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The Legend of the Monster Cat” (化け猫伝説Bakeneko Densetsu) is episode 224 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Iwabee burns herself, and the feeling of being chūnin will bring her closer to Hokage. He is supported by his friends. Wasby is not proud to be remembered and acknowledged by his friends. Wasby’s parents arrive, but before his move is celebrated, they are upset. They are joined by Wasby’s grandmother, and Wasby is proud to represent their tribe. He believes the selection in Wasby’s age will be a great one for their genre in the first place. Wasby Anna gives him a notebook he left at home, a jutsu that goes through their kind through a vicious cat. Wasby indicates that his game will start, and asks them to return to their seats. Wasby is upset when they leave, and thinks Jutsu is what his grandmother dreamed of. She explained that only a few of her genres were selected, except for adults, and that she had never seen Jenin from her genus. Sobaki is shocked to hear this, but Namida clings to it. Wasby wants to be proud of his character, but their hopes weigh heavily on him. As the game began, Ayobi noticed his low strength, and found that his emotions were unknown. Aubrey first attacks, trying to crush him, but he avoids her, shifts her shoes, and repel attacks. Sarda and Chacho are joined in stages by Shinki, Arya and Yudo, who Gara tells them to watch. They confirmed that their copies were a bit old, and said that Kune Jenin would take the time to do the same. Shinki remembered ringing in Kawaki’s case. Aubrey looks at Wasabi’s parents to make her happy, which embarrasses her, and she admits that even though she wants to be a great Shinobi, being an observer isn’t. it’s his goal, but it’s something. This angered Aubrey, who kept the Hokage at a high level. Wasby tells him that for a typical Shinobi like them, sticking is an unreasonable idea. She knows she is screaming and the family can hear her, and her mother covers Anna’s ears. Aubrey says she dropped a notebook, and she guessed the Jutsu, even though she doubted it was correct. She remembers her grandmother saying Jutsu all the time. He believes that if he has those shoes, he will not be able to wear them because of his limitations. Aubrey admits she was so afraid of the expectations of others that she didn’t dare dream too much. He asked if he would have a big dream to see a cat like a mountain, as his grandmother had told him, and he would use the ground to do it. He told her it was impossible because he believed it was impossible. He collapsed because of too much chakra, breaking the head of the cat he had created, threatening to break it. Wasby successfully removes the cat’s head and uses jute of his kind to protect Ayubi. Her family was inspired by the use of her shoes. Kunmaro announced that the match would be over, indicating that Iwabi could no longer stand. Wasby wants a good win, but Ayobi says he can’t fight anymore. Naruto says the game is unique, and Shikamaro’s commentary reminds me of Naruto and Cuba. The Wasby family is crying for joy. Borto and Mitsuki searched for Amado and his captors. Konohamaru pulls names for the next game, Sarda and Chacho, both to the surprise.

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