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Today we have brought you a unique and famous game known as the squid game.  This was very famous in te 90s and it is easy to play.

In this game, players have to reach their destination and they will save themselves from a Doll named a Ghost. The players must save themselvs, they will move through the finshing line when the doll is not looking at them.

The idea of developing an app came from a Korean television drama which was released in September 2021 named Squid game. It got so famous and the developers got the idea of developing an Application.

About Squid Game

This game is played online as well as offlinne and it is only available for Android users. The users will enjoy it while playing it. It was very famous in the 90s and it will remind you of your childhood days.

Huayigame develops the game application.Inc and it is free of cost but it is only available for Android users. This app doesn’t require a highly featured mobile so it can be played on cheap users. So that’s why everyone can enjoy this game.

This game is very interesting and easy to play. Every player has to reach the finishing line. But they must be aware of the ghost the players must try to reach to the finishing linne without being seen by the Ghost. If the player reached the finishing line he will win the game.

In this game, there is a doll who is known as a ghost if sees you will be killed by men standing beside him wearing face masks. Players will get an indicator in form of green light and red light. The red and green light is a signal to move or stop. When the green light is on and the Ghost change his face to the wall, the players will be allowed to run to the finishing line. When a red light is on and the Ghost will be looking for you thenthe players will stop. The players must be aware of the doll or Ghost in this game.


Features of the Squid Game

  • The game is free to download but this game also has premium features.
  • This is a casual game and it is easy to play.
  • The control keys of the game are easy to use. For movement, the users just need to tap around the screen.
  • The game has attractive 2D and 3D graphics.
  • This game has an easy interface so it will be easy to use it.

How to Download the Squid Game Apk Mod

Here is a step-by-step guidelines to download and install this APK on a mobile phone

First, download the Squid game APK available on this site.

After completing the download of the APK file install it.

You must enable “Unknown sources” to install applications outside the Play Store.

After installation of the game, you can open and enjoy the Squid game.

After completing the process of installation the user can now start playing the game.

Complete the Process of Downloading the Game from the Google Play Store

Here is the step-by-step process for installing the game
  • First, you have to open Google Play Store.
  • Then search the Squid game.
  • When you find the application click on the install button.
  • After the installation opens the Squid game.
  • Complete the needful work and after that, you are free to enjoy the game.


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