Naruto Shippūden 3D : The New Era

Malice -was a kunoichi and the main antagonist that appeared in Naruto Shippūden 3D: The New Era.


Malice was the best kunoichi of the Rinha’s family when her family was there. During the years of the Shinobi War Shinobi from other countries started targeting their families for medical ninjas. Her husband was involved and died in the war. After the last war ended The plague began to spread and his son Yuto was captured by the Fifth Cage to produce eggs to eliminate the plague. they succeeded but died during Yuuto’s life. He became the head of a small town until he disappeared.


The malice has medium black hair. yellow orange eyes and two silver spikes stuck in her hair. The rim covered his right eye. She was wearing a black kimono with a white skirt. fingerless gloves High neck white tunic with blue rose pattern. warm black legs white shinobi sandals and a black veil on the neck of the skirt


Malice has proven to be very smart and skillful. He took great care. Check your opponent’s character and abilities to destroy them easily. It proved that he was both very intelligent and highly skilled.


He was able to use his family’s forbidden medical techniques and techniques with little effort. Malice also has a large reserve chakra which can be kept for years. for ninjutsu skills He is good at Fuinjutsu. He was able to unlock the crystal barrier area. He was able to capture internal objects as hanging animations. Even if there are enough chakras They were able to escape. which proves the size of the chakra In the medical field of ninjas He was able to restore himself with increased strength and chakras. Little is known about his Martial Skills right now. But he proved to be very good at using puppet techniques. He was able to fully fight the fifth Kage doll. by skillfully imitating their skills and weapons He can control the doll without using chakras.

On his way to revive his son and take revenge on the Fifth Kage, Malice has an unknown technique that allows him to completely revive the dead with enough chakras. The required number should be the same as the number of chakras taken from the fifth kage.

Kekkei Genkai

It is said that malice is the largest of the Kunoichi clan. He therefore assumed mastered the family’s genkaikekei. In this way, Malice was able to fully absorb everyone’s chakras and create a perfect copy of them. Anointing can be done in two ways: either directly from the opponent’s body. or far or far Another possible tool is through his doll. when they lost The doll returned to the original doll. Naruto Shippūden 3D game

Plot Overview

Malice has now taken the Fifth Kage, sealed it with crystals and brought some chakras. Malice uses their chakras. Turning her doll into a copy of the real Kage, Naruto begins to notice Tsunade’s strange behavior and realizes that Tsunade is indeed a puppet. Naruto travels to the five main countries in Shinobi and unleashes a fake Kage. When Naruto defeated Gaara and Mae The fake Terumi is going back to Konoha. He met her when he introduced himself and explained peace to Naruto. When Naruto defeated Maliz he became a doll And Naruto realizes that the Kage doll is not the only doll. Naruto Shippūden 3D

After defeating the Fourth Impersonator Raikage He then appears before Naruto and tells him that he will meet him in his old house to free Kage. Naruto sees him and defeats him. As the chakra weakened, Kage was released with a sealed crystal. Noki got to know Malice after they were released. He escaped under the building while Naruto was chasing him. Naruto is captured and Maliz announces his intention to revive her son with the Chakrakage. But Maliz can turn Yuto into a giant doll. But Naruto said That was the result of Maliz’s upbringing. Yuto returned to normal after Naruto defeated him in battle. He asked for forgiveness from Yuto who agreed. He expressed his desire for peace and trust in Naruto with the hope of changing the world. As the house began to collapse, he stopped, hoping to be with Yuto in the afterlife.

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