, his power increased dramatically, as he was able to defeat a fetus like Shizun.


Mizuki mastered a random classification of techniques. Despite being largely altered, they were able to use them in a creative combination so that Aroka could not survive at all. Mizuki was able to use the Earth Release, which forced him to hide underground and then spread his arm from below to kill the unexpected enemy, and a combination of intuitive error and simple puppet control that was find find a sword to destroy a target without help. . At a safe pace.

Physical Prowess

During his training in prison, he gained a lot of raw power, which was able to quickly put pressure on Iroka in the first time he met with one hand. From the time he spent in such darkness, Mazuki’s vision was changed to fight in the dark and thus able to move forward unhindered while recognizing himself.


Mizuki’s two-way lion transformation.

Orochimaru tattooed Mizuki which was a powerful healing formula that makes it a tight muscle with great raw speed and strength. By focusing on its circle, it can transform into a lion with more power but slowing down. However, the cure was endless and he soon became a weak old man. While Sonade manages to save his life and reverse the effects of aging drugs, Mizuki loses his abilities as a ninja permanently.

Part I

Prologue — Land of Waves

Naruto surrounded Mizuki with thousands of stones in the shadows.

Playing at the request of a young high school graduate, Mazuki chases Naruto Azumaki to steal his Konoha cell scroll. First, Mazuki planned to become a scapegoat and kill Naruto in order to cover up the reality of the scam and secretly seize the book and leave the city. However, Mizuki’s plan failed when Iroquois first discovered Naruto and decided to reveal Naruto’s identity as a genre without a story. However, hearing Auroka plead for him, Naruto comes to the aid of his teacher and uses several shadow cloning techniques he learned from the scroll to kill Mazuka to harm Iroki. Unconsciously defeated.

Mizuki Tracking Mission

After Mizuki’s imprisonment.

Mizuki used a mobile phone, after Konoha was imprisoned in a high-ranking corruption institution and handed over to prisoner no. 99, arrested when he sent a rebel man out of prison with the intention of leading the prison. Medicine to increase its power and to take revenge on both Naruto and Aroka. He had previously visited his girlfriend, Tsubaki, who claimed that Mazuki was a lovely man, but since he became associated with Orochimar, his relationship with Mazuki has deteriorated. After changing clothes and food, Mazuki fired Sobaki, who obviously didn’t like him anymore, when he begged to stop his anger. Mizuki then confronts Iroquois, and after attacking him with a new technological weapon, he attacks a laboratory belonging to the Nara tribe to find the drug’s ingredients. When he found what he needed, he took the ingredients with the pots to a secret room in the cave to make a drink.

Meat cells destroy imperfect vessels, and stabilize Quito.

After throwing the pot, Mazuki gained better strength and power, with stripes all over his body and outstretched arms. Later, when he put a piece of lion in the pot, Mizuki looked like a lion, but his speed slowed down because Naruto beat him with a race. Until then, the bad side effects of the seal of the animal curse worked, while Mazuki’s case turned into a fragile old man. Although the tsunami saved his life because it prevented it from being further shattered, and even took shape before it was inserted, Mazuki lost his ability compared to Ninjus, who later became Oruchimaro, but it turned out to be an unsuccessful experiment. He was later questioned for information about Orochimaro’s whereabouts, to find out he knew nothing, and was later sent to prison, where he spent the rest of his life.

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