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Scariest Classic Gaming Monsters-It is a scary season again, which means that players everywhere are looking for excitement, coldness and a lot of fear. Even if you are not the type of person who enjoys horror games, you can find all kinds of monsters hidden in your favorite system. But which enemies are the most feared? We look at every classic game monster we can think of to know which one is the scariest.

1. Hands

Master hand in SUPER SMASH BROS. The final
Notable examples: Super Smash Bros.The Legend of ZeldaHades

Hands are a favorite type of enemy in video games, and with good reason: they are boring! An unsupervised hand, however, is scarier than that. Where is his personality? Are they lost? Am I now responsible for this floating arm? I barely have enough life to be responsible for two hands, and you’re telling me that now I have to figure out what to do with the third? Also, they are not terrible at all: they are the only hands I am afraid of, because I am so clumsy. Enemies who swim can’t do much damage to my HP, but at that point I accidentally got burned, causing the scrambled eggs to fall one or two points from the top.



A giant rat in black souls
Notable examples: DishonoredDark SoulsDonkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

Well, they are not the worst enemies you will encounter, but large mice are not scary at all – after all, their non-domestic IDP counterparts are great and known to spread the disease. In sports, rat enemies can also spread the disease. In Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, gnawing on a spit will make you suffer from ataxia, which doesn’t work much, but anyone who looks at you will tell you how ugly you look. It’s not too scary, but it is worn confidently.



Vacuum spider in blood
Notable examples: Elder ScrollsŌkamiBloodborne

Big spiders are like their rat brothers, mostly just boring, and scary mostly because they are scary in real life as well. Video games are full of car-sized spiders, but they usually don’t move very fast and want to be alone to eat in peace, which I find quite relevant.



Saferoth, which I can fix in the remake of Final Fantasy VII.
Notable examples: Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear

A popular type of enemy in a video game is just like a normal friend. Sometimes he will have long hair (like Cefiroth) or a big sword (like Cefiroth) or a destructively good look (like Dr. Robotink), but all – he’s just a boy, and I’m not afraid of him, because I have Maybe there’s a bigger sword or magic, or there is the possibility of running very fast, or whatever. You should be afraid of me.


The Great Mimi in DIABLO II
Notable examples: Sonic the HedgehogFinal FantasyMetal Gear

Mummies are basically just a few men in a dress. Well, technically, they are zombies, but the cute clothes they wear are not very practical for chasing their enemies. In fact, the scariest thing about them is their collective sense of horror.

6. Dragons

Alder Scrolls V in Aldoin: Skiram
Notable examples: Elder ScrollsDragon AgeMetroid (Ridley counts)

Dragons are massive, evil and sometimes their voice is given by Charles Martinet (but who isn’t these days?) The scariest thing about them is that they are big and can cut you in two. However, at some point in Skyrim, which is one of the most prominent dragon tough games you can play, you become so strong that they can’t kill you, essentially instead of a real danger to them. Turn into a nuisance. As for Metroids, Ridley has really saved all the great Schneigones for Manga, so as long as I stick to the games, I doubt I’ll see a space dragon in my nightmares.


Cornel de Werewolf in Castelvinia: Lord of the Shadows
Notable examples: Zombies Ate My NeighborsElder ScrollsCastlevania

Well, things are starting to get a little scary. Werewolves can only be a few men most of the time, but when they are not, it is better to expect them to be well armed. They make loud and scary sounds. They are extremely fast and strong; And they look like dogs, so the emotional struggle with them can be exhausting.


Witch on the left 4 dead (don’t disturb him)
Notable examples: The WitcherDark SoulsLeft 4 Dead (technically the Witch is a zombie but she’s scary and she’s called “the Witch” so she counts)

In games, sparrows can be a mixed bag. Sometimes they are with you! Sometimes they are you! But when they are bad, things can get pretty sticky. Bring an umbrella if you have to fight the Evil Witch (she throws soup) in The Witcher, and if you scare Left 4 Dead’s Witch, the sky will help you. Let the woman cry calmly – otherwise.

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