Oscar Isaac on Addams Family Goals and ‘Moon Knight’ Getting “Really Out There

It is rare to be offered an interview after his debut, but the recently released film The Addams Family 2 was given the opportunity to talk to Oscar Isaac, who he apparently accepts.

The animated sequel, which sends Adams on a journey – and on Wednesday in an identity crisis – is now in theaters and available on PVOD. Isaac spoke with Fando about the role of Gomez Adams and the long-standing attraction of Gomez and Mortisia (expressed in the animated films of Charlize Theron).

We also talked a bit about his upcoming series, as the Star Wars veteran joined MCU in the Disney + Project, Moon Night.


Gomez Adams has a different accent, and when it comes to finding that voice, Isaac notes: “The feeling was that Mortesia was from some kind of Eastern European place and that Gomez was more of a Mediterranean, Iberian region, so there was an original, specific element to the story. . And then for me Ra ral Julio was always a great inspiration. And so this top of my hat is for his brilliant, famous, Gomez Adams. It was an important task. ”

One of the most interesting series from The Addams Family 2 found Gomez pretending to have a country / cowboy voice. When it came to understanding what exactly Gomez was doing, Isaac said: “Working [below] was probably the funniest part, revealing his accent. We’re like, ‘What if he’s really good at making country sound? We tried it and it was funny, but then we were like, ‘What if he’s really bad at sounding country and made us laugh even more.’ Most of the time we just walk around with the kind that makes us laugh.

Adams Family 2 is even more inclined than the first film, which includes some unforgettable gigs like cut fingers. When it comes to appealing to children because of such horrible elements, Isaac remarked: “This is something that I think Latin culture does really well, like the Day of the Dead.” This frees you from mystery and fear. It is really more about how to fight against it and deal with it with a feeling of joy and wonder, which is a “part of life”. So I think Adams brings that element into American culture.


One thing is always clear about Gomez and Morticia; they are, indeed, in each other. The Adams family in all its incarnations has always been a huge delight of the audience, and the couple is often cited as an example of “pair goals” on social media.

When asked about the romantic couple, Isaac laughed and said, “That’s it; that’s why it’s so exciting. It’s like an old saying that after a while, you appreciate each other’s marriage. ”It’s hard to keep that spirit alive, but it doesn’t seem so difficult for old Gomez and Mortesia! They are really physically, intimately connected in a very intense way. And Wednesday came with a lot of intense love. And it’s a nice thing and I think there’s a very sweet thing about it, and that’s where a lot of comedy comes from, it’s that it’s very strange to you. “Goths, there are shameful characters that you know are attracted to strange people, they are full of passion and love and they love each other. ”

Although the late Julia made the beautiful Gomez in the 1990s, the animated version of Isaac Voices is based directly on a unique version of the original artwork and characters of Charles Adams, and Isaac notes: “I was really excited to be back in the shape of Charles Adams, who is a very strange character, almost a bit like Frankenstein’s Igor. I really love him. And also, the good thing is that you will have to play against him, in a way, that makes him even more clearly romantic. It’s just interesting fun. ”


Isaac is a very busy man these days, because this week Devon joins the Addams 2 family with the option in cinemas and at home. And then, of course, he has a big project in 2022, as he becomes Mark Specter and stars in the Moon Knight Disney + / Marvel Studios series.

In comics, Moonlight is often one of the most annoying superheroes. When asked about it and whether it helped attract him to the role, Isaac said, “It really was. I was collecting 90’s comics, but I wasn’t talking about Moonlight. It was heard. It wasn’t at all on my radar, so when it got in my way, I didn’t have anything about it. I didn’t really know anything. I read the first episode, I was with Kevin [Feige]. We’re talking about rubbing salt in wounds – d’oh! I just tried some things on his children.

An interesting element of Moonlight Night in comics are her numerous identities, including millionaires and taxi drivers, who may also be part of having dissociative identity disorder, or perhaps something caused by the abilities he was given (the comics have given a couple of different possibilities through the years).

Isaac was coy about how many different characters he might get to play in the series, but did say, “Well, we’re definitely doing the Moon Knight story! So I’m gonna be really excited to talk about it ad nauseum next year.”

Moon Knight is actually the third Marvel Comics character Isaac has played, following Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse and his cameo as the voice of Miguel O’Hara, AKA Spider-Man 2099, in the post-credit scene of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. When I jokingly asked if he was trying to collect as many Marvel characters on his resume as possible, Isaac replied, “You know, I’d like to say that there’s way more intention behind what happens, but it’s reacting to what comes my way. So this opportunity comes my way, and I think, ‘Yeah, I’d love to do that.’” It’s not stuff that I’ve necessarily seeked out. And so I’ve just been very lucky that that stuff kind of lines up in a way that that really speaks to my interests, and I get a chance to contribute.”

And might we hear him as Spider-Man 2099 again, given a Spider-Verse sequel is in the works? Said Isaac, “I would love to inhabit that character for more as well, so let’s hope so!”

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