The Right Job for Idiots and Bastards (volume)

The Right Job for Idiots and Bastards (馬鹿と鋏とクソ野郎Baka to Hasami to Kuso Yarō) is volume 15 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

Chapter 56

Code ” (コードKōdo)

Boruto was interviewed because of his role in rescuing Konoha from Ishiki Otsucuki, he is uncomfortable and wants the interview to end soon. Amado performs the maintenance of Kawaki after reconstructing his arm, with the help of Katasuke and Sumire. He explains why and how he managed to get Kavaki’s hand back. Katasuke explains that Sumire volunteered for the job. Sumire is embarrassed when Kavaki asks if she likes Boruto. Before Kawaki leaves, Amado thinks to ask him something, but he postpones it for the next maintenance. Sarada, Mitsuki and Team 10 discuss the protocols and restrictions placed on Borut and Team 7. Kavaki visits Borut at the Hokage Rock. They revise their status and what they know. Kavaki assumes that Boruto could make his own vessel by branding someone else with Kama, so that he too would be resurrected in another body if Momošiki is resurrected in his own. Boruto opposes sacrificing someone else, but Kavaki suggests Kod. Amado tells Naruto about Kod, the last Kari Iner to stay active. He explains that Kod remained in charge of Desetrep, another burning issue.

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Shikamaru points out that they no longer have reliable means to reach his dimension and return. Amado confirms that Kod can freely reach him with abilities that are not space-time ninja. They want to give priority to working with Code so they have time to deal with the Ten-Tails, but Amado warns them that Code is special. The code arrives at the Pine Cult building, the guards do not want to let it inside. Kavaki tells Borut that, after surviving receiving his Kama, he was also assigned a code, and despite now becoming a ship, his compatibility with Kama allowed him to survive. The pine guards attack Koda, who avoids their attacks and counterattacks by creating and exiting the black lanes, killing them and entering the building. Amado is still wary of Kod because of their lack of knowledge about Kama, and discovers that unlike other members of Kara, Kod has allowed his body to be modified to weaken so as not to undermine Jigen’s authority. Kod worshiped the Ocucuki as gods, which extended to Yigen, and envied Kawaky’s status as a legitimate vessel. Amado reveals that he created several cyborgs stronger than Jigen, but he solved them on Jigen’s orders and created Koji Kashina instead. He assumes that Kod will seek revenge if he finds out that Ishiki has been defeated, and he is worried that Kod will come for him to release the restraints in his body. Naruto wants Shikamaru to prepare for the Five Kage Summit to find out what they know. Boruto believes that Kavaki’s proposal to become Ocucuki means that he will have access to his jutsu. He wonders if it is even possible to give Koda another Kama. Kawaki emphasizes that Yigen would not go into such trouble if it was easy for Kama to stick, so it is logical to try someone who has already survived and is not someone else’s vessel. He also opposes Borut’s reluctance to impose it on someone else, pointing out that Kod is stronger than Delta and Bor. Aware that his father is no longer Kuramu, Boruto decides to strengthen and train. Code greets the Outer Bug and informs him of Jigen and Boro’s death. He asks about Ada, to Bug’s surprise. Code is aware that Boro has stored several cyborgs that Eugene ordered to be taken care of. Unable to refuse him, Bug takes Koda to the detention unit with Ada, whom he identifies as a person who knows everything in the world.

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Chapter 57

Ada ” (エイダEida)
Kod wonders why Boro didn’t solve Ada and explains to Baga why he didn’t report Boro to Jigen. Bug asks Koda if he knows about her abilities, believing that he is naive no matter what plan he has. Code only knows that Ada needs to know everything in the world. Bug explains that he can’t make Ada obey him by brute force. Kod violently opens Ada’s unit with his transformed hand, convinced that he can kill her if she defies him. Naruto and Shikamaru meet with another Kage, telling them about Koda and their recent attempts to reach their base through the portals Amado told them about. Since they will not be activated or are damaged, they assume that Code is aware of Amado’s betrayal. Shikamaru explains the code goal of revenge Ishiki and cultivating God’s tree of ten tails. Darui trusts Konoha, but expresses concern over trust in Amadou. Naruto admits that he doesn’t trust him completely,

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but enough based on what he has offered so far. Gaara asks about the possibility of Boruto or Momoshiki becoming a threat like Ishiki. Naruto claims that he is ready to do what he needs as a Hokage. He talks to Amad about Borut’s situation, wanting not to forget the worst case scenario until that happens. Amado understands Naruto, revealing that he had a daughter, even though she has been dead for 12 years. Amado offers Naruto a drug he developed to weaken Byakugan, a byproduct of his efforts to overthrow Jigen. He believes that since the origin of Byakugan lies in Ocucuki, the weakening of Byakugan can stop Borut’s transformation into one. Amado highlights the potential dangers of its use, though o use it ultimately belongs to Boruto, and warns him not to let his wife and daughter take it. Naruto thanks him. Ada wakes up and ignores Code when he greets her. He threatens to cut her throat, but she remains unconcerned and tells him to try. He’s incapable of doing it, and she explains that because she’s been asleep for so long, she’s worried about bad breath. She asks for them to wait for her at the bar. While she brushes her teeth, Bug explains to Code that she has stolen his heart, that being another of her abilities. Code is impressed, but Ada says it’s overblown. She explains that being able to see everything everywhere is boring, even if there’s something occasionally interesting, like Isshiki dying. Code asks how her clairvoyance works. She explains her consciousness jumps places, and the limits of it. Ada can see into the past only up to the moment of her birth, and she’s not precognitive, so she can’t see the future. She did infer he would come to her to learn how to release the limiters on his body. She reveals he needs an iris scan and a voice-print command from Amado, though she doesn’t know what the command word is. Code wants to have someone use the Transformation Technique to go around the biometric authentication, but Ada reminds him that Amado has remodelled his eyes with scientific ninja tools, which the Transformation Technique can’t replicate. She surmises that’s why he went to a shinobi village, but she intends to kill him just the same. Code assumes she hates him because he remodelled her body, but that’s only half the reason. She asks Code if he likes her, and he confesses he does, and asks if the authentic-felling emotions he has are a result of her ability. She reveals everyone becomes captivated by her through her ability, even those who could come to like her naturally. She hates Amado because he has robbed her of ordinary love. Code realises that Boro didn’t dispose of her because he was captivated by her, and asks how Jigen was able to order her disposal. Ada explains there are two types of hearts she can’t steal: blood relatives, and Ōtsutsuki. She asks about Kawaki, and Code explains he’s incomplete. Ada explains Isshiki died because of Kawaki’s ploy. Code realises Kawaki would be able to have a normal romance with Ada, who would be unaffected by her ability, as would Boruto. She asks about his plan to cultivate a God Tree, and one of them would be enough for her. Bug thinks to himself they’re both crazy. Ada tells Code that Kage are conferencing about him. Code and Ada toast to each other’s goals.


Chapter 58

The Right Job for Idiots and Bastards” (馬鹿と鋏とクソ野郎Baka to Hasami to Kuso Yarō)

“Real work for idiots and bastards” (馬鹿 と 鋏 と ク ソ 野 郎, Baka do Hasami do Kuso Yarō)
Naruto shows Borut the medicine Amado developed and explains what they do and what they don’t know about it, for example what he can’t do and what he could do to stop Borut’s transformation. He emphasizes that Boruto is deciding whether to take them or not, because they do not know if there are side effects and that he could die from it, so he should consider it carefully. Boruto examines the pills, noticing their lack of smell, and nonchalantly takes one. He comments on their lack of taste and the possibility of taking them out dry, and asks Naruta how much he should take daily. Naruto is amazed at how quickly Boruto made the decision. Boruto explains that he will not know if there are any side effects if he does not take them, and adds that he has been ready for the worst case scenario for some time, which is why he was able to decide so quickly. Later in training, Boruto talks to his teammates about drugs, and Kavaki criticizes him for jeopardizing the plan to brand Code with his Kama. Boruto points out that this is a hypothetical scenario and that they have a chance to win against him in a normal way. Sarada tells them to stop arguing and focus on training. Naruto and Konohamaru watch them, and the latter comments on Kavaki’s lack of team spirit. Kavaki continues to quarrel, this time with Sarad, and Boruto reminds him that he is the one who asked to teach him ninja. Kawaki explains that he thinks that traditional training is ineffective, so Mitsuki asks him what he suggests. Kavaki suggests something simpler and attacks Mitsuki, who blocks him, noting that the suggestion is to train through a real fight, which doesn’t bother him. Konohamaru prepares to intervene, but is stopped by Naruto, who asks him to keep watching. Sarada complains that she is not listening to her, who is the captain of their team. Kawaki reveals that most of Yigen’s lessons were combat exercises, and when he finally decided he wanted the strength to kill him, that’s when he started to improve. Mitsuki avoids his attack, so he turns to Saradi, who attacks him by relaxing the fire. He blocks it and feints it with a clone from the shadows. Boruto blocks his attack and tells Saradi that he wants to deal with it. Mitsuki understands that Boruto wants to bet on the way they train in this fight, which Kavaki agrees to. The two start with Boruto using clones from the shadows, one of which puts Kavaki in a position for Borut’s Rasengan. Kavaki launches parts of his transformed arm, but that Boruto is also a clone. He sends an explosion to Borut, who absorbs him with Kam. Boruto uses Lightning Release: An arrow of thunder, which Kavaki instinctively tries to absorb, but realizes that he can no longer and is defeated. Kavaki blames himself for being weak. Boruto approaches, and tells him not to wear everything on himself, but to rely on them. He adds that Kavaki is not responsible for Kara targeting Naruto or the village, and he cannot allow the bad guys to do whatever they want. Naruto and Konohamaru comment on Borut’s maturity. Kavaki wants Borut’s words to come from someone more reliable and agrees to do things their way. Sarada and Mitsuki comment on his bad attitude. Naruto thinks about how strong they can become. Boruto corrects Kavaki, saying that they are the ones who tolerate him and he wants to continue training. Kavaki is determined to become stronger.

Chapter 59

Knight” (騎士Naito)

Kavaki wakes up from Koda’s nightmare that opposes him because he was Ishiki’s chosen ship when they were younger. He comments on Koda’s attitude towards him, even though he is no longer a ship. Amado corrects him, emphasizing that although Ishiki’s soul disappears, it means that he cannot own Kavaki, he will always be Ishiki’s court, because his body remains Ocucuki, a reality he has to accept. Kawaki threatens Amad, who remains steadfast. Amado comments on Kawaky’s plan to implant the Code with Borut’s Kam, agreeing with his theoretical correctness, but questioning its applicability, as it is unknown whether Code can be branded with another Kam, and it would take time for Code to become a vessel, during which Kod will strike the first to avenge Ishiki’s death. He concludes that Kavaki’s plan is not good and that he needs more strength to bring down Kod. Kawaki asks if Naruto can beat Kod like Delta did. He doesn’t know how much weaker Naruto is without Kurama, but he believes he would die one on one against Koda. Amado assumes that Kawaki wants power since he lost his Kama, and suggests that he take power in the form of Kama which is just a weapon, claiming that he can achieve that. Kavaki does not believe that Amado would give such a suggestion, knowing how much Kavaki hates Kama, and Amado replies that Kavaki is rational to use all the means necessary to achieve his goals just like him. Kavaki leaves, and Amado repeats that the choice is his. In the Pine Cult, Ada comments on Kawaky’s plight over his inability to protect Naruto from the Code. She asks if he’s willing to let him out, but Code refuses, insisting that those who killed Isshiki must be punished. She brings up Kawaki, and Code explains he’s the exception he’s making for her, which is why he can’t relent on the Hokage. Ada agrees, and asks him to not let Kawaki know of her involvement, so he won’t hate her. Bug tries to make them leave, but continues obeying Ada. Code comments on the guards he killed on his way to Bug, but Ada remains unconcerned. Bug suggests they leave to take action, but Ada wants to take their time, as Naruto and Kawaki are both heavily guarded, and the shinobi villages are actively looking for Code. She is confident that when an opportunity presents itself, her Senrigan will spot it. Code comments how much simpler things would be if he could remove his limiters, and thinks he could win against Naruto and Sasuke one-on-one. Ada warns him of her limited ability, restricted to basic taijutsu, as she dislikes fighting and pain. Code says he understands why, feels ashamed and calls her delicate. Bug thinks Ada is making him soft. She believes this makes them a good pair, calling him her knight. He questions what she could do against Kawaki and Boruto, who as Ōtsutsuki she can’t beguile and could oppose them. Ada invites him to meet her other knight. Kawaki walks through Konohagakure, thinking of Amado’s words. Shikadai calls him and Kawaki snaps at him, drawing the attention of civilians. Shikadai tells him to keep walking, and informs him that while information on him is secret, since Isshiki’s attack, rumours false and true have spread. He adds that since Naruto has made it Kawaki’s home, Kawaki should just keep his head high. Sumire questions Amado’s intent with his suggestion to Kawaki. Amado believes she became his assistant to spy on him, and explains the situation with Kāma now that Isshiki is dead. She questions if there are no other reasons to restore Kawaki’s Kāma. Ada orders Bug to activate another cyborg, who she considers the only non-Ōtsutsuki capable of killing her. The cyborg is Ada’s younger brother Daemon, who she advises Code not to attack when he hops on Code’s back. Other guards find them, and Bug warns they’ll be killed if they don’t leave. Their orders are to dispose of cyborgs who emerge without reason. Ada tells Code to watch. Each guards that attempts to attack Daemon is killed by their own attack. She explains Daemon’s ability to Code. Sumire explains that after Isshiki’s attack, Amado seemed motivated by something more than concern for Kawaki’s welfare. He wonders if she’s really smart or really stupid, and decides she’s stupid when she asks if he’s plotting something.

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