Wind Daimyō (Part I)

This is the story of the first former daimyō of the Land of Wind. For his Part II replacement, go to Wind daimyō


The first tenth of the Land of Wind is described as deeply religious. [1] He was very humble because he cut money for his hometown of Sunagakure and sold many jobs in Konohagakure cheaply; This made him displeased with the citizens of Suna, who said he was trying to destroy them and tried to instill fear in daimyō by destroying Konoha.


He wore a purple dress over a brown kimono and a purple hat to match the traditional costumes of daimyō of the five great Shinobi kingdoms. He kept his black hair looking like a goat. [2]

Part I

Chūnin Exams

He is not very popular in Sunagakure Shinobi after cutting the money of the country’s hidden community; He sold most of the work in Konohagakure. With this, many believe he is trying to alienate Suna. This prompted Sunagakure to join the village of Konoha.

For reasons not disclosed, he was replaced by another daimyō by Part II.


According to the database:
Her favorite food is unusual and delicious but her favorite food is shiitake.

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Wind Daimyō (Part I) +
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