What is Wearable Technology in 2022

Any type of Electronic device that are designed to be worn on the user’s body is Known AS Wearable Technology

The wearable technology devices are made for many different uses such as jewelry, accessories, clothing and most commonly medical equipment’s.

The most commonly used of wearable technology devices are Google Glass, Microsoft’s HoloLens and a holographic computer. One of the innovative use of wearable technology is that it can even direct a patient health details to his consultant and his other healthcare professional in real time.

In 19th century no one has even thought of people having smart computer on their wrist that will monitor human body activities as well as check human body fitness level. These Wearable technologies have appeared an important tools in the valuation of consumers within controlled settings. The wearable devices are made to support doctors in valuation as well as in decision makings. The aim of wearable devices is  to better inform clinical decisions. Wearable technology are the innovative and important techniques used in the field of health care. The wearable products bring hope for the patients in mean of cost of treatment and better understanding of actual patients diseases. It will supports consumers to stay in home rather than going to hospital in harsh environment.

These wearable devices are connected with internet. The parents of are always anxious for their young children going to school, sport clubs and parks. The wearable technology have a solution for these problems and they have invented GPS Bands. The GPS Bands are very flexible, waterproof and also very durable. Parents can track their children’s and even get a notification/alert on mobile phone application if any uncertain things happens. The wearable technology have made our life easier, happier and hygienic apart from other supports.

Commonly Uses of wearable technology

Health monitoring

The use of wearable technology made it easy for consumer of wearable technology to manage their health like receiving notifications. The wearable technology can make consumers able to know their heart rate, blood pressure and even watch their calorie intake so they are aware of the health and fitness. In the difficult times of COVID-19 emphasized to the world to be aware of their health problems. So health industry need  continuous innovation in the field of health industry. The COVID-19 pandemic let the world understand the importance of hygiene environment. The recent hard times make the world understand that they will fight with such crises and the best hope for the world is wearable technology advancements.

Sport & Fitness

The use of wearable technology is not only beneficial for athletes but also for every one else. The use of wearable athletic devices like Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Samsung Galaxy Watch are very commonly used by athlete’s fitness level and performance. The FitBit Flex is a famous wearable devices for athletes and also used by common people. There was time when it is used as a watch and steps counter, but it has been transformed as sustainable healthcare device because of wearable innovation.


Fashion industry can achieve its goals by using wearable technological advancement. Wearable products can bring innovation as well as sustainability in fashion industry. Intelligent fashion has been able to acquire a wide range of appreciation although is still need a lot innovation. Smart jackets and jacquard technology are the best example of wearable technology. Which enable his consumers to talk on mobile phone, listen to music and even take photos. Smart belts is best example of smart clothing. These belts not only improves the look of consumer but also gives safety function. These belts set in some sensors which can easily forecast the risk of fall from abnormal step patterns. Wearable devices have improved fashion industry with use smart watches, smart shoes, wristbands and smart jewelry.

Close up image consumer using smart watch with health app checking measure heart rate at normal levels….
Economic impact

Wearable technology is improving every type of industry because of its innovation. The technological advancement can bring opportunity to communication industry, mobile applications and even bring a revolution in the field of technology advancements. The potential in wearable products market is very vast. It will give a great opportunity to communication industry, medical industry as well as fashion/fitness industry. Every one of these industries can bring an enormous economic growth worldwide.

Economic impact

Wearable technology can bring opportunity to communication industry and mobile applications. It can even bring a revolution in the field of technology advancements. The potential in wearable advancement market is very vast but it will need a good research. It will give a great opportunity to communication industry, medical industry and as well as to fashion/fitness industry.  Every one of these industries can bring an enormous economic growth worldwide.


Gaming technology is always fond of new advancements in gaming industry. Wearable technology in gaming industry has gained more devotion than any other industry but now every industry is working on technological advancement. There are many technologies that are mainly  concerned with gaming industry innovation as well as advancements. These technologies are helping the gaming industry to achieve their goals in coming future. Gaming industry are focusing on wearable gaming devices which are innovative and durable . The wearable technology have focused on improving the gaming devices for better gaming experience for gamers.


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