What Is Tamper Protection For Windows 10?

We will talk about a security setting that you may not have seen before, but now quietly enters your life. Protection against tampering. This feature, which can be interpreted as basically unconscious changes, can also be used to prevent malware. Let’s take a closer look at tamper protection.

What is tamper protection?

In the Windows Security section, when you enter the virus and threat protection section settings, you can see the tamper protection at the bottom. This feature can be turned on or off here, but we do not recommend turning it off.

It prevents viruses that infect remote access or computer directly from making changes in security measures and settings. Like a kind of artificial intelligence, this feature can distinguish between unconscious and unnecessary changes. When it is sure that you did not do it on purpose, this feature prevents you from making changes.

The anti-tamper feature, which protects Windows Security features such as real-time protection, cloud-based protection, behavior monitoring, security intelligence updates, raises Windows security one click.

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