SEO: Factors That Affect Your Ranking on Google

Ranking on Google

In this article, we will talk about the factors that affect your ranking on google, not the tips that take you to the top. A drop in your ranking in Google causes sudden loss of hits. An interested webmaster will immediately notice this. So, what are the main problems that can cause you to fall down in Google rankings?

Factors That Affect Your Ranking on Google

The following are the factors that may affect your ranking on Google.

Why do we rank low in the Google search engine?

The main reason for this is that you may have been penalized by Google. This sudden drop may occur if your site has been spammed, but it is not the reason for every drop. Here are the lesser known reasons.

Site migration and server errors

Reasons such as changing your domain name, changing your host, aging all the files of the site, or inaccessible for a long time, such as a day, can push your site back in Google. When you change your domain name, make sure you do the redirects correctly. When you move your host, make sure that you move the redirects and files correctly, and that you set up the post-migration links (permalinks) properly. Choose a higher quality server.

Keyword, how does my site go into spam?

Keyword usage is very important. Google thinks that choosing the right keywords will make it easier for the user to find you. But in order to attract more hits, many people can also enter keywords that are not related to the topic but are highly sought after. No hits with this method? Of course it does, but the visitor leaves the site immediately. Because the content is useless. In this case, your site becomes garbage in the eyes of Google and it turns out that it is meaningless to be in the first place in the search results.

Spam content

If you repeat your own content, Google cannot understand what you are trying to do. Therefore, instead of repeating content, it asks you to update your existing content and make it stronger. Either type something different or don’t touch it at all. Google throws the content that the user is bored and dislikes backwards in the ranking.

Connection errors

Google wants all the pieces on your site to be in place, so when a visitor clicks on a link on your site, it’s important that he gets there. If the link is broken, the user will likely leave the site. In this case, Google will single you out.

If your site has started to fall behind, it would be right to suspect these problems. And you can start working on fixing it right away.

We hope that you have liked the information we have provided about the factors that may affect your ranking on Google.

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