Turning On Dark Mode On Non-Dark Mode Android Devices

Dark mode is now available in the system interface on Android 9 devices. You can turn on the dark mode simply by following the Settings and screen path. So how will Android phones without Android 9 use this feature? We share this method with you.

How to use dark mode?

  1. Download the app from here .
  2. Read the description thoroughly.
  3. In the description section, it is explained that it does not work on all phones because some manufacturers have blocked this feature for their phones.
  4. Open the application.
  5. It’s a simple application, there are two options. Dark mode and day mode.
  6. Choose dark mode.

That’s the deal. Unfortunately, if it didn’t work on your phone, you’ll have to wait for the Android 9 update.

What does dark mode do?

Since we explained it in our previous articles, we summarize. Dark mode is an incredible battery saver on OLED displays. This is because on OLED screens, the screen pixels turn off instead of showing black on the screen parts that are black. In this way, not all parts of the screen will work.

The most important feature of the dark mode also allows you to look at the phone in the dark without tiring your eyes. It may be necessary especially for night use as it provides ease of reading.

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